Have A1c 7.2 and 160 f bg last labs.

Have A1c 7.2 and 160 f bg last labs. Been on the keto diet totally by accident. I have to honestly say I really don’t know if I’m in ketosis I have not checked it, but I’m allowed 97 carbs and at most had 76. 30/carbs, 40/fats 30/protein , have been sticking to (or not sticking), get the joke? Lol unsaturated fats and mainly no saturated fats, as I have cholesterol issues. and I’m not playing with that! This group is great because it’s a sea of information I’m learning so much, discovering Waze 2 not feel hungry on keto especially with fiber like chia seeds (must soak 1st) of course also a little trial and error, trying to navigate the waters. my macros I had pretty on target today, but had a lot of fiber(38g) supposed to stay about 25 I guess 30 wouldn’t hurt as long as you drink a lot of liquids, they said 70 grams of fiber is where you’ll have stomach distress, my carb manager app cuz where I record all this and it’s really great and easy to use, …. sooooo, I have to actually be careful with eating too much because chia seeds have high fiber and also Ole extreme low-carb tortillas high too.(sell in Target)also adding suja uber greens drink each day for a week, or few. First suja today and it actually made me feel much more alive( ya know what I mean?

Anne Liisa Lepper Sounds like you have not seen the compliant food list for the Low Carb High Fat way of eating this group follows. I’m sure an admin will post it soon and also the other guidelines for this group’s way if eating.

Paulina Buncic The suja drinks are not good for you as a diabetic.
Uber greens has 6 grams of sugar per bottle and contains cucumber, celery, grapefruit, green chard, green leaf lettuc, lemon, kale, spinach, parsley and mit tea.

Paulina Buncic Welcome to our Low Carb High healthy Fat food group. As diabetics our body no longer processes carbs correctly. So, We keep our carbs under 50 per day (many keep it under 30). We eat only the foods on this list.

We don’t eat any bread (grains), rice, potatoes (of any color), beans, corn, peas, pasta, fruit, or sugar. We also avoid milk…you can replace it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk or heavy whipping cream (for coffee). We add healthy fats to keep us full between meals. We are glad you are here. Just Ask us if you have questions

Found another really great benefit of our way of eating today. I have been listening to a book on cholesterol as I drive this week. Today I was so into it I arrived home and kept listening for a half hour. What his me was something Zi knew was good but didn’t realize how good. My most recent blood work showed my triglycerides had gone down from being almost 400 to 84. My HDL was 70 up from 35. So I noticed my ratio was in the green for the first time ever. Well I knew that was good but what I learned today it means my cholesterol particles are most likely now big a fluffy, the non dangerous kind and my insulin resistance is much better. Cool now I want to see more, there are lipid tests that can show more proof on particle size, homocysteine numbers, Inflammation- so this gets better and better.!

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