I posted 3 days ago about my morning numbers going up all of a sudden

I posted 3 days ago about my morning numbers going up all of a sudden. You all gave me good advice . I was hoping it was a one day thing but this is day three and they are going up more every day. I’m so discouraged . I’m hoping it is hormone related . I am in PMS right now. Either that or maybe stress. At. Even a terrible few weeks personally . Just venting

Matthew Sheehan I ain’t a girl but I do know from people that PMS does raise BS theirs a lot more factors for females that could raise their BS

Amber Kendrick Aww I’m sorry you are struggling Laura. Glad we have this space to vent and to get advice and support.

Crossing my fingers for you that it’s just the PMS and it will go away SOON… sending good vibes your way.

Letitia Meissner I’m having a hard week also. Went on vacation last week and was very complient. The worst I did was eat a bun less burger with ketchup at a restaurant and I know it was regular not low sugar but everything else was spot on. I’m not a vacation type of person, don’t like sleeping in strange beds but it was overall great. Walked a lot. Eating was good, no stress, lots of walking but came back and had readings over 200. Back on schedule, controlled eating and sleep but numbers have ranged between 65 and 225. There is no reason for it and as I have been home 6 days now, I expected to get back to consistent numbers. I can’t even blame hormones for my problem. I’m trying to focus on life long goals so staying positive. Numbers will get back on tract for both of us!

Laura Robitaille Letitia Meissner Im so sorry. We’re so hard on ourselves . For me I feel like I’m failing myself when this happens . Old insecurities come up. Have to soldier in and hope it gets better. Sending you positive thoughts

Putta Budda send me what your eating… i can probably show you why. I learned the hard way.

Laura Robitaille Putta Budda wow thank you ok here goes:
BREAKFAST: coffee with HWC, no sweetener. This is at 7am after fasting for 12 hours
9am : 1 scrambled egg cooked in bacon fat and 2 slices of bacon
No snacks
LUNCH (yesterday):
1/4 cup chopped raw broccoli
One Keto bagel with butter (4 g carb)
1 hard boiled egg
1/4 avocado, water
No snacks
DINNER: 6pm 1 slice of pepperoni fathead pizza with some olives on it.
1/2 a sliced cucumber from garden
I had one tablespoon of all natural peanut butter for “desert”
That’s all yesterday

Putta Budda Laura Robitaille the bagel and the fat head pizza crust. try cutting that out for 2 weeks. even thoo its net carbs it can still effect you. it did me i can only eat it sometimes. it took me 2 weeks to get from 344 to 287 then it just kept dropping. Im just sensitive to sugar so even “keto” items raise my levels. i hope this helps. just give it a try and see what happens

Laura Robitaille Putta Budda ok it’s definitely worth a try . Thank you so much for your help. The bagel I have quite often the pizza only once a week tops . I think I will cut them both out for the next week or so and see

Kathleen Axtman Fortner Laura Robitaille What ingredients are in the Keto bagel? It is entirely possible that if there are grains in it, you have progressed to a point in this disease that the grains that didn’t previously impact your BS do now.

Karen Belak I have read on here that PMS does effect our bs.

Laura Robitaille So that’s interesting .i went back 4 weeks(my period is very regular every 28 days) and this time last month my numbers were spiked . They dropped down the day I actually got period. The good news here is: 1- I think this is pms related ; and 2- even though I’m spiking this week it’s still lower then last months spikes so overall I am on the right track. I will now try and be aware that during his point in the month I should lower carbs even more then normal to try and counteract it.

Gina Lee The pizza raises me a little for some reason but not much. I try to eat protein for dinner. My Dr. Suggested eating a meat roll up 4hrs. Before bed and that actually brought me down from 137’s to 120. Now after 4 mos with this way of eating generally 100-105 in the a.m.

Annette Warner You are stressing yourself out. You seem to live and breathe on this page and need to go live.

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