I’m brand new here and struggling with the sugar addiction

I’m brand new here and struggling with the sugar addiction. I haven’t quit yet and as a extremely picky eater I’m at a loss on what to do. Any suggestions? Thx!

Candace Leverton What are things you like to eat? There are lots of alternatives but you’re gonna have to go on an adventure of getting out of your comfort zone a bit and be open to trying new things!

Mary Anne Brennan-Ottoline that’s my problem. A big problem. I have a very small menu and don’t try things. My problem but hard.

Michael Chiusano Mary Anne Brennan-Ottoline no one had a smaller menu then me. I had the menu of a 6yr old. If I can do it anyone can

Paulina Buncic Welcome to our Low Carb High healthy Fat food group. As diabetics our body no longer processes carbs correctly. So, We keep our carbs under 50 per day (many keep it under 30). We eat only the foods on this list.

We don’t eat any bread (grains), rice, potatoes (of any color), beans, corn, peas, pasta, fruit, or sugar. We also avoid milk…you can replace it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk or heavy whipping cream (for coffee). We add healthy fats to keep us full between meals. We are glad you are here. Just Ask us if you have questions

Paulina Buncic You must realize you now have a serious disease. The good news it can be controlled with food and meds if needed. You must realize that if you continue to eat carbs it puts you at risk for loss of eye sight, kidney function, your toes and feet, heart problems, etc. You must change your thinking about food and learn that there is a lot of tasty food you can still eat.
My bg was 486 at diagnosis, it even got up to 495. Now it is 87-90 everyday.

Mary Anne Brennan-Ottoline Paulina Buncic I know and it scares me. I’m on Metformin and would love to get off it. You sound like you are doing good,that’s wonderful

Brianne Dentson Mary Anne Mary Anne Brennan-Ottoline I am a picky eater with a sweet tooth as well. But I decided I was in a fight for my life the day I got my diagnosis. I have found alternatives for my sweet tooth in the recipe group. And I’m eating things only from the chart that someone posted above. You can do it. You just have to get out of your own way.

Brianne Dentson Mary Anne Brennan-Ottoline take a look at the recipe page as well. I’m making cheesecake, ice cream & brownies for my sweet tooth.

Lorë Bollengier I used to be addicted to sugar too, but decided it wasn’t worth losing toes or a leg over, so at first I did just meat and cheeses which I also enjoy

Gina Lee The recipe group is great. I made a lot of the desserts from there the first month to help me get over the sugar cravings. I rarely have those cravings anymore since eating from our food list. I do like to make something new once a month. The cheesecake recipe is so yummy in there. It gets better and you will feel better too. Good luck.

Denise Parker Try new things and quit being picky? Lol, kidding, but not kidding. Your taste buds do change. So be adventurous. As an example, I have always hated and I mean hated Dr. Pepper. I would gag if I got my daughters glass by mistake. Last year I picked up what I thought was my drink, nope it was grandson’s Dr. Pepper and I thought hmm that’s pretty good. So I started trying diet Dr Pepper. You just introduce yourself to some new stuff and when you get totally sugar free you will find that some things really taste different to you than they did before. Either way if you want to get your diabetes under control you need to jump in and try. 

Bonnie Poynter Oh I understand… Only the loss of vision in one eye caused me to gain the motivation needed to change my diet. It also helped to have some family support.. but that didn’t occur until eye surgery costing thousands was emanent. Then they finally quit handing me desserts etc.

Bonnie Poynter I have to say to you children thanks I’m so sorry I can’t eat this it will kill me… A bit extreme I know .. sometimes I just take it say thank you and put it down.

I really want to know what’s in the compliant buffalo chicken dip. I love that stuff!

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