When Should A Diabetic Take Insulin?

talked to a guy yesterday. who is totally aware he’s type 1 diabetic. yet he doesn’t take his insulin, he’s fat, always tired, in constant kidney pain & wearing diapers. he sat there and ate a pint of ice cream & drank a bottle of sweet tea while he told me about his latest trip to the hospital for malnutrition and blood sugar that was off the chart.

talked to another guy today in a wheelchair because he had one leg chopped off. i asked him if he was diabetic? “oh yeah i have that too” he said grabbing his bottle of fruit juice next to his other bottle of sweet tea.

it’s just incredible how intentionally stupid people can be ..

Annette Warner We have all been stupid at one time or another and still. We don’t know another persons demons or problems, lives. Some probably wish they were only stupid. Nah. Encourage…don’t give them more of what they go through daily that doesn’t work…their shame. Food and sugar addicts are no different than drug addicts …just a different need for a high. Stop judging.

Sheila R. Pazera Some people really live by the motto we all have an expiration date no matter how healthy we live….it’s their choice .

Don Tucci Actually most of them are not stupid they are merely misinformed. Many are misinformed by doctors who are also misinformed themselves. The medical community treats this disease as a death sentence and will surely progress. But we here in the group know better. If you follow the eating plan on the guidelines of the group you can slow or stop the progression of your disease. Ignorance is not stupidity it is actually lack of knowledge

Emily Steen Lindholm It scared me when I was diagnosed but listened to drs who wanted to shove meds in me instead of changing my diet and lifestyle. I’m so glad inhave found this woe. I dont want to die like that. I dont want to live like that.

Patrick Laundra precisely my point. i don’t believe that after getting to those extremes. that they don’t know better than to slam sugar all day. no matter how misinformed there doctors are on the finer points of diet .. why would you choose a miserable painful death when you know better? Sad, but it gives me a good example of how Not to be ..

Maggie Maye I am amazed at how many ppl have told me since my diagnosis last week, that they are in fact diabetic type 2 also, and tell me it is to hard to follow a diet and they would miss their favorite foods so they can’t do it ..
This diagnosis scared me to death! And I can honestly say, for me? nothing taste as good as my health
It is sad ppl don’t listen and try

Gina Lawrence Amen, I feel the same way. Years back I loved my sweets, pop, chips etc. When they told me I was prediabetic, I immediately made changes, sadly with genetics the diabetes still caught up with me. But I love my fingers, toes, and living daily, so although I miss those foods, it’s not worth it to be missing fingers, limbs, or have to spend time in the hospital. I had to yet make more lifestyle changes but I still value life more than succumbing to illness.

Annie Culley Maggie Maye. Same here! There are people who know they need to avoid sugar and carbs, in general, and it stuns me that their response is, “But that’s too haaard,” “I can’t do that,” etc. Seriously? I care tremendously about my survival and quality of life. Don’t they? The internet is available to all of us. It takes very little to Google diabetes risks health nutrition and get lots of information. Having said that I thank god every day I found THIS group first try on FB because I would’ve had a hard time trying to figure it out on my own. 

Katie Ward I blame doctors that I am sure never told them about our way of eating and testing.

Harvey Lawrence Jr. Katie Ward I think the whole medical community should be held accountable. The ADA guidelines are set to keep us going to the Dr. this way of eating helps us not the other way around

Amy Thomas I don’t believe in the lawsuit approach. We live in a sue happy world. When will it end? People die every year from drinking themselves to death. You just cannot sue people who manufacture booze. We need accountability as humans for our own choices.

Janet Lightner Palmer growing up for me, was watching my mother take shot after shot… eating what her doctor told her she could eat… she was T1 … seemed to me nothing she did helped her… she passed away almost 40 years ago because of this… my younger sister passed away 5 yrs ago because of this… ate anything she wanted to cause her Dr. said it was ok in moderation …. but she drank Diet Coke … I swear this is not going to take me like that… this WOE is for me… not what my GP said I could eat….

Bree Elizabeth Most people have no reason not to trust their doctors who tell them everything in moderation or not to trust their dietitians who tell them they can have 45g of carbs per meal and 15g of carbs per snack every day. It is so hard to completely give up what you have spent your entire life eating regardless of whether that’s 30 years by the time of dx or 70 years. We have all been raised on the ideology that food is comfort, love, someone put their hard work into making that dish so it’s rude not to eat it. Etc. People aren’t stupid, they’re unwilling to give up that sweet tea or juice or pie or whatever it is, because our view of food at least in the US is so skewed

Carolyn Roberson Bree Elizabeth you speak the truth. I went to diabetic class and have the diets where I’m suppose to eat 45 carbs per meal and have a 15gr snack during day and at night. Its what we’ve been taught. When I started this woe I came off my insulin in 5 months. Thankful I found low carb lifestyle

Bree Elizabeth Carolyn Roberson my mom and I went to see a dietitian per the doctor’s orders just around a week and a half before I found this group 🤦‍♀️ so I ended up doing a total 360 on my viewpoint of what the dietitian told me while my mom still insisted I go by the dietitian’s guidelines. She’s gotten better by now but at first everything was an argument “the dietitian said you could have this”

Carolyn Roberson Bree Elizabeth totally understand. When I get confused about keto/low carb/low calorie I just try to keep it simple eating. Avoid anything white except cauliflower. Wish you the best on your journey

Gina Lawrence My husband works with a person in that situation. He is diabetic, he is overweight, he is constantly drinking 20 ounce soda 4 at a time (regular not diet) and junk food. He has had toes amputated and can barely move. I just don’t understand some people’s mindset.

Suzi Johnson Michaels I have lost so much of my way of life with all my other disorders, I refuse to let this latest one take any part of me away, except for unneeded fat! I don’t think I’ve ever been so driven and dedicated to anything in my life as I am to avoiding those foods that will kill me.

Darcie Hall It is shocking and it’s sad. When I found out I was type 2, that very day I gave up sugar and I have only had sugar 3 times since then. Each time it makes me feel like utter crap, so it’s really not worth it. People keep asking me how I changed my diet around so damn fast and the only answer I can give is I’m more afraid of blindness, neuropathy, kidney disease, and death than I am of not having sugar. That being said, I smoke cigarettes. SO! One can know that a thing is terrible for them and still the addiction monster can overrule them. It is possible to change, but the person has to want it.

Caroline Anderson I hear what you are saying but I have been that person. I have tried to ignore my Diabetes and my weight. It takes some people longer to get to where they need to be and some people never get there.

Jay I went uncontrolled for years since being diagnosed in 2012 because I thought i had time and could just lose the weight “some day” and reverse the diabetes. I was never educated about blood vessel & nerve damage. Nurses talked about diabetes like it was this mythical boogeyman that was going to get me in the dark. Of course I didn’t take it seriously. If someone actually sat down and explained the actual science of the desease and this W.O.E. to me I would have been much better off.

John Mooney Makes me furious, I’ve been busting my ass even before this diagnosis to work out and eat right and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in 15 years and yet I saw someone very large drinking a bucket size big gulp and eating one of those movie sized snickers and all I could think was that God is laughing at me

Carrie Priddy God isn’t laughing at you John Mooney. God loves you & wants all good things for you. Your struggles are acts of faith to do what is right. Our bodies are temples of God; you are right to try to take as best care of your body as you can. Not everyone is strong like you, & don’t underestimate your strength & don’t make light of your faithfulness. There are many ways to measure.

Bree Elizabeth John Mooney I agree it is so frustrating watching a very large person eat what they want and looking in the mirror and knowing you can’t eat that stuff. But as many diabetics as there are out there, like John said, they may be diabetic and just not know or care about it. On the other hand maybe their size is due to other issues not food and that’s just how they eat. Maybe they just had a bad day and that food was the happy spot in their day. Not everyone’s size is 100% related to food. If it is and that’s how they continue to eat that’s on them, they may end up with other medical issues. Unless I know for sure someone was diabetic I would not say anything to them about what they eat. And if they were diabetic I wouldn’t debate with them just converse about it.

Sue Jones John Mooney lots of skinny people who are diabetic and don’t know it too.

Frieda Boyd Reiter From what I have read Diabetes is a genetic disease, it runs in families. I have it in both sides so I knew it was coming but was still not prepared. My husband is overweight, drinks sugary drinks, eats doughnuts etc and he is not diabetic. Not fair!!

Tammy Maass Scott I was diagnosed with type II in March during a 9 day hospital stay due to pancreatitis from extremely high triglycerides (over 1100). My old doc totally missed everything. My vitals were so high the doctor said I should of had a heart attack. I never want to be that sick again. I don’t understand how some people can totally ignore or just do t care about their health

Carrie Priddy Today I walked around a nice Art & Craft show. It was outside & the weather cooperated & it was peaceful. I saw a man, over weight yes, but wearing shorts that I could see his legs were discolored & his skin was dryish looking, scaly, dusty looking, flaking & tight. It looked painful; the color was an unnatural angry dark purple. Both legs were affected to the knee. I felt sorry for him as I think he was suffering from the effects of uncontrolled diabetes. I was sad for him. I walked past the food court where they offered hot salted soft pretzels, something in days gone by I would have bought & walked around eating. The very first thing I noticed when I got off the carbs & sugar was the swelling of my feet & ankles went away. We are choosing to love ourselves & saving our own lives when we take control of the sugar monster. But not everyone is strong. I didn’t think I was a strong person before; but now I tell myself I am strong & I will keep myself strong because I matter. So do you.

Patrick Laundra well said. my aversion to people who know better & still don’t take care of themselves. is the lack of self respect. & their inability to recognise the higher part of themselves. i completely agree with the people who are saying Depression & Despair are the major contributing factors here. in this instance. i know this to be true ..

Simmie Davis What you’re seeing is not necessarily stupidity but loneliness and giving up when you have had this most of your life and everything that you have tried has blown up in your face over time it begins to affect one’s psyche and depression is a real side effect it is a process and if we are on here at all it is because we have truly been blessed with another chance let’s try to pray for people like this and talk to them was some compassion because those things can really make a difference and save lives

Annie Culley Simmie Davis. Good post. I need to dial back my own uncharitable astonishment when someone doesn’t do what I think is obviously unhealthy. Eating a half gallon ice cream or pounding sugary drinks is not lack of knowing better but it could be a sign of emotional resignation. It’s all sad. 

Patricia Laramore I don’t think anyone should be called stupid . Shame on you . They may have lots more then just diabetes , like cancer and Doctor told them they have not long to live .

Heather Mendoza I was like that…I was addicted to sugar…I was an emotional eater,took me a lot of soul searching…I’m now back on track
My sugar is down to 174 from 389

Mary Doty I feel like it’s their life though. Where is it our place to judge… I mean some people work their butts off to get and or stay healthy and that’s awesome but that’s what they want to do. If someone wants to eat junk etc and it’s putting their health at risk it is still their perogitive. I feel like so many people judge others for their life choices and it isn’t their life to make the decisions for..
To each his own

Mark Vandewater Sometimes it gets frustrating when you are doing everything right and your sugar stays high anyways. I have gone on binges where I said screw it, it’s going to be 300 something no matter what I do so I might as well have these cookies.

Annette Warner Mark Vandewater it takes time for your liver to cleanse. And if you eat sugar and your blood stays 300 anyway….imagine what it rises to after eating sugar.

John Hrynda I hear all of this. Food is a drug. I’ve seen what happens if I eat a slice of bread or a piece of candy. I end up stuffed with junk and in the 300s or higher. We can only educate the uneducated and be a little less angry towards them.

PAtrick J Sweetie Been there done that , when they end up in hospital for DKA or Pancreatitis and end up with their gut slices open and butterflied like a steak to have all the crap scraped outnof them maybe theyll realize its NO JOKING MATTER I was 420lbs and out of control off the charts 500plus BS had Triglycerides of 36,000 + spent over 7months on hospital ended up having NOT MY CHOICE GASTRIC BYPASS due to scar tissue from the feeding tubes and drains from a pseudo cyst on my pancreas …do wish more people payed attention and gave a crap about their own health.

Maureen Telleria Frankl I dont think its stupidity, just ignorance. Many diabetics follow ADA guidelines, drs advice and have the mentality they can eat whatever as long as they take their meds. Met a man who was diabetic because a bad accident damaged his pancreas. He was having a beer and a burger. I told him I’m diabetic but I follow a LCHF diet. He said his dr said he could eat what he wants because he’s so active, he would burn off the excess carbs. Ignorance and bad advice.

Frieda Boyd Reiter I have a friend who got diabetes because of the meds he has to take for his Addison’s Disease, he sees a diabetes doc who has a CGM. My friend just got a CGM because of going into comas from lows. She told him he can now eat anything he wants in moderation, even deserts!! He is in the hospital no because he lost the sight in one eye due to high blood! What goes through doctors minds when they give such stupid advice???

Annette Warner Food and sugar addiction is no different than a drug addict needing drugs over a better lifestyle. Stop judging.

Katie Ward I just feel so sad for the people who never would think that advice on line was better than their doctor. They trust their doctor. It makes me sick! This information is not new, just because drug companies don’t benefit in anyway from the truth! I heard one the other day on here I think, one doctor justified not telling people not because he didn’t know it works, saves people, saves money. He just doesn’t believe people will stick with it long term. Well I for one refuse to have these horrible consequences and cots if diabetes if there is anything I can do about it. Thank goodness for this group and our moderators!

Mary Ruhland To me, it’s no different than a meth head that won’t stop taking the drugs. They CAN’T. It’s an addiction. And it’s worse for sugar addicts because we still have to eat and drink. I don’t think those guys are bad, they just haven’t addressed the addiction.

Frieda Boyd Reiter I have people in my life who knowing I am diabetic and trying to stay on point with Keto. “Come on, you can have just a small piece of pie, it won’t kill you!” They call me a wet blanket and that my husband is suffering because of my refusal to go to parties they are throwing. I usually respond “Yes it could kill me!”and leave it at that.

Dene Tothill Nichols I don’t think you can blame the doctors. It’s your disease, it’s your body. It’s up to you to study this life threatening disease and respect the limitations

Maria Arzaga Dene Tothill Nichols everyone has a choice of what they put in their mouth, it is the same as being alcohol, you have to get clean and work it one day at a time…for life…damage to organs start when the blood sugar is 120…but remember some people are in denial, some people just do not care about their health, some people are scared straight, and some people live with regret….I appreciate this group, I have learned a lot and still need to learn more…let us be kind to all…

Vincent Bryant Calling them stupid is not fair. Not everyone has what it takes. Some have other health problems that keep them depressed and down. To think they should think like you is wrong. Not everyone is the same.

Lori Kristjanson I understand what your saying about people being sick from other health issues, including depression and anxiety, I suffer from those things as well, but when I was diagnosed, I started to change my diet right away, lost so far 35 pounds, got my A1C down and got my BS under control, My own Sister has type 2, and in 19 years has never taken control of her condition. She uses her other issues to get sympathy which is a condition all on its own, she has a difficult life having a child with Autism, I know how hard it is for her but she is the only one who has the power to change her situation. I don’t think she’s stupid, but I do think she is acting lazy and she’s on at least 18 other meds that have side effects that need more meds to counter those, it’s insanity, it’s her choice that makes me angry with her, she consciously chooses not to help herself, it is a choice, those people choose not to do anything about their health. That is my opinion anyway.

Pamela Beard Darrow And just today a good friend told me they met someone at their nephews soccer game who was blind….. by diabetic complications..

P Edward Murray That type 1 guy…he’s going to end up dead soon..My first cousin had to have his pancreas removed so he became type 1 and died a few years ago from complications due to diabetes…It happens even if you are doing everything ok.

Adam Mendoza My cousin died from type 1 last year couple years ago had a tie cut off than the foot the up to his knee than the other foot. Some times ppl don’t care about themselves. He was only 45

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