I lost 50 pounds since April just by following a way of eating

Completely disgusted. part of yesterday’s farm meetings included a tour of a brand new water treatment plant, because water is such an important resource for farming and ranching (ranching is the term used for keeping cattle.). Here we see a photo of the sewage being treated through aeration (and no, it doesn’t stink as much as you think it might – that’s why I could tolerate being up this close to it).

While there, I entered into a discussion with four ladies. one of them was saying how she lost 20 pounds since January using some kind of pill that her doctor recommended, for blood sugar control. It’s not Metformin or anything; it is not prescription and you can buy it on eBay. she went on to say that her blood sugar would be in the 300s and then down to the 50s. she then went on to say that this pill regulated her sugars, and that you could eat anything on it. she said that she still eats anything she wants, including a Dr. Pepper and a cupcake for breakfast. I asked her what about all the damage that’s being done to your pancreas in the meantime? She shrugged her shoulders and said that her pill just “takes care of it.” Seriously??????

I went on to explain that I lost 50 pounds since April just by following a way of eating that restricts certain foods but not others, and that I can have bacon and whipped cream so it’s all good!

But guess who got the attention??? The other three ladies zoomed in on this one who was on this weird pill oh, and I got almost no attention. They were very interested to know the name of the pill, how they could get it, what her experience has been, etc etc. It was sickening. I think they loved the idea of being able to eat whatever the heck you wanted. Maybe the lchf plan seems like too much work for them? I’ll never understand it, is this way of eating doesn’t cost anything because you don’t have to buy any pills or books or anything. This page has made it so simple to adopt the lchf woe. Why is that so undesirable for people??

Kings Mera Mera Claudita Lazy people always look for the “Easy Fix”, that in the long run isn’t. So sad.

Yvonne File My dad is the same way. Eats whatever he wants cuz his pills will fix it.

Laura Robitaille JoelDawn Suderman I work at a water and wastewater treatment plant so I speak your language! We have three aeration pits and it’s so fascinating . Most people don’t realize what happens to poop after the toilet is flushed but it’s pretty cool to see the whole process. Our plant receives the poop and by the time the process is complete through aeration and the clarifies and then treated it goes back jnto the bay crystal clear.

Dawn Agrait Weate It’s easier to take a pill than to commit to a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Barb Tait I know a guy who is overweight, drinks a lot, has been in a diabetic coma many times and shrugs his shoulders at change. “If I want a beer I will drnk it and take a needle if I need it!” There is no reasoning with those with closed minds.

Nancy Krueger Gonzalez Pills from ebay… What could go wrong??? Mainstream medical doctors would rather you take their prescription pills than use a natural means to control disease. They really know next to nothing about nutrition. I have had doctors offer me diet pills, Slim Fast and even surgery for weight loss and not even address the disease that caused the weight gain to begin with. Ads for pills are all over TV, the Internet and in our print magazines. We are conditioned from little kids to accept that it’s natural and good to take a pill for whatever ails you.

Kelly R. Collins The best we can do is lead by example. When people notice your weight loss, extra energy, clearer complexion, higher self esteem they will ask how you did it. That’s when I explain the LCHF way of eating. I work in the medical massage industry so my clients see my changes and their curiosity gets them to ask questions. I tell them I eat to live, not live to eat

Charlie Patterson People are always looking for that miracle pills to just fix everything while they never have to make any changes, Life is all about changes and those of us that are serious about our health and living know this first hand, I have done better with thisgroup then I ever have with any other “diet” plan, Only the people who work this system and the Good Lord knows how hard it is to stay focused, I have come to realize that dedication and hard work pays off and the miracle pills come and go with the sun

Charlie Patterson JoelDawn Suderman people just dont take this disease seriously, Please don’t get me wrong, I make plenty of mistakes and my bs is sometimes all over the chart from my mistakes, but the more I read the more I realize the mistakes I make and have been making for years, I once thought that the pills would fix everything, it has been a very hard lesson for me

Barb Tait There is an add on TV for a diabetic medicine…maybe Trulicity…where the woman says she has her diabetes under control and then grabs an apple from a bowl. I sat here thinking…I don’t think so Honey.

Kay Lynn Blythe Barb Tait that’s why everyone needs to read read read . When I was in the hospital one of the many times this year LOL I was served apple juice at one of my meals, so I was under the impression we can have apples . I’m still learning . I’m finding out now we’re to find the stuff up on the menu or top of the page before I could not find them . I’m glad the admin took the time to explain it to me , anyway I know I have to stay reading everyday .

Adam Mendoza My cousin is the same way doesn’t want to listen to me about woe. Had to go to the hospital cause he’s losing his eye sight but still goes to eat at the Chinese buffet. Says all he needs is eye injections idk

Melissa Bragg My mother is nearly completely blind due to diabetes, her neuropathy in her feet is so bad she can barely walk, and she takes some herbal supplement she buys on amazon instead of going to the dr and getting her metformin and insulin……. and she tells me I’m too strict with my diet.

Nancyl Wilcocks We don’t like people telling us what we can and cannot do. We have comfort habits and don’t want to give them up. That is why so many here, even, have days when we are angry about making changes. It sucks. Everyone prefers a pill to make us better.

Gretchen Brightman Palmer I’m so sorry that this happened to you. Know in your heart that you are doing it the right and long lasting way. I have a friend who has a 25 year old son who was diagnosed as T1 two years ago. His A1C is still 11 and his numbers run 300-400. I sent him our food list and some recipes to see if his wife (who is pre-diabetic) would maybe cook with him to teach him how to help get his/their numbers down and prevent serious medical issues. He wants a Dexcon and is angry because they said they need to see some lifestyle changes before they prescribe one. He flat out REFUSED to even suggest this woe to them. His comment was that his son was too old to be told what to do or how to eat and his wife doesn’t like to cook so they eat out, plus they refuse to deny themselves anything. I ended the convo with “well, in five years you’ll wish you had maybe tried this, good luck.” People just want the easy way out.

Sue Jones Was the pill Berberine? Apparently it’s like Metformin but sold over the counter because it’s natural. I’ll bet her BS is still way out of control even if she’s taking that. Plus all it and other meds do is hide the BS and instead put it into organs. She still needs to get the excess sugar out of her system.

Lindsey Balderston Doing LCHF woe absolutely *requires* you to take personal responsibility and face your addiction, poor self treatment, and commit to showing yourself love by action and not cheap words. It is for the brave who truly love themselves.

Kathleen Carson-Asher So happy about the water treatment plant! So much better than open sewage ponds

Susan Kuhn Robinson I know, people think that all they have to do is “take a pill” and it’s all fixed. But one day we will be reading about what that pill does to ruin the bodies of those who use it and depend on it. This woe doesn’t hurt our bodies, and you don’t have to be diabetic to follow this way either, everyone can follow it and will be healthier for it too. That’s not to say that everyone will be able to get off the meds, but this woe will help the meds do their job.
I know I followed a closer form of this woe when I wasn’t diagnosed as type 2, just to help my husband with his diet. (He is type 2 also. And has trouble following a diet, so my thoughts years ago was that if he didn’t have to do it alone, it would be easier for him. Ha! I fight with him all the time about it. But I had a headstart in following it before I was diagnosed.) I will always be on meds because of other health issues that caused it, but this woe has really helped me to bring it all under control for the most part.

Diane Julia I thought I’d never be able to give up my family block a day chocolate habit. I would eat chocolate for breakfast just to give my body energy and then I’d sleep because I have no energy, (i now know high blood sugar) and so the cycle continued. As soon as I realised my body isn’t processing glucose and I’m not getting the energy I need from sugar, I was able to change my way of thinking and break the cycle. 30 min – an hour of walking a day even if u don’t feel like it has made the difference in stabilising my blood sugar as well as a diet overhaul. Breaking that cycle only took one day of not turning to chocolate and anything sweet. People are afraid to change they look for that magic pill so they don’t have to break bad habits.

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