How do you all deal with testing when out in public

How do you all deal with testing when out in public? I don’t want to go to the bathroom because I feel it’s so germy 😝 and I feel strange doing it around other people also. I know some people are squeamish around blood for various reasons. I also dread any kind of confrontations EVER, so I’m wondering what you all do.

Wilma Perkey Keep alcohol wipes with your meter. Set your Lancet up before you leave your house. If you are discrete most people would not even realize that you are testing.

Missi Barber I’ll set up my purse as a barrier in between my squeamish friend or set it on my lap, but other than that, I don’t censor myself for the public.

Sherry Knue I discreetly do it, and either take my bio trash home and throw out, or throw out myself. I work on restaurant and have had people leave their bio trash on their trays, as we pick up the trays that is not right

Karen Belak Do it on my lap and sort of turn to the side. We are usually with family and know one minds or is squeamish. It has been a great learning tool for my grandchildren

Anne Liisa Lepper Doesn’t make a difference if I’m in public or not. Open up the kit in my lap and just do it.

Dawn Agrait Weate I’m more concerned about strangers than family and friends. I just don’t want to be confronted about it.

Valerie Malliett Depends on who I’m with. But there is nothing shameful about testing.

Gretchen Brightman Palmer Right out in the open where anyone who wants to can watch and judge

Debi Davis I have a private office, however co-workers have came in while I was testing. Most people are aware of diabetes and know we have to test in order to maintain our health and they just let me finish without asking any question

Rosanna Marie Catone it can be used as a learning tool.. educate folks

Katie Sestito Just do it wherever you are. Have no shame. No need to hide it. It’s not your problem if other people have a problem. It is their problem.

Mia Hernandez I do it wherever I am at and most the time I’m at home

Julie A. Murray I think it’s more discrete than breastfeeding so I just whip it out, get my blood, test and put it all away. No one is the wiser.

GiGi Barmer I am old and could care less what anyone thinks about anything I do or say or wear.

Mickie Chase I just test where I am. I do it discreetly. Or in my car. I really don’t worry about doing it with others around. They van turn their heads if it is an issue.

Katherine Haan Floren I do it under the table trying to be as discreet as possible. If they ask what I’m doing, I ask them why they want to know?? Usually shuts them up pretty quick 

Pamela Brodsky In the beginning U used to do it in the ladies room, but my doctor told me that it’s perfectly fine to test and inject right at the table. I’ve been doing it for about 20 years and no one has ever said anything about it.

Frances Knuckles I test in a low key, matter of fact manner. Anyone who has never seen someone check their blood sugar needs to be given a demonstration. It’s giving myself injections in public that still bother me a little. How’s that for logical thinking?

Kathleen Carson-Asher I strip to my waist and put my phone up to my boob with the sensor on it and PING!

Lisa Yarborough I want someone to come up to me with an objection to my testing at the table. I dare you

Rebecca Sue Congdon I just pull my kit out and do it in my lap. Or find a private corner. I’m known to do it at the table. No one has ever complained. IMO its like breastfeeding. It’s a medical reality that is just part of our world. I don’t rub it in anyone’s face but I don’t hide in shame.

Bethani Jo-El McCoy I try to test in my car when that’s an option. But just kinda be quick and secretive about it. If my anxiety is acting up to bad that day I just avoid needing to test in public.

Nina Neher I’m like a quick-draw-mcgraw.
Takes me less than a minute. Lots of practice right? 😆 No one gets a chance to even see blood lol

Debi Troyer Callahan I used to be that way now I just don’t care I test At least one is legitimate illness not something that if I just chose not to do what you tell me I’m not a diabetic because I wanna forget for a little while

Theresa Przybylkowski Skelton Don’t be embarrassed by it. It’s now part of your life just do what you have to do for you. Let everyone who has a problem with it deal with it. Good luck

John Barlowe Test right before you go in, or if you feel the wait is going to be too long, you can discreetly test at the table with your hand in your lap.

John Kawakami I used to lay out all the gear on the table. Meter. Alcohol pads. Log notebook. Metformin. Now I figured out how to keep it in the pouch and work quick.

Lillian Shorey Blood is more than ‘squeamish’, blood transmits lots of diseases (aside from being unsanitary). Be mindful and respectful, but not ashamed. I go to the bathroom and lay my testing kit open and test on that with paper towels down too.

Sheila Harmon I don’t mind the bathroom. I lay paper towels where I’m testing then test. Takes less than 40 seconds. I would not test at a table where I’m eating unless I’m alone. Or I test in the car if I remember to restock an alcohol pad.

Brittney Pearl Buchholz-Dean I set up in my lap if sitting or on top of my purse as I push the grocery cart at the store… most people don’t even notice unless you make it completely obvious

Jenn Callum The tiny tiny drop of blood is nothing anyone should have an issue with – if they do… 🤷‍♀️ Do what you have to do, where you need to do it. It only takes a minute. Obviously the used test strip goes into your kit to be disposed of later. No big deal.

Ruth Hughes I do it in my car, or a little under the table..people do stare at me like ?? I just iggy them..some people take a shot in public places, but normally I take mine in my car..

Rae Weisz Logan In a month I never thought to use an alcohol pad ? I use the same needle for over a week. I only test in the morning mostly. Why an alcohol pad and when do you change a needle ?

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