Who drinks and smokes with diabetes

Who drinks and smokes with this disease. Your thoughts and experiences please

Shelley Honey Hawkins I had a glass of wine tonight. It made me very sick.

Pauline Bray I had one small glass of wine at the weekend I felt really sick 🤢 I will never drink again it’s not worth it

Brandy Clark I use to smoke but quit 5 months ago. I realized that i was eating so healthy to take care of my diabetes, but damaging my lungs by smoking.

Kathy Lynn I occasionally have a glass of wine with a meal or to wind down and occasionally vape when I am in an extreme amount of pain.
I quit cigarettes 8 years ago!

Elisa Marie Nash I don’t really drink since I have been diagnosed. The few times I have I really have to watch myself because I get so drunk so quick off so little now. I wish someone had told me that smoking would lead to neuropathy because I would do anything to not have this horrible nerve damage. I quit smoking but, the damage is irreversible. If you smoke quit now. I mean you may develop the neuropathy anyways but, smoking makes it 100 times worse!

Elisa Marie Nash Maryann Tillman Kohler no one told me until one day my hands fell asleep and wouldn’t wake up. It hurt so bad I cried actual tears. I am on a ton of Gabapentin now and am basically a zombie. Oh no I’m sorry you lost a toe.

Leah Ann Occasional drink … I used to be a drinker but have cut way way way down since dx

Danielle Cunningham I’ve never smoked and I quit drinking about 6 years ago when I got on topomax for my migraines. It doesn’t mix

Kelly R. Collins Deleted smoking pot comments. Marijuana is not legal in most States as well as other countries so we don’t advocate smoking it in this group as it is a global group

Frances Knuckles I don’t smoke, but I usually have one glass of wine sometime during the work week, and one on the weekend. It doesn’t bother/affect me, and I look upon on it as a small “reward” or “comfort.” NO, I’m not an alcoholic for liking that as my comfort item,I used to have 5 or 6 glasses of wine in a week, which is NOT heavy drinking. I just decided to make a modification that was more in sync with this WOE without totally foregoing something that I enjoy.

Joana Oros Garcia I dont like drinking let alone smoking 🤷🏻‍♀️ but when i do have socializing time i may drink a beer or two bit the compliant ones

Paula Pow Haven’t smoked since I was in my 20’s and never smoked much. And what little bit of drinking I ever did, I stopped when I first went on antidepressants medication in 1999 because I am not supposed to drink alcohol while taking such medications. I was also told that alcoholic beverages are a no-no with my diabetes, along with fruit juices and sugar-sweetened drinks.

Letty Garza I don’t smoke but I do drink socially. However I cut way back since being diagnosed except for last weekend I drank low carb beer and my fasting bs went to 150. So I’d rather not do that anymore. All that work and just blew it. 😧 only to work harder to bring my numbers back down

Robin Coleman I cut down my drinking.. Haven’t had a drink since the 4th of July. My A1c came way down. Just not worth it. Quit smoking 13 years ago

Robin Coleman I cut down my drinking.. Haven’t had a drink since the 4th of July. My A1c came way down. Just not worth it. Quit smoking 13 years ago

Kriselyn Kristique Galvan I only smoke when I drink. I usually drink a few times a year but when I let loose I drink Diet Coke and rum to sip on or martini. Something low sugar maybe a Bloody Mary for the next day 

Traci Gibson Drinking for me raises my blood sugar to the point where my meters starts to greet me with HI..HOW U DOING …FEEL LIKE CRAP HUH…
Nor do i recommend it for any one with dm1 or 2…
Drimk is how some becomes a dm2
Most alcohol are fermented starches or sugars…
So what’s do u expect it to do but raise.
Just like when u take steroids it’s that first few day’s its up.

Angel Highsmith I rarely ever drink but I did smoke a pack a day for 35 years. I was diagnosed in April of this year and quit smoking 2 weeks later. Almost 4 months smoke free.

Jerry Simon your not serious about getting healthy if you drink or smoke,,,not sure its even compliant w this “woe” i mean gee whiz i worry about drinking coffee, couldn’t imagine anxiety over what alcohol and cigarettes would do to me…..come on people lets get healthy and stay healthy…….do love yourself enough to quit?

Lynn Edwards Oakley No drinking or alcohol for me thank goodness since I have ate so poorly over the years. I want to be around to have grand babies so trying to get in the best shape I can Poor planning is my biggest down fall Working on it everyday and winning right now I know no can do this and I am determined. Good luck everyone

John Teehan Still a smoker. It’s my last vice after a previous long list of vices. Probably be quitting by the end of the year, but want to get a hand in this new lifestyle before I go mucking around with another big change.

Docs aren’t super thrilled, but they understand. They’re getting me a scrip for nicotine gum so I can at least start when I’m ready, hoping I’ll do it sooner than later.

Interestingly, I’m finding a lot of parallels to adapting to T2D as I had when I quit drugs 30 years ago and booze 20 years ago. I that experience is making this a little easier.

Jerry Armitage Although I rarely do anymore. I have to admit. When I was partying everyday not taking my meds. I felt 10 times better than I do now.

Karen Kemling Tullos Never smoked. Only drink very occasionally. I figure with all the meds why aggravate my liver and kidneys with alcohol.

Amy Thomas I am an ex smoker, and I rarely have a drink. I never drank much anyway in my 58 years. When I started on certain meds few years back, it said no alcohol. I might have a sip of my hubby’s beer here and there. He drinks the craft beers. Micro brews.

Sheliah Caddell Dennis trying to stop the smoking / drink rarely now and only wine . i gained so much weight from insulin . i want to do the WOE plan but dental issues due to another illness make it hard to chew certain foods , praying and relaying on God

JoDe Engle I am a social smoker. I have one on the way to work, 2 at lunch driving around and 2 going home. That’s where it ends unless, I have cocktails. Then I over do it on the cigarettes and the alcohol. I like either michelob ultra with 6 green olives popped in or, vodka with dt rootbeer or vodka with Torani salted carmel, unsweetened vanilla almond milk over ice. Neither of those alcohol choices spike my BS infact brings them down.

Sara Watson I have not smoked in over 5 years, I drink very occasionally – usually have to increase my food intake to ensure the sugar levels say normal

Barb Enright I gave up smoking and drinking after I had multiple pulmonary emboli (blood clots in my lungs) and almost died. Diabetes is what put me at higher risk of those blood clots in the first place. I’m not against smoking or drinking, but my body can’t handle it anymore.

Lana Wright I stopped smoking 18 months ago and I died on the 14 th they did cpr and shocked me back i cant wait to work out again
I think they’re coming tomorrow to help with that
I finally got out today it was truly unbelievable I will do what to do live 

Tara N Jose Garcia I quit smoking 5 years ago and cold turkey it was easy for me and trust me you’ll feel a lot better but I just found out 3 weeks ago I’m a type 2 diabetic so I thank God I quit smoking years ago otherwise I would be a lot worse just be determined to quit and suck on a lemon drop they help and trust me within 6 months you will get your taste buds and sense of smell back oh! And I quit drinking when I found out I’m diabetic I want to live a long life for the sake of my son that’s why and I was drinking crown and coke and beer but not anymore I feel a lot better without all that toxins in my body and beer has a lot of salt which isn’t good

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