I’m brand new to diabetes

Not only am I brand new to this page, but I’m brand new to diabetes. That is to say, I was officially diagnosed on Tuesday. I’m so lost in all of this. I don’t know what to eat or what to do when my sugar is high. I’m still waiting on follow up appts. SOOO overwhelming…

Sugar – 430
AC1 – 9.8

Today my sugar was 264.

I hate all of this. Inside of just a few days, my life is completely changed…and I’m so freaking hungry!!

Kristin R. Dawson Welcome. All of it is overwhelming at first but it gets easier. This page is very strict LCHF (low carb high fat) and has a lot of information in the “files” section . That’s where I would get started.! You got this!

Kathleen Axtman Fortner It really is overwhelming, but if you eat this groups WOE, you don’t have to be hungry!

Dave Buskirk Hang in there. It took me almost 3 months to begin to understand. This group is amazing.

Wade Zetterberg My wife has been on the keto diet for over a year now, so the transition will be somewhat smoother than other’s experiences maybe. I’m just so hungry after basically eating next to nothing this week. Looking for something I can fill up on without going against doctor’s orders and the new lifestyle… that I still know nothing about.

I’m a dude that HATES changes. Even the smallest change screws with me. I’m a big baby, I admit it. And I’m supposed to be indestructible, you know? Like this stuff happens to other ppl… not me. So I’m angry. And hungry. And overwhelmed. And depressed. All of it.

And clearly, I’m dramatic

Denise Parker Wade Zetterberg what did your doctor tell you to eat? If it wasn’t low carb high healthy fats you will continue to have high blood sugars. You may have to go against some of his orders if you don’t want a lot of drugs and/or insulin. Use our food list, show it to your wife and she can help you eat plenty and not be hungry while getting your blood sugar down. If she does Keto she can help you do this, it’s only a little different. Don’t get tied to the ADA guidelines where they push 45 carbs a meal. You’ll end up sicker. I tried to follow doctors orders..it doesn’t work.

Wade Zetterberg Denise Parker they haven’t really said yet. I’ve only been to the appts that got me diagnosed, still waiting on follow ups, classes, dieticians, etc… All in the upcoming weeks. I was basically blind for the better part of 2 hrs on Tuesday. So this is all brand new.

Paulina Buncic Welcome to our Low Carb High healthy Fat food group. As diabetics our body no longer processes carbs correctly. So, We keep our carbs under 50 per day (many keep it under 30). We eat only the foods on this list.

We don’t eat any bread (grains), rice, potatoes (of any color), beans, corn, peas, pasta, fruit, or sugar. We also avoid milk…you can replace it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk or heavy whipping cream (for coffee). We add healthy fats to keep us full between meals. We are glad you are here. Just Ask us if you have questions

Jesus De Los Santos are you hungry all the time?

Wade Zetterberg I was kind of a binge eater in that I could not eat for a day or so, then have a big meal… and then just graze on snack foods here and there. No rhyme or reason to it. Probably why I’m now dealing with this..

Brianne Dentson Start exercising…..that will help bring it down. Also, practice portion control, immediately cut out sugar and white carbs. That’s just to start until you get your head wrapped around everything.

Monique Potter Noriz Hi Wade, it shook my world a year ago. You might be instructed to follow the ADA guidelines for diet, but those can make it worse. Please don’t starve yourself. I was diagnosed at an 11.6 and I usually didn’t eat. Eating made me feel sick, and apparently not eating raised my sugars. In 2 months I brought it down to a 6.8, oddly enough, by eating more often but the good stuff. I follow a Mediterranean diet, which is similar to the LCHF diet that many in here have had success with. Please take some time and do your research. So many doctors are clueless or ADA brainwashed when it comes to this disease. You need to be your own advocate. You’re stronger than you think you are! 

Robin Bridgewater Tingley Wade, I was diagnosed July 3rd. I was a bread/cheese/sweets vegetarian for 22 years. I am learning to get some fish down now, but every time I get down or want a piece of bread or sweets, I tell myself I would rather have my kidneys, feet, etc. than a piece of bread or whatever. It has helped put it in perspective for me, maybe it will help you, too. (Plus I’ve lost 31 pounds already! )

Viv Holloway Hi Wade you can beat this. Think of it as your body telling you it’s now time to look after me. You will be amazed at what you can achieve in a short time. Start simple. Stick to the compliant food list. Use a side plate not a dinner plate. I have brought my numbers down to the normal range. Let us know what you eat and we can give you ideas in compliant versions. The first month or two is the hardest. You can do this.

David Franklin Just remember you fight this disease every meal. As you adapt to the new diet, there will be times you will mess up and cheat. Forgive yourself and get back on the horse. You will get used to the “new normal” over time. Never give up, never surrender!

Katie Ward I would spend this evening reading as many old posts on this site you can find. This is loaded wit information and very inspiring- then clean out the refrig and cupboards, then go to the food store and get started. You can not live well if you try to just take meds to get out of this. Meds are necessary for dome st first but if you eat the right thing you can actually heal and avoid further damage from more meds than you need

Carlo Santos Be patient.you still have the chance to reverse it since it was just recently diagnosed.follow a strict diet.no carbs and sweets.take metformin if prescribed by your doctors daily and on time after every meal.exercie a lot everyday as in you need to perspire kind of exercise…and most importantly,avoid stress like being sad or angry…try to find ways to make you happy.this will help you get rid of the symptoms in about a week or so.then give it at least three months and you might get your blood sugar and hba1c levels back to normal range.trust me I’ve been there.it’s a struggle but it is up to you if you want to get healthy.

Jessica Rosa I’m right there with you. Just learning about all this. Last night I literally cried my eyes out on the couch because my husband was watching a cooking show and he kept saying it looked so good. I realized I cant eat anything they were making. I was heartbroken and lost it. He thinks I’m crazy now.

Dan Brendle Listen carefully to your doctors. Ask lots of questions. If they won’t give you answers find one who will! Eat better. Have your doctor set you up on an appropriate exercise program.

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