What’s The Best Advice for Diabetes

Hello all. I need help/ advice on the most basic levels up wards.
I work on tugboats, for the last month at sea I had an incredibly unquenchable thursh, dry mouth and constant need to use the rest room.
Made it to shore again 3 days ago, got off the boat, got on the computer and started googling my symptoms. Everything said Diabetes. I’m 32 years old, have never been diagnosed with diabetes. I went to the rest room and stepped on the scale, I was down to 129 pounds. Iv always been a small guy, but my weight normally hovers around 150.
I went to Walgreens and bought a blood sugar monitor tester thing. Poked my finger it read 563. Googled 563 blood sugar and everything said go to the hospital. I tested again just to be sure, and the meter would only say high. After reading the Manual, it said it would only read high if it was <600.
I went to the ER, told them what was going on, they tested my blood sugar it read 645. They took me strait to the back and started filling my arms with IV’s ect. Doctor told me he had no idea how I wasnt in a coma.
By the following morning my sugar level was down to 202, the doctor realised me if I promised to get my prescriptions filled and go to a Non Er doctor ASAP.
I filled my prescriptions. 1 is 2.5 MG glipizide to be taken once a day, the other is 850 MG Metformin to be taken twice daily. I called every doctors office for 100 miles, the soonest anyone will take me in is OCT1.
Scince being released from the er my blood sugar has not been below 200. I quit eating evey thing that has any type of sugar in it, and am only drinking water.
I tested my blood sugar yesterday, in the morning it was 305, after lunch it was 296, after dinner in was 343. I went on a 4 mile run to try to get it down, when I was finished it was 240.
When I awoke this morning it was 205
I at breakfast 3 eggs and water.
Checked and hour later it was 300.
After lunch, can of tunafish on wheat bread it was at 340.
Done some reading, internet seems to think sweet potatoes is a diabetic super food, so I ate roasted sweet potatoes for dinner.
Blood sugar is at 315 as I type this.
I am almost scared to eat anything and I feel like I’m starving.
Can yall please give me some advice to get my blood sugar down before I see the doctor OCTOBER 1. Thank you

Vicki Howat My symptoms were a lot like yours,I did go in a coma at bs readings of 1513.this disease has changed my life and never had diabetes til I was put on steroids for backpain

Michele Berns Dandurand If your insurance has a nurse line call them and ask his or her advice. They are usually 24 hours. Some insurances have doctors that you can skype with. Follow the lchf guidelines. I think you need professional medical help. Good luck!

Nina Neher Welcome! So glad you found this group because eating only what’s on that food list works!

Please listen to admin and read and learn from past posts and files etc.

All the best

John Kawakami Those are really high. Can you get a video or phone consult before the oct 1 meeting? Did they test the insulin level in the ER? Are you producing insulin?

Annie Culley Brandon Hayes. Hi Brandon. Florida can be rough trying to get a timely medical apt. Concentra offers telemedicine which is a skype medical visit. You might try that to continue meds and get started. You did all the right things – good for you. I was at 575 BG less than 3 weeks ago. I try to adhere to no carbs as much as possible and foods only on these lists and my BG dropped down to an avg of just 103. Its 80 right now.. Dont try to improvise with the foods and you should see less spikes. Good luck. You are in good hands with all the experienced people here. 

Wilma Perkey So going by the list….go get yourself a steak and a big plate of broccoli or asparagus or whatever your favorite vegetable is. Don’t be scared to eat, just eat foods that are on the list.
Eggs, bacon, and cheese for breakfast sounds good huh.

Simmie Davis Check ALL meds. You might be taking something else that is making it spike. Be conscious of the time. At least 1 hr after eating b4 testing. Increase your medicinal teas Try sage tea it brings it down. You may have such blockage that you’re insulin can’t get in. Read all labels. Hidden sugars. Don’t use ANY root veggies. Potatoes. Carrots. Turnips, anything under ground including nuts, can spike sugar. Nothing white. Focus on salads
Lower protein to a few eggs per week. Kerp.us posted.

Brandon Hayes The two medications I list above is all I’m taking. I’m the type of person who wont tale an advil if I have a head ake. I hate meditation with a passion.
And yes the diet change is going to be a learning curve but I’m g.j oing to the store tomorrow to restock the pantry.

Simmie Davis Brandon Hayes Excellent. I hope that you can embrace this new leg of your journey. It took me a year, with the eight information . And in the process, I have shed 85 pounds and my A1c is sliding towards 6. Goal is under 5. You can do this. Be steadfast. Ita your on ly life. Fall down 7, get up 8. Rooting g for you!

Wilma Perkey You can eat eggs and other proteins. Especially if you’ve been losing weight that you don’t need to lose.
You don’t need to eat salads everyday. You can eat raw or roasted vegetables. Pickled okra is one of my easy go to snacks. Spinach can be added to eggs and bacon and cheese for a simple wonderful omelet. You want to enjoy your food so that you can maintain this WOE for a lifetime.

Carol Amato Welcome and thanks for sharing your story. You’ve already received a lot of great advice. Use the search function to the left to read about anything you’re wondering about. Glad you’re doing better. Look forward to hearing of more progress.

Jennifer Lynn Get yourself some glucose tabs please. They are found near diabetic supplies.
Glipizide may cause lows blood sugar. Do not take ibuprofen, motrin, asprin
NSAIDs over the counter medication with glipizide.

Christine Armstrong My suggestion would be ro make an appt. with a Nutrionist, with knowledge of Diabetes, in the mean time. They will be able to answer your questions, and help you make up a diet plan.. They might want your lab work, A1C number, etc. I think this would help you a lot. Also, they might be able to call a dr. for you and explain you need an office appt. NOW and the dr. will be more willing to open his schedule for you. I hope this helps. Blessings!

Rhiannon Jones The unexplained weight loss, thirst and out of control blood sugar makes it sound more like type 1.5 (latent autoimmune diabetes). Definitely need to get in to a doctor ASAP, you may need insulin to control your blood sugar.

Brandon Hayes I posted this at 8:52pm my blood sugar level was 315
Iv been working out scince then, it’s now 12:45 am my blood sugar level is now 138!!!!
I’m definitely starting that diet when I wake in the morning.

Ann Long Boulis My brother was a small guy and he was 41 when they diagnosed him with type 1 diabetes. He has a very fast metabolism so he has to have lots of calories or he gets to thin. I hope you can be seen soon. Nothing to mess with.

Marge Thomas You need low carb HEALTHY fat LCHF food list. It’s at top of page under documents. No bread, rice, pasta or potatoes of any kind including sweet potatoes. This group is reason I went from 7.5 to 5.8 in 6 months. Lots of good things to eat but dietician will tell you 45 g /MEAL. We say 50 OR LESS PER DAY. From our food list eat protein, veggies & cook in healthy fat. Good luck.

Sandie Lynn WElcome Brandon, you have come to the right place for help with what to eat and what to ditch. This group follows a Low Carb Healthy Fat way of eating for Diabetics. Note: We do not follow the old outdated ADA guidelines you will find on the internet and that some Drs. still follow. Also, note. When you numbers are running high , over 200, do not drink excessive water or exercise at that time. Drinking to much water will flush the electrolytes you need right then, instead sip on a berry or strawberry flavored Power Ade Zero. These conatain electrolytes, magneseium and potattsium you need. . Though exercise is good for us, exercise will also temporarily raise you BG, which is OK if your numbers are down, but if your BG is over 200 your number will only go higher and may not come down. Here is a tool to use to help you learn how the foods you just ater are effecting your BG in real time. This also teaches you the normal ranges to aim for and how to recognize a spike.

Since you will be eating much less carbs per day , you will need to add Natural Fats to all your meals to keep you full longer and satisfied. Ditch the man made inflammatory oils/fats that cause heart disease. Natural fats are : real butter, made with just cream,salt. Real blocks of cheese you slice or shred yourself, real full fat sour cream, real full fat plain cream cheese, real cream like heavy whipping cream. Milk is loaded with sugar so you can sub. in unsweet Almond or Coconut Milk, or Heavy Whipping Cream. Here are the Oils to eat and which to ditch:

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