For 2 years I fought against having diabetes let my blood sugar run wild

For 2 years I fought against having diabetes let my blood sugar run wild. I’ve been gaining weight for the last 15 years got to 274 pounds A1c was crazy. Never walked I was to obese.
My attitude was I can’t lose weight, and “I have to eat” I grew up hearing my dad say the same words.
You all know the struggles it’s a endless cycle!
March 2019 my Dr got my attention she was very blunt, direct telling me how I was letting this disease take over my body and how it was going to kill me if I did not get control. There was a lot more that she said it was a eye opener.
I went on the only diet I knew how to do protein low carbs cut out mountain dews not easily but I did.
I started losing weight no exercise I still thought I couldn’t do it cause I was so big.
Three months later my A1c was a 6.6 I was so happy.
Started walking but had a hard time sticking to it. I told myself how much bad food and drinks I ate, it took me along time to get where I was. I read and watched very thing I could on diabetes. Bought a book that now I keep going back to for info.
( Smart blood sugar by Marlene Merritt )
Wonderful book
I have changed my life to a new life style
Made a few changes in my diet due to the book. I lost 44 pounds and joined a gym I work super hard 2 times a day for 3 weeks now my weight is 231lbs.
August 14 Dr cut my glipizide in 1/2 I was having major lows 1 week later took me off glipizide completely.I’m on 500 metformin 2 tabs 2 times a day levels still running to low healthy foods and lots of exercise is working for me.
September 4th 2019 no meds numbers have been 86, 95, and 88 tonight.
I am over joyed with where I’m at in my life I have never been this healthy it’s my new life I find good recipes eat a variety of foods it’s amazing what you can do with chicken and eggs.
This week I started working with a trainer at the gym I’m not embarrassed of my body anymore still over weight and still losing. Trainer got a lot more out of me than I would of given by myself. I loved it I’m sore and going back tomorrow.
I was dedicated and determined to reach this point lots of ups and down it was not as simple as I wrote it, I’m work in progress.
If I did it anyone can, I’m a plan down to earth country girl. My husband also started eating what I eat by choice.
Thank you for reading my story sorry it’s so long. I hope you can find encouragement and determination and dedication to help your journey in a diabetic life.

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