CARBOHYDRATE OR SUGAR? Do you know the difference?

CARBOHYDRATE OR SUGAR? Do you know the difference? Do saltine crackers have sugar? This brand doesn’t. Many people with diabetes look at the nutrition facts label and scan for sugar. If the food has zero sugar, you might you are in the clear. No sugar is not a free-for-all. Look at the amount of TOTAL CARBOHYDRATE. Five crackers (one serving) have 12g of carbohydrate and zero grams of total sugar and zero grams of added sugars. Does this mean that your blood sugar won’t go up? Not really. The crackers do not have sugar, but they are made with wheat flour. Wheat flour has carbohydrate and carbohydrate is converted into sugar. TAKE AWAY TIP:

There are different types of foods with carbohydrate. Sugar is one type and flour is another type.

Just because a food doesn’t have added sugars doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any carbohydrates.

Pay attention to the quantity and quality of foods with carbohydrate. How much carbs to eat? It varies with each individual. A certified diabetes educator can work with you to provide you with individualized recommendations.

This is how you can improve the quality of the foods you eat. These crackers are made with enriched wheat flour, not whole grains. I recommend eating foods made with whole grains.

When you buy any product that is made with wheat flour, make sure that the first ingredient is “whole wheat flour.”

Why whole grains? Benefits are plenty: more fiber slows spiking of blood sugar, helps to reduce cholesterol levels, and makes you feel fuller.

Shushaniki Stavroullakis As a type 1 diabetic i was taught to count carbs not sugars. I assume most diabetic’s are taught this…

Lorena Drago Unfortunately, many have never received instructions. Only 6% of persons with diabetes have attended diabetes education programs. You have been fortunate that you received the information. I teach diabetes education and I am saddened to hear so many of my patients express they know very little despite being diagnosed for many years.

Dedene Nelson-Court I’m sorry but all carbs turn into sugar in our bodies. There’s no difference between carbs and sugar except maybe how fast it raises your blood sugar. You still have to dose for it. Sorry to say it.

Jenn Taylor Sugar is counted in the carb count. Sugar matters on the label because higher sugar that is close to or equal to the carb count will usually have a difference insulin dose than the same carb count with less sugar. Example think of a reg coke.. 39g of carbs and 39g of sugar means a quick spike… as something with 39g and say 12g of sugar is going to react different. That is the thing about carb counting that isn’t taught usually. A carb just isn’t a carb unfortunately and dosing doesn’t work if their treated that way.

David Shapiro I see in groceries stores diabetic items like cookies, but the carbs are no better than real cookies sometimes.

Maiitsoh Melanie Check out fast carbs vs slow carbs and then determine which is better for lesson 1 😊 Then once you know the answer choose which foods if the better carb intake that works for you and your BS levels and then set the bolus in our pump if
You have one. Good luck to you. T1D here and my A1c is and has been outstanding but everyday it’s trial by error

Andi Gundlach Watch the serving size too. Here 5 crackers=12 carbs, so each cracker is 2-3 grams of carb.

Laura Bartels Frederick And yes…don’t forget to account for fiber…take the carbs, deduct half of the fiber content, and this is your new carb count. This is what we do and it works fabulously.

Carol DiMaggio Vizcarra When I became diabetic about 15 years ago my Endocrinologist told me I could have 43 carbs AT EVERY MEAL. I’m pretty sure that’s what the American D. Assoc. said too at that time. Yikes!!

Anthony Morris Just tell yourself suagr and carbs are the same thing. Your body barely notices a difference.

Tiffanie Moyer I ONLY LOOK AT CARBS. I could care less about sugar 😊

Which is weird because as a child I was Not ALLOWED SUGAR!!! The doctors taught me that first. It was the worst. At 10!!! No sugars! My how things have changed

Grant Reese Also, just because it says sugar free or shows 0 sugar it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have sugar, it just doesn’t have enough in a serving size to count.

Shana Smith Thank you. My Dr told me to only look at Carbs and not the sugar. I am on a 130 carbs a day diet.

Cynthia Taber Shana Smith if you look at overall carbs…most labels will have a breakdown of where the carbs are coming from and how much fiber there is…I usually count net carbs…meaning that I deduct the grams of fiber from the carb count. But I do that because my best friend used to be a boxer and body builder and his wife has diabetes and that’s what I learned vicariously from him and from his wife’s endocrinologist. But I also look at the ingredient list to see what type of sugars are included.

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood Fiber and alcohol sugars are harder to absorb. Blood Sugar impact is minimal and for some non-existent. The net they are giving you is minus the sugar alcohol and fiber. To know for sure how your specific body reacts to it I would suggest testing at first bite, test 1 hour and then 2 hours later. See how high it goes and how quickly it comes back down to or close to baseline. That will give you a better idea if you need to be looking at net carbs or total carbs. Remember, this can change over time. So re-testing periodically after doing this once is something I would recommend.

Neville Massey There is sugar in almost everything we eat today. Food is designed to make us ill not just process foods but even the home grown fruit and vegetables are spread with herbicides, insecticides and pesticides. The only real winners here are governments, big corporations and of course big pharmaceuticals!

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood When people ask if something has carbs/sugar, I tell them if it came from plant, it has carbs/sugar. The only question is, how much.

Silvia Comara I’ve got one for you! You won’t believe how many times somebody has told me that Mayo has carbohydrate in it. After thinking it over I realized that their doctor is telling them “do not eat anything white” so they assume that mayonnaise has carbs

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood No accounting for people. 2 of my children are allergic to dairy. How many time people have thought that included eggs! Umm, chickens lay eggs, cows produce dairy, aka milk and milk products.


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