I haven’t been counting carbs like I used to

Ok, I’ve been slacking. I haven’t been counting carbs like I used to. And it shows. In 1 year, I gained 30 pounds, A1C went from 7.2 to 10.2, and I just am down in the dumps. My doctor is trying a different insulin, I have been taking my medication….. So that’s different. I need to stop being lazy, I need to stop eating like a pig!! So, my fellow diabuddies….. Help me please! I need motivation, share your success stories, share your recipes, share what motivates you! I’m putting this in other groups too, I need all the help I can get!!!!!!!

Cenah Skerritt Just remember that insulin makes you hungry so the more you take it the more hungry

Dawn Capponi What motivates me is I want to live I watched my husband die from this disease I’m not going to let my children watch another one of their parents die from it so I follow all the rules

Golda Hagen Im. T2 but my son in law who. I loved like. A son we watched him not take care of himself and we lost him at 32 years old 2 years ago he left. A wife. A step daughter who loved him and. A 7 year old son who. Loved his. Daddy and hasn’t. Been the same since please get back on track before it’s. To late

Wendy Anderson Dittman You need to put YOUR story in writing. What do you want to accomplish? Write it down. Set your SMART goals. Something that helps me is to eat my protein and veggies first. Carbs last. I definitely watch my carb intake. I exercise 1/2 hour 5 days a week.

Jan Caruso Berlin I can’t say why I’m doing it again but I am. Two years ago I lost 50 pounds and my sugars were great. I ate right and exercised. Then I went to hell in a hand basket. Gained all the weight back and my a1c went to 9.2. I’m using my fitness pal app to log my food and carbs. I test 4 times a day and take my meds. I have stenosis in my lumbar spine and they won’t do surgery because of my weight and sugar not being in control. Just so you know you aren’t alone. This is a maddening disease but we just need to grab it by the balls and put it in its place. Sorry so long. Good luck to you. Hope it all works out.

Sharon Gerber Eliminating gluten has really helped control my blood sugar.

Katrena Keys Same
I have been working on getting back into the swing of being more strict and being more active. Even just 5 minutes everyday (which feels almost useless, but I keep telling myself, I sit at a desk now. I’m not doing physical work, so 5 minutes is still better than 0 minutes)

Kimbra Wilder Gish Tip: check out Marlene Koch’s Eat What You Love series of cookbooks. A dietitian and diabetes educator, her recipes reduce (but do not eliminate) sugar, carbs, fat, salt, and calories. But they still taste great. Have only tried one of hers I wouldn’t make again. Not every recipe will be right for everyone, but lots of great ideas there, and pretty good on BG unless you’re operating by very stringent standards indeed. 

Leigh Rollins Type 1 37 years here; my goal is to live well and be my healthiest until I die. I want to have all my body parts intact when I go. Frequent and long-term illnesses are a scary thought to me.

Monna Lainson What motivated me was the discovery that I didn’t just have diabetes, my kidneys were failing because I wasn’t taking care of that diabetes. I had no clues that was happening! I still dont know if I made changes in time, and won’t know for a while. But I KNEW I was walking the ragged edge of disaster with snacking all day and eating huge meals. Trust me, it will catch up with you.

Alberto Jalalon Get in touch with a fellow member near your place. Start a walking regimen with him or her. Then be more active like sports swimming etc. You have fallen off the wagon. Dust yourself off and get on the wagon again. You are not alone

Judy Baker Some of us are prone to lethargy and depression. Big goals are too scary. Small goals to start. I have a friend who is on strict Keto for a health problem. She cannot eat carbs, sugar and other things. I’ve been thinking what would Elizabeth eat and then doing that. I’m not 100% but it helps.

Donna Campen Denson I watched my Mom pass last year from complications caused by diabetes. It motivated me to find a way to get control. It also showed me how cruel this disease is and how people suffer. I found a plan that took my A1C from 10.2 to 5.5 and a loss of 50+ pounds. I was inspired to help other diabetics also get control. So my passion for diabetics is why I am telling you this. Control isn’t easy but it is possible. Stop thinking about how bad you are doing and look for what you have to be grateful for! It will change your outlook. I am The Dynamic Diabetic, living and Thriving with Diabetes. YOU CAN TOO!!

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood What motivated me at the beginning, was remembering the toll diabetes had taken on my uncle. Hooked up nightly to a home dialysis machine waiting for a second kidney/pancreas transplant. One he didn’t live to see. Also remembering my grandmother’s last days. She too suffered diabetic complications. High blood glucose contributed to high cholesterol, blockages, and a stroke. Due to these issues they couldn’t treat her cancer. I also remember her fear of going to bed. Sleeping created great fear in her. Too many serious night time lows.

Yeah, that kept me moving. And now, I am down 100+lbs. I am healthier than I have been since my teen years. Possibly even fitter than I was then. I have absolutely no desire to go back to who I was then. I lost my old self in the gym. Found someone new. I like that someone new. I have no intention of discovering the old me in my dinner plate.

Pam Dale I felt like i could never be a perfect diabetic so I hardly tried. Found an incredible doctor that only asked me to do one small change at each 3 month visit. Much easier in small increments. Examples: take insulin every single time you eat anything. Take insulin 15-20 mins before you eat. Keep raw veggies cleaned in refrigerator to munch on. Walk 10 mins 3x a week. Master one thing then move to the next.

Lynn Quinn My glucose shoots up under stress, which I have had a lot of lately, plus a 3 day car trip. I was so fed up with my numbers each day that I bought a bunch of Atkins frozen dinners to eat while I am visiting at my relative’s house. They taste pretty good and my numbers are down to regular range today. I can cook lean in my own home, but this is a nice solution when I am away from home.

Nadya Depasquale I have no will power and search the kitchen for something to nibble like a drug addict searching for a fix. So the only solution that works for me is not to but any goodies.

Tammy Engel Haggard When my nephew was diagnosed at 19 with T1D, that reminded me that I needed to set a good example in order to help him. I was diagnosed with T1D at 22, but 26 years earlier. I downloaded My Fitness Pal app and started logging everything I ate. Now, I have logged into the app 475 days in a row and have lost 30+ pounds. And I have done it while not feeling like I am dieting but it helps me make better decisions about my food and exercise. Good luck!

Sandra Fingerut Picked up this portion plate at Kaiser Health Education Services. Really helps. I usually don’t fill the fruit portion of the plate, but do get cottage cheese with pineapple, blueberries, or strawberries.

Lisa Byrd I’m a new LADA type 1. 16 months in the making. It’s hard. I go through 6 week phase it seems lol. I work hard to eating 5 to 6 times a day about 15 to 30 carbs each meal. I’m not hungry most days. I still eat everything I want just smaller…way smaller amounts. I exercise daily. Mostly walking the dogs and listening to music or talking to God. Praying is keeping g my mental game in check. Really it’s a balance. It’s not easy. And it takes good support. My motivation to not stop trying is my family. I need to be on this earth to support them and love them.

Barb Bonney I’ll tell you what has motivated me is watching Dr. Jason Fung on YouTube and his books! I did the same as you, I gained like 16 pounds when I weighed the beginning of June, I was shocked! So I started with Dr. Fung and I have lost it all plus some and my blood sugars are much better.

Pamela L. Williams I ignored my health in the summer of 2018 not realizing how bad my diabetes actually was. I ended up in the hospital with DKA. It has been a long road. I went off metformin, which upset my digestive system, and now only take insulin. I ate like a spoiled toddler when I first came home. I have learned to count carbs, have a sliding scale for my insulin and a Freestyle Libre. I had a bad day yesterday but, I am recommitting to the plate method, eating more vegetables and trying to keep my carbs under 30. If you need an accountablity partner let me know, I could use one.

Ted Lancaster I’m motivated when I walk not so much when I workout. I do want to try Pilates looks interesting.
I test every 2 hours since my numbers have been up now they are better if I stay on top of my eating and lower stress. I have a 670g pump but the supplies are too expensive so I use the pen and metformin. Good luck. It’s a struggle everyday for me.

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