I am so excited to finally be able to tell you all that I have lost 50 lb

I am so excited to finally be able to tell you all that I have lost 50 lb since April 5th of this year! We are working farmers, and part of what we raise is poultry. I decided to celebrate the occasion by carrying around a 50 lb bag of chicken feed for as long as I possibly could, to see how it felt to carry around all that extra weight again.

WOW!! Let me tell you, I immediately felt sluggish and slow. I felt like it was going to take a lot of effort for me to walk anywhere at all. I wanted to see how long I would feel comfortable carrying this weight as I went about my daily activities.

I was so relieved to be rid of that bag, finally. Then I thought about how much weight I still need to lose. If I could lose 40 more pounds, that would be great. So, it’s almost like I’m carrying around another 50 lb sack of chicken feed. I feel so much better now having lost 50 lb, but how much better am I going to feel with another 40 lbs off? I can only imagine it’s going to be amazing!

The particulars: I was diagnosed with an A1C of 7.8. Three weeks ago, at my 3 month checkup, it was 6.4. Triglycerides went from 337 to 203. Total cholesterol went from 178 to 130 (I am on a statin). All of this following the LCHF WOE! Thank God for this page and the people who run it. This page is lifechanging and lifesaving!

Kelly R. Collins So excited for you

John Barlowe I know what you mean. I lost 60 lbs and that equates to about two 8x8x16 hollow core concrete blocks. I tried carrying those around and was wore down in a couple dozen yards. No wonder I have so much more energy.
Keep up the good job. LCHF for a better life.

Joan Ray Haig Dawn. Wonderful news! I just finished 22 and want to lose 50 total. U are my hero! Can u give us some tips? Go to bfast? Fav lunch? Quick dinner for tired nights?

JoelDawn Suderman Joan Ray Haig I do best when I eat two meals a day. One around 10 or 11, and another one around three or four. Go to breakfast is a boiled egg, two ounces of block cheese, and 1/3 bell pepper. Preferably green because it is less sweet.

JoelDawn Suderman Quick dinner is a salad with compliant ingredients especially meat. Or a hamburger patty with some type of fresh vegetable.

JoelDawn Suderman Eat lots of leafy greens. Favorite snack is cucumber spears. Love mixing lightly steamed broccoli, bacon, compliant mayo, parmesan cheese, touch of cayenne pepper, and some red onion together. Can be eaten cold or warm. I like Gatorade lemon lime zero in the afternoon on the evening because that’s when I tend to crave sweets. Also, it will replenish electrolytes.

Russell Rangel This is awesome. I’m down 50 myself. This woe is the only thing that has worked for me. Anyone that’s reading please don’t give up. Be patient.

LaVonne Davis-Schenck Every time I buy dog food, I remind myself that this is what I lost, and how determined I am that it doesn’t come back. Now for the next bag of dog food.

Jannie Stickney You are inspirational!! And that is a great way to remember, remind yourself to stay strong and stick with the WOE!! 

Ashley Hetzel That’s an amazing way to look at weight loss!!! Since November when I found out I was diabetic my A1C was a 6.5 I have since gotten it down to a 6.0 and have lost 75 pounds.

Marcia Josker I lost 14# in 6mons and gained 3# back. I need to lose between 35-40# I walk 30- 45 min per day 5-6 days a week. Cut meal portions down and have one fruit inbetween meals. How did you lose 50#

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