What is everyone’s experience with alcohol?

What is everyone’s experience with alcohol? Like how much do you drink or not drink and do you think it affects your diabetic health? I’m a social weekend drinker but I always make sure to keep my blood sugar in a healthy range when I’m out, however I wonder if it affects my diabetes in other ways.

Kenneth Bloomer I don’t partake. I find it completely unnecessary if not detrimental to a healthy lifestyle.

Caitlin Jones I used to drink often as a college kid but don’t much care for it anymore. It made my sugars low

Kristine Morello I stopped as well but I wasn’t having lows. It was actually increasing mine. I decided last weekend what the hell im just going to have a few and not worry about it and I did but way more than a few lol. My BS was 166 next morning. Not terrible but everyone is different and I don’t think I will do that again anytime soon lol

Emily Anderson i dont binge drink very often-maybe four or five times a year at parties/holidays. my friends know i am diabetic and i always check my bg a gazillion times and eat something carby before going to bed. at weekends, i might have a glass or two of wine at dinner. i dont have to do anything extra to take care of bg for a couple of glasses of wine, except for the week of my period, when i tend to run low.

Lindsey Storer What happens, and if your “too” on top of things could be dangerous, but what happens is your bs will spike pretty high pretty quick with the amount of sugar that’s in the alcohol. As it goes through your system it actually makes your blood sugar dropthrough out the night or time you’ve been drinking. That’s why they say not to correct your high when drinking because if you do it could make you drop even further and put you into a coma

Scott Birnbaum Alcohol consumption for diabetics should be strictly limited.

Jillian McCray I have a Dexcom so I’m able to monitor my blood sugar 24/7, so majority of the time having highs and lows is not an issue for me

Jeananne Cooper Hawking I drink a glass of FitVine wine every now and then. Very low sugar and delish. On occasion a bourbon and Coke Zero. I don’t have more than 2 drinks.

Jeananne Cooper Hawking Rosemary Mertens do you have a Whole Foods close by? I messaged FitVine on Facebook several times about coming into Arkansas, and it finally happened. Prior to that I ordered it online. Shipping was high but I needed my wine! 

Abigail Rivera White tequila is actually being studied because of its lack of detriment to BS. It has also sparked studies on agave. So if I have anything stronger than wine or beer I stick to that.

I do have red wine from time to time, it keeps my legs from cramping at night, but it does cause a low later so I snack if I have wine. Maybe cheese and crackers, or have it with dinner.

I steer away from beer mostly, but if I do have beer Corona Premier has 2.6 grams of carbs.

Mark Hennaman I drink cab and it has very little to no effect on my BS. If I want something stronger I stick to vodka club soda with lime. I’m T2 btw, and have never taken any medication. My A1c is 5.7.

Eric Minteer I drink about 6 times a month. Crown and coke zero. BS goes low sometimes but I eat before I go to bed.

Sherry Cochrane I’m a long-term type two diabetic. I don’t drink at all. I’m too concerned for my liver and kidney health. My medication alone takes a strain on my liver, why push it. If I feel like enjoying a cocktail with someone, I have 6 ounces of Ribina over ice add fresh squeeze lemonade no sugar. Walla cocktail of my choice.

Julie Orozco I drink occasionally, maybe once or twice a month. But I really enjoy a glass of dry red wine with dinner. It doesn’t seem to mess with my blood sugar at all.

Donna Mayo Pierpoline I don’t drink anymore because it’s too much risk to my kidneys and liver between my diabetes and BP medications

Wayne Crich At one time I was a heavy drinker, now I drink no more than 2 drinks a day. It has had no adverse effects at this point and has a minimal impact on BGL. My blood and urine tests monitor kidney and liver function, part of using the meds I am on (4 times per year).

So far no negative impact; BUT at some point the alcohol may well need to go if:
a) it starts effecting BGL
b) any indication of a change in kidney or liver function

I think with all things diabetic it is different in every single person BUT the common factor is drinking increases the risk of complications and we need to be very aware of its signs and change the habit accordingly.

Angelique Arenas I take 24 units of basaglar and i just take a bigger snack at night if i drink. My sugar does drop after having like 25 carbs it was still in the 60s the following morning. Not that i drink often, but when i do i drink a lot. Maybe limiting wouldn’t have my BS drop so much??

Kristin Myhre I had a glass of wine last week and it shot my blood sugar DOWN way too low. So just be careful!

Brian Sixbey Used to be more than a social drinker, so now I abstain entirely. Anyway, drinking will tend to drop your blood sugar, so you want to keep tabs on its effects on you. Other than needing to know how your body responds, I think the main effects are the same as anyone else. If type 2, there could be other issues with drinking, depending on the meds you take, etc. For me, it was its effects on my life in general that were the problem. It certainly didn’t help my condition, but that’s me.

Judy Baker I quit before I was diagnosed. I do think there re some parallels in alcoholism and diabetes in that neither is really cured, but if you manage your disease you can live well. If that makes sense. Not calling anyone alcoholic.

Judy Baker Oh, I should’ve said not calling anyone an alcoholic. Sorry. I am an alcoholic and did some damage to myself in many ways. Happy I realized at age 39 I didn’t want to do that anymore. Before I knew I’m diabetic, I, and a lot of alcoholics, ate desserts to compensate for not drinking. Now I’m screwed.

Jillian McCray Judy Baker I used to have the biggest sweet tooth before diabetes and now I think I drink a little more in place of sweets since a glass of wine won’t raise my blood sugar… it’s a lose lose!

Dorothy Thilmany Judy Baker I’m a type 1 diabetic and started drinking rum and diet Coke and kept it up for years because of the fact it lowered my bs. Now I don’t cause of the damage it can do. I’ve noticed though that I really crave cake, cookies, and anything thats sweet. I’ve noticed that at AA meetings there’s always a bag of candy. I’m wondering if there’s a coralation between diabetes and alcohol?

Judy Baker Dorothy Thilmany substitution happens!
In my field, I’m an addictions counselor, we call it cross addiction when it gets out of control. Usually that applies to drinking instead of using drugs… but many go from sobriety from alcohol to
out of control overeating.

Judy Baker Dorothy Thilmany I think there is a correlation between diabetes and alcoholism, but I’m not a doctor and don’t know how to study it. I said it in another diabetes site and was ATTACKED!! Some idiot said, You’re calling my 6 yo daughter an alcoholic!
I wish some medical scholars would publish on the topic.
I’ve never been to an AA function that didn’t have a big dessert table, and it’s wiped out fast!

Dorothy Thilmany Judy Baker I know I tend to over drink given a chance. My son type 1 since 3 yrs also has struggled with alcoholism.

Vera Brink Alcohol definitely makes dawn phenomenon worse for me and more likely to spike from stress or intense exercise. I attribute all these things to liver function. Our livers really do so much more to keep our blood sugar even than we tend to give them credit for…

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