Does anyone in here take Metformin? Does it make you lose weight?

Does anyone in here take Metformin? Does it make you lose weight?

Krystal Tillman I take Metformin n it does help some. But keep in mind that you also have to adjust how much your eating and exercise 20-30 minutes a day. Hope this helps

Chuck Lally I take it not sure If it did started new way of eating same day. I guess that’s no help.

Sheila Wright No weight loss but slowed down putting extra weight on !!

Brian Robbins I’m type 1 and take Metformin. It is *part* of what I am doing to lose weight. I switched to a Ketogenic diet in June, take metformin, exercise 5 hours a week and the combination of all of those things together has allowed my to lose 35 lbs in three months. The combination of all of this together has cut my daily insulin use in half and dropped my HbA1c from 7.1 to 6.1. Metformin isn’t a magic weight loss pill, but it makes the body more sensitive to insulin. Since insulin is required for fat storage, the less your body needs to process the food you eat, the easier it will be to lose weight. At some point I’ll drop my body fat percentage to a healthy level and probably be able to stop using metformin, but for now it is a small part of a comprehensive plan to reverse insulin resistance.

Marylynn Marshall Mendel I’ve been taking it for years and I’ve never had any weight loss with it

Sairekha Suresh I’m very insulin resistant. The metformin is great to keep sugars stable. It improved my insulin sensitivity. But no, the ponds aren’t dropping on their own.

Joanne Sparks Lost over 65 pounds, and yes, my eating habits are radically changed since dx one year ago. Regular Metformin made me really sick, but I’ve been fine since changing to ER last November.

Karen Denise Towers I did take it ,but it messed with my stomach. Even took the time released. We just didn’t jive .

Stacy Cole I’m trying to give it a chance, but how it messes with my stomach I can do without!

Usman Khan Metformin is also used weight reduction more over it is also used in enhancing ovulation and in keeping healthy menstural cycle

Kim Marie McReddie I’ve taken Metformin for since 2003. It helped had some awful side effects but after my son my body collapsed on me. I’m now on Synjardy a combo pill of metaformin and. Jardinace along with insulin and other various meds.

Ed Chesiak I’ve been taking it since 2004 and I don’t think it has done anything negatively or positively

Betty Phillips I use to but it upset my stomach hade to quit but been on insulin for a few years now

Sandy Schmidt Pepos I have lost 20 pounds on it. But I walk 2.5 miles per day and go to the gym for 40 minutes 5 days a week. Working out with weights and riding the exercise bike

Christina Marie Cueto I was told most people lose about 15-25 pounds. I was initially prescribed it for PCOS in 2004, but didn’t lose any weight. I had to quit after a few years due to expense. I had to start taking it again in 2012 due to diabetes. I didn’t lose weight then either.

Lorraine Carter I am perscribed a weight loss medication along with metformin I have lost 25lbs since January

Grace Ruud-Papadopoulos It’s poison stay away from it. Low carb, eat real food, none processed, gym and you will feel great.

Shara Threadgill It made me really sick. Everyday. I got penalized at work for taking too many bathroom breaks. I’d often have to stop on the way home from work to use the bathroom. The name brand was worse for me. IDK why.

Tamura Scisney Yes but makes u lose weight and side effects are awful until you get use to it

Kawashima Marie I have been taking for 6 months now and it helps loose the weight I take it with jardiance and I been losing weight.

Sandra Fingerut In the beginning , then I began the plate method, do water aerobics (3 times a week usually), sometimes use my sister’s recumbent bike, and walk around the corner. So far I’ve lost about 19 lbs.

Annette Sanabria-Archilla Im on Metformin. Its been a month taking it. I don’t think it’s making me lose weight because Im not having the runs. What is making me lose weight, in a slow pace, is eating less than 20g of TOTAL carbs.

Brenda Neth Hey, I am on metformin, 500 mg. My blood sugar hit 190 after breakfast, I worked out for an hour burning off 750 calories, then ate lunch two hours later. Thirty minutes after eating lunch I am 173. I am so depressed.Shouldn’t working out for an hour have made it a lower number in response to lunch. Can anyone give me some advice. I recently dropped from 1500 mg. of metformin and have lost some weight by dropping nearly all carbs. It seems any sugar of any kind sets me off. I really need some feedback. Other than insulin, what drops the numbers the fastest? My last a1C was 6.3 What are your numbers hitting right after a small lunch? Can anyone share a success story of a diabetic vegan? I gained thirty pounds trying to do it.

Laurie Patterson When I started taking it, I lost 25 pounds. Been on it for over a year now and no more weight loss.

Kawashima Marie Well my doctor reccomend me jardiance pre fast and 1 hour after breakfast take metformin

Renata Mearns I’ve been on it for about 10 months but I haven’t lost weight on it but I do have less of a appetite on it

Teresa Phillips Clements I do and yes it helped me lose some weight I still had to eat low carbs and exercise but I lost over 60lbs in 10 months it is rough in the beginning on the stomach but it saved my life help me to get my bs down ..I started out on high dose 2000 a day now 500 a day ..drink plenty of water while taking and stay close to bathroom at first but that will get better as your body gets use to it

Karen Gurney I take metformin and have never had a problem with it. However, it has never helped with weight loss. Cutting carbs & watching portions are the only things that helped me lose weight.

Shannon Lawler Fessler I take Metformin and I have lost weight but my doctor said it wasn’t from that medicine. Now I take Ozempic also and that definitely made me lose weight.

Diane Pezza Metformin does not “make you” lose weight, however it reduces your insulin resistance therefore you require less insulin. The less insulin you need the easier it is to lose weight as insulin is a growth hormone. Metformin is considered to be in a class of diabetes drugs that is “weight loss” insulin, sulfonyureas are in “weight gain”. Metformin + lifestyle = weight loss.

Andria Lilley I have been for the last 4 months but been took off it as of yesterday. I’ve felt bloated on it and it surpreesed my appetite but gave me one hell of a sweet tooth

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