what is the test that can tell if your type one or two called?

I have my first ever endo appt in one week! My questions is do you think they will actually listen to my symptoms or tell me I’m ok like my normal dr? My legs and feet are so swollen and feel like they are in fire but my appt is at 8:00 am so it won’t be swollen that early and my dr never believes me! Also what is the test that can tell if your type one or two called? Will they order the test? I’ve never had it done only A1C.

Holly Tesselaar Take a picture what your legs look like in the morning and then again at night. A pictures is with a 1000 words

Jim Figlozzi Gad is the test to see if your body is killing beta cells and cpeptide is the test to see your insulin production capability. Combined they are the diagnosis for type 1

Katlyn Stidd It’s been 7 years for me but every year it gets worse and the last two years I feel like I am getting worse fast. This pain and swelling just started a couple months ago and my dr said well you work long hours. I’m like they are purple when I get home keeps me up at night

I was diagnosed gestational and went straight to insulin because of how high I was. After the baby I ignored for a couple years and got really ill and went to the dr and they gave me metfomin but my sugar was still so high I got super skinny and then started insulin but I’m a type two never had any test done to confirm

Stephanie Cumbers Katlyn Stidd you could be type 1. I had gestational and I became type 1 – 11 months after the fact

Katlyn Stidd it drives me crazy I am super low sugar and pretty low carb but i go so high so quick if I even attempt to eat sugar i get so sick and so high I don’t know if I’m type one because The highest I’ve ever been 375 and I’ve seen type ones get so high

Vanessa Martinez Katlyn Stidd I got it when I was pregnant also. I think you need to ask for the tests and I agree with someone else that you need to take pics of your legs so they can see what you’re going through.

Julie Orozco You may be type 1. I had gestational diabetes that never went away. They thought I was type 2 and treated me as such. Less than 2 years later, I was in the hospital in DKA, and diagnosed as type 1. 

Katlyn Stidd Oh and I got fat ! Insulin made me gain 20lbs! I stopped gaining now tho but can’t lose it still have some highs but insulin has kept me pretty decent metfomin didn’t help at all

Teresa Kay Simons If you get the roo- y bypass when you just find out you are diabetic you won’t have it after the surgery I had but I had diabeties since I was 19 so it did not work but I weighted 189 now I weigh 124

Katlyn Stidd My weight goes up and down allll the time it’s really embarrassing I see what my friends eat and how thin they are and it’s depressing I have always been like 145 and I’m 160 right now!!!!! I’m
Way to short for this weight and I was 140 when I started insulin I hate it and my dr says my weight is fine 

Jim Figlozzi Katlyn Stidd Don’t be embarrassed! When I was diagnosed I had dropped 50 pounds with the insulin but then it settled down

Katlyn Stidd It’s just awful and I’m getting closer to 30 so my weight isn’t going to the same places it used to

Judy Baker Katlyn Stidd – I always weighed about 130. I was thin.Until I was in my early 40s. Then I stopped drinking and started overeating. I got to 160, got on Nutrisysem and dropped 25 lbs. guess what happened then! At 45 years old I had a baby and went over 200 lbs All this BEFORE I was diagnosed. Told at first w t2 then learned I’m t1 from additional testing. So now I’m 72 and struggle w weight all the time. I’m 180 now. You may think who cares, you’re 72 years old. But I love clothes, fashion and I hate being fat! It’s so hard. Do your best and be good to yourself.

Katlyn Stidd Yesss like everyone keeps telling me it’s ok your healthy now (I used to throw up a lot before Insulin) and they say your not even big but I feel like a COW I am super uncomfortable in my own skin and my two best friends are 6 inches taller then me and way thinner. I know it’s not a comparison but I am very unhappy. I need to work our more but I have a 7 year old and work 45-50 hours a week so it’s hard! I eat so good and I’m just so big right now

and super awesome that you had a baby at 45! I am so scared my diabetes won’t allow me to have more kids if I don’t have them soon

Judy Baker Katlyn, slow down, sweetie. Breathe. And try to stop hating your body. You are beautiful. You have a lot on your plate. Make a plan and work it in small steps. Get all the support you can get. No offense to any man, but my endo is a woman and we talk about whatever is bothering me.

Katie Jensen They’ll listen if you have a good doctor. 🙂
If they don’t, find another. I once spent 3 years trying different endos before funding one that I LOVED!!! She was an hour drive away, so appointments took a good chunk of the day. But it’s totally worth it. This is your life and you want to have control!

Katie Jensen Katlyn Stidd my doc always tells me that I can change my settings if I want (I send updates when I feel it needs to be reviewed). I tell her that even though I’ve had T1 for almost 20 years, I didn’t go to school for it. I don’t trust myself. She’s a doctor!!!! Lol. I’ve got too much to do to study and research how to control my diabetes. That’s why I go see her. Lol.

Some advice I can give. I use to just know how much I needed for things. For example, if I had a bowl of cereal that was 50g, I knew that I could bolus for 35g and always be okay. The issue is that my doctor never thought my bolus needed to change. So I started blousing for the actual amount. This took some work, but it’s made my overall care much better. Even if you’re doing the changes yourself, you want to look at the whole picture. 🙂

I think there are some great books about self-management out there. People keep trying to give them to me, but I don’t ever read them.

Jennie Liebelt My 1st endo appt was almost 3-weeks ago, I go back next week for my 3month follow up, mine addressed every concern and answered all my questions very attentive this is what they specialize in

Brian Sixbey If you have a good endo, they will either be very attentive personally, or they will have a diabetes educator on staff who will be good. Personally, I’ve always gotten more from the Diabetes educator than the Dr. – largely because the Dr. is seeing a ton of people with different issues, and the Educator is more focused, and like a nurse, more attuned to nuance.

Victoria Weeke I would be dead without my endocrinologist. She listens and has great insight because she also listens to other patients. Bring a list of written questions.

Charmaine Palmer Depends if u get a good one or just a medication,textbook pusher which is sadly the only ones I’ve come across. 🙄 good luck and hit them with every question u have.

Abigail Rivera GAD antibodies test is what shows if you have type 1 antibodies. C peptides will show how much insulin you are making, they are different, if you have a condition where you make less and less over time like LADA, C-Peptides can help show your progression. The antibody test will answer whether you have an autoimmune disorder rather than being insulin resistant.


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