Has anyone had cataract surgery

Has anyone had cataract surgery? How did you get through it? Recovery period?

Janine Russell I had both done a month apart a year ago – no problems at all. Don’t stress. Prescription eye drops for several weeks, covered eye at night for a week

Monica C. Razo Yes both eyes a month apart. Healing went really well. I kept my sugars down so it could heal with no problems.

Jake Esposito I’m kinda young had both done last year no issues quick recovery

Sherry Cochrane beginning of this year. My right eye was a breeze. The left I took a little longer in the beginning but they’re both wonderful now.

Charles Coggins It was the best thing I ever did for myself, I had both eyes done 15 years ago

Pamela Page just had both of mine done in august no pain at all my vision is so good now,a lot of drops but almost done . gl

Julie Freedman I am most worried about the actual procedure! I can’t imagine being awake and seeing it as it happens. Will I feel anything?

Patricia Burbank You are not awake in the normal sense of the word. Won’t hurt and won’t remember. I had mine done one week apart. No problems.

Mike Hogan Both eyes (not same time). Seeing better that day. Uncomfortable for a couple days and drops are a pain. Kept pump and CGM on. Just let surgery team know.

Dennis Koenig went home and took about a two hour nap and did need the drops as it feels gritty but no problems at all

Jane Arneal I just had both eyes done last fall. You are given a mild sedation and not awake during the procedure. Since it is mild sedation you wake up within minutes later. You do not feel anything. Prior to the surgery you are required to put eye drops in your eye for nine days to desensitize. You are given specific directions to follow. Your doctor or his staff will answer questions and give you all the information you need. It was the best thing ever for me. In many cases you will not need prescription glasses. Over the counter reading glasses may be needed. Best of luck in your journey.

Liz Heisler I had both done. My doctor put me to sleep and when I woke up everything was clear. My one eye was so bad I was considered legally blind in that eye. When I woke up I was amazed. Plastic patch at night to prevent me from scratching my eye. Had the other eye done six months layer. It also went well.

DonaldnLisa Lemmon Liz Heisler my left eye was so bad I was legally blind d as well my right is bad but not as bad had my left done last week and my right one tomorrow..its amazing how well you see when you wake up..I forgot how beautiful and Bright things were

Shannon Hovden I did in my left eye. Now I get shots due to me being so young I guess and having type one.

Sandra Jackson Absolutely the best gift a doctor has given me……I can clearly see once more the beautiful lights and loved ones faces and so grateful.
I had no pain at all. Drops afterwards helped the healing and I am so glad I had it done. Good luck on your surgery.

Mary Beth Foster-Moulton I did great! I had it done in my late 40’s because it showed up. I figured get it corrected sooner than later

DonaldnLisa Lemmon I did last week it has been awesome so far go for 2nd eye tomorrow ..I’d rather have this surgery a million times over than another painful diabetic retinapthy shot any day

DonaldnLisa Lemmon Melinda Singer me too but couldnt do any lifting or bending over for 2 weeks. .worst part of it all is no makeup for 2 weeks..lol

Joe Arnold Had it almost 20 years ago now. Not a huge deal in spite of some complications during surgery. You never want to hear a surgeon say “oops”.
Bottom line is that if you need it there are really no options.
Don’t worry it’s pretty routine and common for diabetics

Deborah Hill I had both eyes done, in a day or so you’ll be fine. Asprin for any discomfort

Holly Miller Fleschler It was pretty routine for me. Afterwords went to brunch with my husband for both eyes. I just have to get very intimate with eyedrops for a couple of weeks.

Jane Koker I just had both eyes done in April! It was not bad at all! I have a very special guy that gives me moral support – that being my hubby!! I think you have to trust your doctor!! Mine talked to me during the surgery! That helped a lot😊 I think the drops schedule after was a tad monotonous, but needed! It was 2 weeks between surgeries, but by the second day, I was fine! Actually , saw a difference in my sight that evening!! Good luck if you are getting yours done! I think you will be happy you got it done!

Joy Kidd I had one eye done about 4 years ago or so. It wasn’t bad although I was very nervous. The surgery itself was trippy. Afterward, you have to put drops in several times a day and sleep with an eye shield for a few days.

Jean Sones Gardner Couple years ago had both eyes done. About 2 weeks between. Did good, no problems. Type 2 since 2003.

Leigh Rollins I had both done last year with a month between surgeries. I’ve had laser vision correction in both eyes as well as laser for retinopathy. I can see better out of my right eye but the left lens no. I still need to wear glasses plus somehow during the surgery, the left iris was “thinned” leaving me with a blurred spot.

Barbara Swan-Burtch I had my right eye done on 7/30 and my left on 8/13. Recovery was a breeze. The 1st few days I wasn’t allowed to bend over or lift anything over 10 lbs. Just this week I was allowed to begin heavy (75 lbs ) lifting again. I need to work back up to 185lb deadlifts and back squats

Paul Huesing So simple. No pain. Vision back the next day. (Actually, vision not just back, but greatly improved.) Another week or so of eyedrops to make sure there is no infection.

Lynn Fry Yes. I am week post op for my second eye. So happy I did it, let there be light, everything is brighter and clearer. The down side is no makeup for a month and no swimming. Follow postoperative instructions and you’ll be fine. I am type 1. They did my eyes 2 weeks apart

Michael DeVito Had both eyes done. 6 was apart. Best thing I ever did. Surgery a breeze. 20 mins tops. Recovery is OK, just lots and lots of eye drops. Immediate and spectacular improvement!

Vicki Neiswonger Greenawalt My husband just had it done a couple months ago and he is just amazed at the difference. He needed sunglasses off and on for a few weeks, but other than that no problem. He went from wearing glasses all the time to just reading glasses. He is 66.

Brenda Neth Fantastic doc did mine yesterday. Drops in eyes after surgery, minimal pain, the surgery took 20 minutes and i was mostly awake. Didn’t take metformin or eat in the morning. BG 115. Ate snack after surgery. Tired but grateful. Sitting here wearing sunglasses waiting for the time to do the next drops. Good luck. Make sure you get a great doc it makes all the difference in the world. It has been a little over 24 hours and I am doing great reading, typing, etc pain free. Best to you.

Chris Higgins Ruby Super easy surgery. No pain… you don’t remember anything. I would say 3 days. Drops and more drops… just follow what your dr prescribes

Angie Archer I recently had 2 cataract ops 6 weeks apart. I had a problem with anaesetic for the first one where it did not work and i had 5 doses. So that was traumatic. Drops for 4 weeks. Could see perfectly after a day. The second one they injected my eye with anaesetic which was brilliant and they did it because of my problem with the first. Yes i had pain with both and i have a high tolerance to pain. But the end result was brilliant and well worth it. I now do not wear glasses for the first time for 50 years.If you live in Uk you wear an eye shield for 4 weeks at night. I reccommend to do it as it protects the healing process. Have it done for most people it does not hurt i am just awkward. You will not regret it. Bless you.

Earl Studivan I’ve had both eyes done, 2 weeks apart, and multifocal lenses inserted in place of the cataracts. No injection in eye, only anesthetic via IV. Also had laser to remove the cataract and correct an astigmatism. Surgery was a piece of cake and recovery had pressure issues and required laser to correct a minor issue. I can see like I’m 16 again.

Annette Mischitelli Thorpe I had both eyes done a couple weeks apart. The worst part of cataract surgery are the drops before and for a couple weeks after. Surgery itself was an absolute Breeze, no pain before during or after.

Pat Fierro I have had both eyes done and It was the best thing. Just listen to the doc and you will be fine. Good luck

Jocelyn Ohrn No problem at all. Amazing. 20/20 vision now. One eye at a time, two weeks in a row. A little tired after. Took a nap. Excellent.

Dawne Adams I’m a optician. Do it! No biggie! And hopefully you can be corrected to 20/20! Look forward to no glasses or contacts in how long?

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