I’m 31 125 lbs and 5’8 so this is a little shocking to me! My A1C is 8.4

I was recently diagnosed (former gestation diabetes), I’m 31 125 lbs and 5’8 so this is a little shocking to me! My A1C is 8.4.
I’m in the hospital now and the doctors keep saying “we want to know why you got this” and your not overweight.”

Is diabetes just not happen in thin people or are these people crazy?

Looking for support as I’m super overwhelmed.

Michele Berns Dandurand Read Blood sugar 101. Type 2 diabetes is genetic also.

Kim Brave I was diagnosed at 36 (symptoms at 33). I had gestational with my first son when I was 29 but not my second son when I was 32. I, too, was not overweight. It was my inheritance from my dad!

Mia Hernandez Usually they check your thyroid and some other things but you don’t have to be fat to have diabetes it could be u healthy eating habits… some foods are known to cause diabetes

Leni Alexandra My doctor thought my bloodwork was for a different person. It has a lot of genetics. My mom, dad and aunt are diabetic too.

Adrianne Evans Murray I was thin as a rail when I was diagnosed at age 18. 5’7 1/4” tall, around 118 lbs.

Weight alone is absolutely NOT a reliable indicator for diabetes.

Also, quite a few women who develop gestational diabetes will go on to become full-blown Type II Diabetics after their children are delivered.

Kimberly Harris Massie Adrianne Evans Murray I had gestational 17 years ago. My dietician told me that my chances of it recurring were higher because of that. She said it typically happens about 15 years later. And that is exactly what happened. My son turned 15, and at my doctor appointment later that month, boom.

Adrianne Evans Murray Wow, Kimberly, your dietician was certainly prescient!! My sister had gestational diabetes with her second baby, and not long after—I can’t remember exactly how long it was, but she didn’t make it anywhere NEAR the 15 year mark—she developed full-blown Type II diabetes. So far, she hasn’t required meds, and I’m thankful for that. She turns 50 today and sticks to a tight diet—not quite LCHF but she refuses to eat any “white foods” and usually fills up on lean cuts of meat, salads, and other healthy veggies.

I developed diabetes at age 18. That was a couple years ago. 😉 I managed to keep it in check with diet and exercise until I was in my mid 30s. Then I went to my doctor feeling extremely lethargic, as well as feeling as if my legs were on fire—I couldn’t stand for anything to touch them. I was afraid I had developed fibromyalgia. My doctor didn’t think so—he thought from the start it was related to my diabetes. After we got fasting labs back, my doctor put me on Metformin, and he told me that the odd burning sensations in my legs were caused by excess blood sugar pooling in my leg muscles. I thought I was familiar with all the signs and symptoms of elevated blood sugar, but that was a new one to me. He was right, though…as soon as I got the Metformin established in my system, the painful sensations in my legs subsided!!

Laraba Kendig I was also very thin all my life. Diagnosed during pregnancy at age 34. Stayed diabetic post partum. They did testing to make sure I wasn’t developing slow onset type 1. Nope. I am type 2. Genetics got me as it runs in my maternal line. I am now 15 years into this journey and doing well. My last a1c was 6.1 which was a little high because I got careless with carbs.

Jennifer Coley I’m thin and have type 2. Lantus gives me migraines, fever and horrible body ache. Victoza is awful for me as well. I can go without the Victoza, but my type 2 requires insulin for now anyway. 😕
Edit- I didn’t realize at the time, however three pregnancies caused mine and I had no idea for many years.

Lori Amron Matava It’s from the gestational diabetes … once you get that you are bound for the real deal ! I just got diagnosed too!

Della Doherty Ott Farris I am 130 # size 8 in clothes .& yet was diagnoised 2003 .. Mine is DNA .. From my grandparents, mother , 2 brothers on insulin, one passed from complications, sister prediabetic. Ect .. None obese..

Lesley Craig My dr told me I should expect to be diabetic eventually after I had gestational. Also found out diabetes runs rampant on my dad’s side of the family. I found out a few months ago that I’m now prediabetic. 

Shannon Hennessy Gardner Makes me so so mad the stigma that its about overweight and sedentary lifestyle, while it can be for many its not I had gestational diabetes as well, and yep hit me years later. I am very active. When people say things like that they make it sound like it’s a choice.

Pamela Beard Darrow Shannon Hennessy Gardner agreed!! I get it ALL the time… “ but you’re not fat” or else it’s just assumed you have to be overweight and hiding candy wrappers under the mattress 

Jeffrey Arneson ive never been considered over weight I have type 2. my father had type 2 that’s how Im guessing I ended up with this.

Lindy Fields Most GOOD docters agree that type 2 is caused by a gene that us activated by serious infection did you have ear aches allergies tonsilites ect when you were growing up? My daughter is 5’3′ weighed maybe 100 pds and a size 2 but she had gestational diabetes

Susan Stalker Lindy Fields I was a sick baby who always had ear infections and Tonsilitis. I was Gestational with my second born and diagnosed T2 13 years later.
Thank you for sharing that information about the sickness because I’m the only diabetic and we wondered where it came from. Obviously eating sugar and high carbs but being sick my whole childhood added to it too. Thank you again 

Mary Beth Wolf Hitt When I was diagnosed 10 years ago, at a healthy weight and exercising regularly, I was shocked. My doctor basically said “you can’t out -exercise/out-diet genetics.”

Laurie Brunson DM It’s genetics. I’m thin..mine spiked after a tooth/sinus infection and the steroids they gave me. Went from under bs of 100 to average of 535.

Tanya Hupalo-Dalrymple I was told it was bad luck. It runs in both families and it didn’t matter what I did over my life span if I was going to get it there was nothing I could do to change it.

LaVonne Davis-Schenck Fortunately for me, my MD and four of his five siblings are STICKS and have Type 2. Guess which one isn’t? You’ve got it: the one who carries a few extra pounds. It happens.

Bree Elizabeth I heard the genetic gene remains stagnant in most people until something “activates” it wether its gestational diabetes, diet, surgery/medical steroids, etc. Everyone here has a different story and different viewpoint as to why they got it. But I do believe genetics plays a huge part. I also believe, despite what the dietitian at my waste-of-a-time diabetes ed class said, it can skip a generation. Both of my mom’s parents AND both of her grandparents had diabetes, she doesn’t but I do. It also runs on my dad’s side but he does not have it either.

Mary Robinson My mother was 4’11” and 107 pounds would walk at least 3 miles per day and she was a diabetic. It is genetic.

Kathie Scott Learned something here today. Didn’t know it was more from your father’s side, but that is the case for me. Didn’t know a health issue activates it.

Can’t identify mine. Last surgery was at least 5 years prior, maybe more. Had bronchitis every year, but it was getting progressively worse. My dad developed his after surviving his first round of cancer.

I learn so much in this group.

I am still overweight, in my 40s and was more than 100 lbs overweight when diagnosed. (My psychiatrist thinks the weight gain was because of the antidepressants I was taking).

But my regular doc reminds me it’s genetic and though my weight might have made it happen sooner, eventually I would have been diabetic.

Bree Elizabeth Kathie Scott that is my case too. I woul have ended up diabetic later on in life anyway because of genetics but my poor diet made it a problem sooner than later

Nina Neher I had it with both pregnancies and my father and mother have it. My father has never been “overweight”.

Ashley Wallace Cynthia Flowers I’ve heard of this also. Not sure what I have yet. They think type 2 for a minute then not sure because of my size.

Robyn Burnell Type 2 can run in your family. Also if your mom had gestational diabetes you are more likely to get t2 early.

Lance Johnson I just got diagnosed Thursday my dr told me that yes I need to lose weight being I’m 6′ 244lbs but also told me that even with the weight loss where it could possibly help that weight dosnt always have anything to do with it

Elizabeth DeLouise I had GD and am now diabetic. It runs on both sides of my family.

Rena Baum White I had gestational diabetes with my 3rd child. A few years later was diagnosed with type 2. My mom was actually diagnosed with T2 after I was.

Sibel Yalcin sometime to much stress , virus can spike your blood sugar I have cut down on bread to much bread makes me close to 20

Catriona Boyle I was told at 28, that it was inevitable that I would develop it since it runs in the family. I held it off for a couple of decades and was diagnosed this past June.

Laura Tolbert I have PCOS and developed insulin resistance around the age of 26. I started gaining weight couldn’t loose it no matter what I tried. Finally got pregnant with my daughter at 36 and was officially diagnosed. I was already on Metformin (for the PCOS) and they said it masked my diabetes. Had an aunt who was type II as well.

Mary Sue Harper I have pcos and it caused me to gain weight. I couldn’t lose it to save my life. I had a hysterectomy in 2016. No one prescribed metformin until I was diagnosed t2 almost 3 months ago. My doctor said my t2 was caused from pcos.

Beth Martin I was not diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I had my 10.10 lb, 9.3 lb and 10.3 lb babies in the 1980s. I’ve been rail thin my whole life & consistently work out. A diabetic educator I spoke with last week said I probably had gestational diabetes as the guidelines were revised in the 1990s. I was weirdly glad to hear that because it helped explain a bit what was happening.

Are you still on it? Does gestational diabetes change your systems so that even if it goes away after birth, it will eventually come back? I feel so ignorant about the mechanics os this disease. I’m pre-diabetic, 5.7 A1C, 117 fasting glucose and having to navigate this on my own as Medicare doesn’t pay for classes. I can’t find any local classes, the YMCAs near me don’t offer then. So please forgive any ignorant questions!

Lisa Wood Just remind me not to see your doctor anybody can develop diabetes i work with a man that is thin lucky if hes 120 hos diabetes is out of control taking 5 shots aday

Lori Beesley I was very thin when diagnosed. In fact I could not gain weight. They told me lots of thin people are diabetic. I gained too much weight after I started insulin.

Sara Brison I was diagnosed a year ago, and I eat relatively healthy, it wasn’t a shock to me because basically everyone on my dad’s side of the family has type 2, so yes it is hereditary, it doesn’t just happen to overweight people, just be careful with your carbs, being thin you probably do, I still struggle everyday, it is a life changer

Beka Reardon Actress Berry was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 22, after she became ill and slipped into a weeklong coma. In 2007, however, Berry announced that she’d weaned herself off insulin. Doctors say that Berry likely had type 2 diabetes all along, because there is no way to avoid insulin if you have type 1.Oct 19, 2017


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