I am on insulin daily

I am on insulin daily as metforim did not help at all. Anyone in the same situation?

Beckara Mosley Metformin doesn’t directly lower your blood sugar like insulin does. With Metformin you must be strict cutting out starchy carbohydrates. It’s best to do the same with insulin also

Christina Brown-Groves I do both.. metformin, short and long acting insulin.

Jenna Billos I do short term insulin 3x a day before meals and a long acting insulin before bed.

Antonett Solis I take slow acting insulin 3x a day before meals.

Corky Derksen I take insulin once a day. I was having extreme reactions to metformin.

Carol Van Duren Yes. I got very sick on Metformin..with my IBS a lot of meds hurt my stomach badly. So I opted for Insulin. Its been great. I only take 11 units at bedtime no side effects.

Denise Parker Yes. I was on Tresiba once a day when I started this group, 3rd week I came off of it.

Veronica Raz Yes, same situation, but insulin was added to Metformin.

Tracy Carlin I couldn’t take metformin and was started on insulin (Lantus). After starting keto I was off of insulin within a month and had lowered my A1c by 3 points. So excited to find out what my next number is in September. If you start keto be sure to consult your doctor as combining keto with some meds and insulin can cause hypoglycemia. It is a process of lowing medication as you lower your carb intake. Wishing you all the best!

Justin Michaud I was also on metformin for about 5 weeks, insomina was the lower for me; also didn’t lower my glucose. Currently on lantus nightly, working on finding the right dose

Steve Hanson I was till I lost 105 pounds.

Paulina Buncic Metformin helps lower blood glucose levels by improving the way the body handles insulin — namely, by preventing the liver from making excess glucose and by making muscle and fat cells more sensitive to available insulin.
Metformin not only lowers blood glucose levels, which in the long term reduces the risk of diabetic complications, but it also lowers blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and does not cause weight gain the way insulin and some other oral blood-glucose-lowering drugs do.

Zachary Bane I’m on an insulin pump with trjenta and lisinapril

Gail Sincavage Caffrey I may be doing the same thing very soon. My daughter is getting married on Saturday and I didn’t want to try a thing new until after the wedding.

Jeanne Kleinschmidt Stir it well and keep in the fridge— it will be a hard to spread so scoop the amount you want but bring to room temp. Keeping it in the fridge stops it from separating again.

Jennifer Childre Starkey The plain peanuts and salt peanut butter is the best way to go. Yes, you keep the oil and stir it all up. I always try to remember to flip my jar each day upside down and then right side up. It just kind of keeps it mixed, no need to refrigerate as it will not go bad till the expiration date. It really is good and of course, you can mix any compliant sweetener to it whenever you like.

Tippi Sladaritz My issue w it is how thick and hard it is. Other brand must put something in it to thin and smooth.


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