Low Potassium Foods for My Diabetes

I have horrible Charlie horses, usually potassium takes care of that but since I can’t eat bananas I am at a loss. Yes I drink water enough to float a boat and really don’t want to take potassium in a pill form.

Annette Warner Magnesium before bed and stay well hydrated with water. Half your body weight in ounces every day. Sip on berry flavored sf gatorade. It worked almost instantly for me.

Susan Littlefield Annette Warner yeah I can’t do those kind of things. I tried taking vitamins and others and it makes my stomach so upset so avoid all sorts of vitamins etc. because of it

Annette Warner Be careful when BS is high to not drink so much water though. Your body depletes itself of electrolytes when you pee alot and that causes cramping etc.

Susan Littlefield Annette Warner no matter what I do I stay between 80 and 120. Doc is happy with this numbers.

Annie Culley Annette Warner. How much magnium do you guys take? I just got magnium citrate pills 150 mg and i dont know how much to take.

Katie Dexter My dad drinks pickle juice straight from the jar. Swears it helps.

Ann Cunningham My neurologist recommended magnesium for muscle cramps, but I don’t know how much. I just take a pill at bedtime.

Carol McKay Drink dill pickle juice. Will stop cramps almost instantly. Has worked for me since I had weight loss surgery.

Pam Warner Sitz Try propel or Gatorade woih no sugar. There is also ther foods high in potassium

Mary Beatty I use legatrin. It’s awesome. I have had crampy most of my life. These pills are over the counter. Take 2 as soon as cramp comes and it goes within 5 minutes. I could not make it without them.

Caroline Anderson Can I ask what a “Charlie horse” is please?

Jim Knepper Caroline Anderson a guy I work with had a Charlie horse in the middle of the night in one of his legs. He actually pulled the muscle and limped for a month from it. So the name sounds almost humorous but they can be serious.

Vickie Allen Go to a Walmart and get bottle water with quinine in it. It says it on the bottle. Drink about 2 inches every night till they go away then about an inch after that each night!

Simmie Davis I know that it can really be painful and I had it for a long time so I learned that there are liquid trace minerals that you can take the one that I like is by a company called source naturals and it’s very inexpensive and it does the job it has a balance of all the trace minerals but especially magnesium and potassium no calories either

Candice Emily I have insanely low magnesium so I’m on supplements. They help a lot but I also find that if I don’t drink a crazy amount of water, I get nasty cramps.

Ann Marie Stark I use yellow mustard, take Vit D 3, potassium and magnesium. I have heard pickle juice works. Also Hyland leg cramp pills are good – Walmart or drug store.

Karo Kuykendall Salt. Put some in your hand lick it. If it’s sweetish, ya need salt.
Drink a bunch of water with it

Stephanie Simcox I know you said you didn’t want to take a pill supplement, but just wanted to share how I was doing it. I found the lowest dose magnesium pill I could, took one every night until I had two nights in a row with no cramps. Then I started taking only one a week thereafter. If a cramp came again, I did the same. It has worked quite well and I haven’t had them in quite a long time. Good luck.

Julie Cornell I do the bellin walk of 6.2 miles n when I cross the finish line the charlies have been extremely intense until I started coconut water during the walk. I dont have no charlies at all now and I m able to walk to my car. I drink daily shots of coconut water now

Annie Culley Tara N Jose Garcia. Oranges will send our BG through the ceiling. We do not eat oranges. I’ll let admins comment further.

Marguerite Epstein My husband is a polio survivor and his muscles are atrophying again from post polio syndrome and he has horrible muscle cramps. I found him something called “Stops Leg Cramps” it’s an Amish remedy, you can find it on amazon. The ingredients are apple cider vinegar, garlic juice and ginger. A capful stops his cramps in a minute or two. You would need to test to see if it spikes you.

Bev Huffman Can also be magnesium deficiency. Next blood draw ask for a nutritional profile. That way you will know what you really need.

Deb Karst Magnesium. If you work out and get cramps you need potassium; if you don’t work out and get cramps you need magnesium

Ivea Mark Eat celery sticks with homemade blue cheese dip! Crumble your cheese into a bowl, add 1/2 cup mayo, sour cream, some slat and pepper to taste, stir it all up, let sit for a while to blend the flavors.

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