I just started taking metformin yesterday and i feel so crappy

I just started taking metformin yesterday and i feel so crappy

Jenny Helm Are you taking it with food. What dose are you on. I broke mine into 3 doses and take each dose with food. That helped tremendously

Helena Doyle-Aumenta The first few days are icky, especially with the sugar withdrawal. I felt like dirt for the 4 days and then day 5 I was fine. I’ve been on it for 7 weeks now and I’ve lost over 20 lbs, a1c is down from 8.6 to 6.4, triglycerides down 200 pts, blood pressure to normal. It’s totally worth it, just give it a chance.

Matt Carpenter I took metformin and it just made me miserable. I am allergic to it. Doctor put me on glimepiride had no problems with it.

Rosemary Ford After a week of not being able to leave my house my Dr took me off it & I started pills..No more problems,

Charlie Perry It killed me the first few days. Once all the sugar and carbs are out of you the problems should get better.

Linda Willis I’m so glad to hear that1 I’ve been on it for 2 days, and I’m miserable. Also, when I do try to eat, it makes my stomach feel awful, like I’ve swallowed a pumpkin or something.

Charlie Perry Linda Willis with me it took about 4-5 days and I started feeling like it was okay to leave home again.

Dylan Doxey My Dr prescribed Metformin for me. I never took it. I just did LCHF, and as of a few days ago my A1C is 4.9.

Maybe that’s not the right approach for everyone. But I am very skeptical about meddling around with my metabolism using some primitive pharmaceuticals.

Mary Beth Wolf Hitt Dylan Doxey I certainly understand and agree with people’s reluctance to take medication and not work instead to improve their eating, but Metformin is hardly a “primitive pharmaceutical.” It is one of the oldest and safest medications for Type 2 diabetes. It is also relatively inexpensive , since it’s generic. For many people, it’s very helpful. Many of the initial gastro side effects go away as people get used to it.

Armond Murchison I started out taking one 500#, but it gives me bubble guts, so I stopped. My A1C went back to 7.0, so I started taking 1000# once a day. Then I had diarrhea and was light-headed. So I’ve taken myself off of metformin again.

Alberto Gulino Crappy is the word is the motion… it gets better for most people been on it for 7 months

Pamela Brodsky I’ve been on it for 26 years with no problem. It helps if you take it with food. It will get better.

Annette Sanabria-Archilla I take it twice a day, 500mg. First days yeah I went to 🚽 in one day 6 times but it wasn’t a big deal for me because Prior to my diagnosis I was taking a biocleanse and probio and it was the same 💩😂. So then after taking 2 pills in 2 days of iron i got constipated. Now at least once a week I get the urge but as I say it is not bad and it is an easy clean 😂😂😂tmi. Eat breakfast, lunch or meal and after eating take it. I take it with half my meals. Then finish eating.

Stephanie Armstrong Diagnosed last week with diabetes. Took my first metformin today with scrambled eggs. Then chickfila for lunch. Had to come home and been in the bathroom since. Is this normal and can I take imodium or something for the diarrhea?

Anita Doczy It is normal to feel crappy while starting Metformin. Give it a week to 10 days and see if you feel better. Then, I would find another doctor if your doctor doesn’t do something about it.

Tyler Dove I switched from regular Metformin to their extended release version, it worked much better for me and was less harsh on my stomach. If your not using the extended release one, ask your dr about it. Might be a viable option to look into.

Sandie Lynn Metformin can work like a carb blocker and if you eat to many carbs or a high sugar food it will give you GI issues to “flush” the carbs. Keep your daily carbs under 50 per day, many do better keeping them under 30 per day, especially when taking metformin . Give it some time to work and keep your carbs low. EAt strictly from the LCHF food list, Natural Oil/Fat list, and compliant sweetener list. Eliminate inflammatory man made oils . The LCHF food list is pinned to the top of this page and the other list and more are found in the File Folder to this group. NO grains, breads, beans, pasta, rice, potatoes, milk, fruit, carrots, corn, peas, wheat, oats of any type.

Becky Atkinson Try eating before you take it and keep your carb intake low. If you eat according to this groups plan you’ll have a much easier time. If you eat too many carbs on Metformin it can cause gastric upset.

Shelley Honey Hawkins It took 2 weeks to get adjusted and I tell you what. My stomach has never been so
Empy. I miss the feeling now

Stephanie Ann Wilton I was taking that and I told my doctor about how it made my whole body swelling so I told him I am taking it of my medication plan. I have been wonderful since that day

Lisa Childs There is a ‘slow release ‘ metformin and is much kinder on the stomach.. I’m sure I asked the question ‘why wasn’t I perscribed that in the first place?’ and I’m sure the answer was ‘because they are too expensive!’ Mind you I’m talking 20 years ago now so I might be wrong but it’s obviously a better insulin so why not offer firstly? Speak to your GP and I’m sure they will change it for you x

Nik Anthony Gulizo III It will get better. I take mine with a low carb low sugar yogurt from Kroger called Carb Masters or Good Culture cottage cheese. It’s the only way I was able to stop the stomach pain.

Edward S Gordon Taking metformin 1000mg twice a day for 10 years with no side effects except when my calorie intake is too low, my blood glucose of course would go too low. Not a problem on LCHF even with 16:8 fasting

Pin Afj Nope it’s not normal. My fiancé feet began to hurt then they were looking bad. Red swollen. Stopped taking it and better. Mood was HORRIBLE. Depression. Please. Doctor didn’t care. Eat Keto

Edward S Gordon Don’t need smart water nor pickle juice. Eat Keto. View Dr Ken Berry and Dr Fung videos. My diabetes is reversing after ONE WEEK

Laura Andrews I would find out if you can take the slow release. Imodium is your friend just don’t over do it. I would not recommend stop or skipping a day, it’s like starting all over. The slow release helped me a lot. I also took it at dinner time which helped me, but I take 1 a day.

Jeanne A Wonning Eat ask for metformin extended release and. Eat low carb no sugars and grains or unprocessed foods. Metformin also

protects against cancer

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