Do any of you have compliant “trigger foods?”

Do any of you have compliant “trigger foods?” Like they are approved and safe, but you just freak out and can’t stop eating them?

I found some compliant dark chocolate that is 3g of carb per square. But I found myself going overboard and eating an entire “serving” of 5 squares. It was still within the recommended 50g carb count for the day (a normal day for me is between 12g-20g). And I didn’t spike. But I felt like I was on autopilot and not in control.

Do you have a way of limiting/controlling your trigger foods? Or do you find it easier to just cut them out?

Kathi Maynard-Abbey Yes I’ve been on a cucumber binge for the last week or so. but where is this dark chocolate you speak of

Kristin R. Dawson I limit myself to 2 pieces of dark chocolate with a little scoop of peanut butter. But I think at times I go overboard on pork rinds and guac

Patricia Lotts I have deleted comments bout cookies and other non compliant foods because we are a low carb high healthy fat way of eating group

Shalyn Leence Patricia Lotts can we change the name of the group to depict that? I think the generic diabetics support group name is throwing ppl off. Some ppl just need support and not all diabetics abide by the exact low carb the admins of this group are pushing.
I too eat low carb but have noticed the “compliant” messages are turning to be a bit extreme. And coming across aggressive and rude.

Patricia Lotts Shalyn Leence no we may not change the name of the group . By giving our members the correct answer and information is supporting our members otherwise how would you know the difference.. we are a group of moderator/ administrator administrators that does not sugar coat the dangers of diabetes.further more we aren’t rude just truthful.. But truth hurts those who don’t want change.

Patricia Lotts Shalyn Leence we are not aggressive nor rude we bring you all the most recent information and do this for free

Shalyn Leence Patricia Lotts exactly why the diabetic title is throwing it off.

I’m going to let myself out of this group. I appreciate the bits of GOOD and honest support I’ve gotten but would rather got have such strict guidelines forced when my doctors and nutritionists are telling me otherwise.

Patricia Lotts Shalyn Leence low carb in the beginning but rules never changed guidelines changed to low carb high healthy fat group

Patricia Lotts Shalyn Leence im Administrator in this group and others now 7 years I’m not trying to lead anyone astray nor jump on anyone

Jason Thomas Ok, answer this. Why is it that doctor’s/nutritionist tell us something different than you guys do on somethings? Just asking not trying to start anything.

Patricia Lotts Jason Thomas because most of them have only been trained the ADA way and don’t know anything other than that way , in which it is at least 25 years outdated.. and in fact that they aren’t diabetic and don’t know any better

Rebecca Borke Anderson well, the name is a bit disconcerting. Did anyone know it was keto just by looking at the name when you found it on fb? Maybe it needs to be keto specific in the name.

Jennifer Childre Starkey Jason Thomas In order to understand why I doctor would tell you something different than a group of experienced diabetics goes to how much you may or may not know about what it takes to become a Doctor/Nurse/Nutritionist, I could go on and on with this comment but to nip it in the bud I have been surrounded by healthcare workers of every form my whole life. Let’s take a nurse for example. An LPN goes to school for a year, she learns all they teach in only ONE year. The schools push the outdated ADA guidelines so yet again we get another nurse who strictly follows and pushes those ways. (ADA) Most do not do much learning in the area of diabetes just like most doctors don’t unless of course, that is what they are specializing in. So to answer your question, a doctor only gets so many hours to learn JUST about the endocrine system and somewhere in that class they speak a little about diabetes, anything they learn after that is hands on. This is why they teach what they learned, most do no furthering education in the study of diabetes. They recommend and script out only what they know already. (ADA) This group is founded and ran by experienced diabetics who have learned over many years and tested what works and are offering to share it with all of you. It is up to each individual to research and find out who they agree with and follow them. We do not force this way of eating on anyone and we take no prisoners. I hope this helps.

Gina Lee Mason jar ice cream gets me through the though days. Usually 1 day a month I make it when I’m just losing it. Really satisfys that sweet craving and is compliant.

Allison Templin i had to stop buying Lilys chocolate for the same reason. i really liked the atkins bars too but i would find myself eating 2 or 3 a day. so i just quit buying any of it and i dont make the keto desserts or fat bombs either

Tippi Sladaritz I was like that. But too much of the sweetners give me headaches.
I bought another Lilly bar to see if I cld manage. My best method is break off a row or section and put the rest back in cabinet. Then I carry that little piece to eat as I get back to a project

Amanda Schroeder Scissell I will easily wipe out a 2oz bag of Whisps in one sitting. Good thing the entire bag only contains 2 grams of carbs, so probably the only thing I’m hurting is my wallet! They’re not cheap!

Marguerite Epstein had to quit buying pecans unless I’m prepared to portion it out in one ounce serving bags. If you put a one pound bag in front of me It could end up being gone in a day.

Stephanie Bobak Keto no-bake cookies are my favorite! Even better than the original no bake cookies because I love coconut. But they have 230 calories each & 19 grams of fat. I tell myself I’m only eating 2 per day but yeah right! 2 in the morning, 2 at lunch, gotta have 2 after dinner & a bedtime snack? That’s an entire days worth of calories let alone fat. Wish I would never have found the recipe. But guess what, Walmart is delivering the ingredients to make more tomorrow! Why do we torture ourselves? I am my own worst enemy!

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