The question is, was this “dianetic friendly” ice cream really 6g carbs

There is an ice cream/specialty food shop close to me for Diabetics. At least they make that claim. I ordered a large chocolate which they said is just 6g carbs. My blood glucose was 101 when I ate it. I checked two hours later and I was at 159, which is the ceiling of how high I should go. I drank some water and about 15/20 min later I was back down to 115.

Almost everything I eat that’s arround 6g carbs almost never has an impact on my blood sugar levels.

The question is, was this “dianetic friendly” ice cream really 6g carbs?

Tara Cannici That looks so good. Could have been the lactose(milk) in the ice cream. Anything ending in ose ( lactose, sucrose, fructose etc) contains sugar.

D.S. Cohen Yes, but that needs to be added to the carb count. When I asked about the sugar content they said all of the carbs came from the lactose.

Faye Faye I would say it is definitely Diabetic friendly.
People are supposed to spike after eating. Even non diabetics. Numbers don’t naturally flat line the way people try to make them.

Clifton Simoneaux Faye Faye true non-diabetic don’t stay flat line, but non-diabetics rarely spike above 140, unless a very large amount of rapid acting carbs are consumed. Non-diabetics also return to normal BG levels near 83 mg/dl very quickly following any spike.

Faye Faye I am not Diabetic. And I go up to 150 quite often. And no. I’m not pre Diabetic either. My daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic. She wears a CGM and I have seen non diabetics wear CGMs and do the same thing.
So I would think if this ice cream was not diabetic friendly…that spike would have been a lot higher. I know for my daughter it would have her close to 400.
So if this ice cream barely touched a diabetics BG, it HAS to de diabetic friendly is definitely my guess

Bethany Reynolds McKenzie Buy Rebel Creamery ice cream instead. Low carb. No impact on BG. No tummy issues.

Clifton Simoneaux Not all carbs are created equal.

Some raise BG faster than others, and for a T2, you will end up going higher before coming back down with the rapid acting carbs vs slower acting carbs.

Kimbra Wilder Gish I suspect it’s still diabetic-friendly. I think anything really the carb conten of regular ice cream or what have you would give you much more of a spike than that did. Most ice creams have HFCS or sugar, and those will really spike a diabetic. I’m talking 80-100+ point spike. The lactose alone could have done this. But I am so jealous of your having a diabetic-friendly ice cream place in your area! So happy for you!

Christiana Matthews Artificial sugar or high protein foods will still elevate blood sugar. That’s still not much of a spike for that much ice cream so sounds like a win to me.

Christina Marie Cueto I wish my numbers only spiked at 159 when I eat anything. I can eat something low/no carb & very healthy & I’m in the 280s. 

Caryn Conlin Those numbers sounds perfect to me. Just sayin’
I had a similar experience with McDonald’s small ice-cream. No cone. Haven’t done the research but it didn’t spike my sugar much. I’m a new T1.

Leta Barton Stewart Different food have different glycemic indexes. The different carbs can affect blood sugar very differently. Your #’s were fine!

Diane Young Stokes Would that be per serving and would a serving be 1/2 cup? That may be more than one serving so more than 6 gm. Just a thought.

Mike Hogan Some of us would kill for a treat like that. Walk a few blocks.

D.S. Cohen Mike Hogan if something says it’s diabetic friendly and isn’t, does that make me lucky? How many blocks replaces insulin? If walking cured eating sugars that are not listed but are actually there, we should all be walking all day.

Mike Hogan D.S. Cohen “friendly “ is an undefined term. All I was trying to say is that something that tastes good (how did it taste?) and only has 6 listed carbs has got to beat the full fledged 30 gram version. We all have our own variations to deal with.

Yolanda R. Castillo-Newsome That’s too bad. You should let them know and inform them they should reconsider some if their ingredients or make the claim that only a small serving is okay for Diabetics. That truly stinks.

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood Several things mentioned. 1 would be the serving size. Another is net carbs. Some people react to carbs not included in the net carb count making the carb count higher. And 3rd, sorry, saw you tested. Did you eat anything else prior?

D.S. Cohen Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood that’s the thing. I never go by net carbs. I consider that a fad for Keto and Atkins more than an actual reality, so I asked and they insist this is total carbs.

I had eaten prior as this was desert, but just my normal egg, ham and cheese omelette, which is about 2 to 3 carbs total.

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood Did you look at the ingredients list? I have 2 children with allergies. It is astounding how many people haven’t got a clue how to read labels. It is possible they believe it to be 6 total grams of carbs when it may well be more.

D.S. Cohen They make it themselves and won’t provide their secret recipe. All they will give you is the calories, carb and fat count. I’ve emailed them about this to see if I can find out if they are going by actual carbs or fan diet “Net carbs”.

Michele Young I’d say it’s how your body breaks it down. I’ve had diabetic friendly stuff spike me and I’ve had non friendly stuff not spike me. I’m type 2.

D.S. Cohen Folks have been asking, yes it did taste good. It wasn’t super rich, but it was very refreshing and had a good texture. Now if the Carb count they provided is inaccurate, this doesn’t help because there are lots of ice creams that taste good that we shouldn’t eat.

I’m meeting with my endocrinologist in a week, and will ask them their thoughts based on my blood level change after eating.


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