Is keto really bad for diabetics

Boy you guys were not kidding! I went to my appointment today to see a dietitian and he was something else!! I literally left almost crying…. he basically sat there and talked about how Keto is bad ,eating less carbs is bad my WOE is bad.. I mean his name was Alfredo lol but every question I had he basically told me to just eat what I want but cut out processed foods and start eating Whole Foods 😒he mentioned beans a lot that my body needs to build a normal immune to what I eat… I left in a hurry kinda upset with him and said I’m not going to do that

Gretchen Brightman Palmer A lot of us have had the exact same experience. I just nodded and said ok when the diatician I talked to said basically the same thing. 35-40 carbs per meal and just cut your starches in half. I knew I wasn’t going to listen so I just let her ramble on.

Amy Poe I guess I am lucky. My dietician is very supportive of this woe

Gretchen Brightman Palmer Amy Poe my PCP is very supportive, the diatician was anything but helpful.

Wilma Perkey Amy Poe you are lucky. I get way more from this group and doing my own research than I got from 2 four hour classes. I have one more class to go and I’m supposed to meet one on one with a dietitian and take a food log. I know they are going to push the 30-45g of carbs per meal and I’m not going to do that.

Rebecca Platt Several people have asked me if I’ve seen a dietitian or nutritionist since being diagnosed 2 months ago & when I tell them no, they say I should. I’m not going because I know I would have an experience such as this. I’m sorry you had to go through that. 

Suzi Johnson Michaels Apparently my Primary is too,(very supportive) because she told me she started keeping her carbs under 20 just from finding out she was pre-diabetic! Which makes me wonder why she had the nurse give me ada crappy literature, but I think she trusts my determination because she was willing to discuss which med, and she ditched the idea of Metaforim (sp) and started me on 1 mg Glimperide.

Gina Lawrence Suzi Johnson Michaels did you have any side effects from Glimepiride? One they told me was it makes you real hungry and you gain weight.

Suzi Johnson Michaels The first time I took it (supposed to be taken with first meal or breakfast), I didn’t feel well afterwards. I can’t specifically explain how, but I felt instinctively I might need a couple more carbs because what I fixed wasn’t much more than a Jimmy Dean sausage patty with compliant cheese melted on it. Now I make sure I’m including something that has a few carbs and I haven’t had any side affects at all. My Dr. had prescribed me Diphenoxylate-Atrop in case I got diarrhea but I haven’t needed it.

And yes, I do get hungry because I’ve been very strict not to eat anything starchy or even an ice pop so my body has had some adjustment to the smaller less filling meals. In the case I do get hungry before I can fix dinner (I just can’t get 3 meals a day in), I snack on an ounce of protein, usually cheese. I think that only became a necessity the first week. (I’m on week 2 1/2). I lost 10 pounds, then gained it back, and now lost it again. With congestive heart failure and head induced edema, my weight fluctuates frequently, but I can FEEL my body has less fat, and I can spring up into my truck seat much easier, so…..

Lucy Brown Sorry. I know it can be very upsetting. My husband (the diabetic in the family) doesn’t tell his doctor about his diet because he doesn’t want to hear a lecture. Of course she thinks his fabulous results are due to her care not even asking about his diet. Numbers don’t lie and his numbers have improved greatly with LCHF.

Suzi Johnson Michaels “Building an immune to what you eat” makes no sense, if he knew the workings of diabetes at all! You’d be doing just the opposite. Sorry for your ordeal, glad you are here!

Jill Hogg Yeah, I saw a nutritionist a few times, but she harped on about processed foods a lot. The only good tip she gave me was to be sure to eat protein with my carbs to keep things from spiking.

Leah Ann I have decided not to see a dietician specifically because I have a sense that they are going to start saying the same. since joining this group I feel I am on the right track. I don’t need anyone trying to make me feel bad. Good for you for telling him you got this 

Wilma Perkey Well the ADA has changed their “standard of care” regarding nutrition for diabetics as of June 2019. However they refuse to actually put a number on the recommendations for daily carb intake stating that eating patterns should be customized for each patient. And the medical field won’t adopt the new guidelines for months.
I’m going to print out anything I can find, from the ADA website, advocating a VERY low carb eating pattern to take with me to my next appointment(s) with dietitian and Dr.

Katie Ward Wilma Perkey I think everyone that jumps into this WOE realizes pretty quickly that it really works. It treats the route cause and helps us start healing pretty fast. I agree with all above
I just have such anger that these “professionals” are so misguided and because of their position are hurting so many people!

Annie Culley What is the story with that teaching our bodies to accept carbs theory? The other support group I left demanded all members eat 30 to 45 carbs per meal. They said if I didn’t do it immediately I was putting myself in harm’s way because I would always spike. I read a study by a guy that said he followed the same everything but ate low carb one period and then healthy carbs the same amount of time. He had way less swings on low carb. Does anyone know why they think we need to condition ourselves to eat carbs?

Sheila Harmon Wilma Perkey I’m just curious. why do you need the stamp of approval from your doctor or dietician? They can tell you to only eat spinach but it’s up to you as to what you do. When they ask me what I do I tell them I eat the way a diabetic person is supposed to.

Kathleen Axtman Fortner I mean, yes, they stay their standards have changed. However they still support eating carbs that just aren’t good for us, such as Legumes and grains.

Harvey Lawrence Jr. I see my endocrinologist tomorrow for my 3 month check-up. I always bring my bs results. The last 2 weeks or so are going to blow his mind.

Nancyl Wilcocks But when you get your numbers down to a great level please go back and show her. Show her she is very wrong! Or at least send a copy of the results.

Sandra Navigato-Varley Hmmm….. when my doc told me I was diabetic I obviously didn’t know this group existed. She asked if I wanted to talk to the dietitian. I told her no, I know how to eat right, I just don’t. I was wrong. I didn’t know. Thanks for your help. My doctor will be amazed at my weight loss and my bs score

Tippi Sladaritz Sandra Navigato-Varley it amazes me how many people don’t know, but think they do.
I had someone argue w me that fruit is a better snack than crackers when I tried to tell them it is ALL sugar for a diabetic.

Annie Culley Same here. My doctor said she agrees with us and it makes sense to trust my meter. However she also said she wants me to see a nutritionist for support and we’ll see how goes. Her name is Iris. I hope she’s not like Alfredo but I’m expecting she will be.

Candy May Neumann My husband dietician said same thing last week ,he went to doctor yesterdayand he asked her about it and she said the totally opposite ,bc he told her I was doing low carb for him and she said to keep doing what I was doing,but to be careful bc u still need ur carbs too

Stephanie Bobak That’s why I didn’t go to my appointment. What I’m doing here is working just fine & I don’t need anyone putting negative thoughts in my head & ruining my progress.

Bahl Cyndie Don’t cry ! Just eat chicken, turkey, salad. Lots of water and when ac1 goes down. You can try a little bit here and there, and check your meter after your meal. And see what it might be. Also try to eat only a deck of cards size of food and of course salad. Good luck! But no crying!

Brooke Fleetwood Larrimore Honestly I just smile and nod. Proof is in the “pudding”. My numbers have come down so quickly just since nov. my health is fine. Labs prove that. I don’t do super high fat because of gastroparesis but I do low carb high protein! Sometimes I think the info is awful because they’d be out of a job! Can you imagine the amount of people that would do so much better with a simple diet change? Cutting carbs down to 26 a day (I actually have a decent nutritionist and she told me 26 a day endo said up to 30 a meal!) and I feel like a new person. I can tell when I’ve had a tad too much because I feel like I’ve got the flu. Everything hurts! I try to tell my husband to try to do it at least cut out some (I was really strict with me when I got diagnosed but fell off the wagon) and he felt so much better he even slept better. It is will power tho.

Dee Cee Fleetwood Thomas Hamilton high protein – good fats, low carbs portion control.
Fish, red meat, chicken, some nuts, veggies (in moderation).
No pasta, no bread. There is a lot we can eat.
PS I’m her mom

Dawn Agrait Weate I wonder what doctors, nutritionists, diabetes educators think when they have the evidence right in their face that this way of eating is working. For me, my diabetes educator was pretty much all for it and quite interested. Even asked for the name of the group and was considering joining. The nutritionist was supportive, but still encouraged me to add back in fruit. I don’t think my doctor had an opinion one way or the other. Didn’t ask any questions. Didn’t even review my BS numbers. But when called with my a1c, told me to keep up the good work.

Laraba Kendig I saw a dietitian when I was first diagnosed 15 years ago — at the time it was gestational diabetes and then shifted to Type 2 after my baby was born. She gave me all kinds of garbage advice. Thankfully my mother gave me a low carb diabetes book (Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solutions) and I decided to let my meter rule my eating.

Sibel Yalcin I check youtube google and fb that’s my dietitian and its free I did go on dietitian and she did not explain much maybe every dietitian different

Jennifer England My dr set me up with a diabetes education class after my diagnosis but my ins wouldn’t cover it so I tried to get a referral for a dietitian which also happens to not be covered but after hearing these types of stories full of misinformation and outdated ideas, I’m glad I didn’t waste my time, I’ve found a lot great support in these groups with more accurate information.

Maggie Maye My educational group is next fri. One on one is Wednesday..
I am a lil nervous.. I am praying they support this way of eating.. cause I am not changing..

Patrick Laundra yes do you listen to a medical professional? or believe what you read on facebook? it bites that our society has even come to this.

Tippi Sladaritz Patrick Laundra it does. But we can research what we read and are told. Days of our grandparents faith in only listening to the Dr is gone. We have information and big grocery stores in our reach

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