How I Helped My Friend Cure the Hypertension

My friend has cured her high blood pressure…in about 2 months in fact. I have recalled reading many posts although it takes some determination to read through the thousands of posts on this site.

Back to my friend, and myself for that matter. My friend was about 30 pounds overweight and not taking very good care of herself. Her husband was also about 50lbs overweight. I flew out to visit them and help them get in shape. They were feeling pretty low and desperate, and having some serious marital problems as well.

My friend’s doctor told her that she needed to lose 20lbs, stay away from processed foods, cut out salt, and exercise regularly or she would soon be on high blood pressure meds.
She stopped going to the doctor because she couldn’t manage to change anything. Her blood pressure averaged 150 over 120/130..somtimes higher.

Well, they were really ready to change something when I arrived and jumped right into doing the Blood Type Diet .
I stayed for 3 weeks, and during that time they bought a juicer, bought a few herbal supplements that I suggested and ate NO processed foods. My friend’s blood pressure dropped a bit while I was there, and then about a month after I left she called to tell me that she had lost 12 lbs, her husband had lost 20lbs and they were feeling so much better, and her blood pressure had dropped some more. Her husband boxed up almost all the food in the cupboards and gave it away. They realized by reading all the labels that they were eating poison.

It is only 3 months later and she has lost about 20lbs, her husband has lost over 30lbs, they have already done a 5 day juice fast, and are finding the money to buy organic. Best of all her blood pressure has stabilised around 115 over 70! She is fitting in a size 8 and they are just thrilled and full of energy. I should add that they threw away the table salt and bought Lima French ATlantic Sea Salt , and drink plenty of water daily, along with daily juicing…with a wheatgrass juicer on the way!

I am sure that it is the combination of all the changes they made. I just love chatting with them as they are the only members of my friends who don’t think I’m full of it or on some silly fad. They have just finished their first Bowel Cleanse using this method, and my brother-in-law’s chiropractor said he had suddenly made so much progress with his alignment and to keep doing whatever it was he was doing! He says he feels alive again.

I also had elevated blood pressure about 2 years ago when I went to the doctor about a pain I had under my right rib cage…I now know that it was my liver/gallbladder. The nurse dismissed it and told me that my blood pressure was a high…she was such a cold and unhelpful fish that I just paid my money for nothing and left. My blood pressure was 118 over 75 the last time I checked and I’m feeling soooo much better.

It takes time to write posts so try to have a little patience before assuming this stuff is a hoax. Sometimes people are just busy or don’t check the particular video

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