Can anybody told me how to control blood sugar without insulin

Can anybody told me how to control blood sugar without insulin

Billi Jo Bennett Eat healthy make better food choice no sugar or carbs and exercise

Ravisankar Kumarasami Have regular-walking for 1 hr daily apart from regular diet

Ferdinand Balois do intermittent fasting (16 hrs fasting & 8hrs eating windows) with low carb diet 10%, protein 20% & 70% good source of fats. watch doctor jason fung in you tube, he will explain how to reverse type2 diabetes. God bless.

Linda Tabuko You can try seed based nutrition… It contains 4 major seed needed for our body..

Dina Essam Start keto diet and calculate carbohydrates in your meal by using fat secret APP .. its really work

Darron Williams Exercise and eat whole grains and fruits and veg. Legumes and nuts. Fresh air and sunlight.

Aguilare Aguilare the best i can say is watch sugar intake and exercise…..discipline yourself .i know it for sure coz im a diabetic for almost 6 years

JP Maccini Aguilare Aguilare is exactly right. We brought my husband fro 240 to 72 in less than 3 months. Veggies with no sauces just good seasoning, lean meat & make sure to have some fish – not fried. Anything that we used to have as processed bread/crackers I now make an alternative with almond flour, my new best friend! And we’re both loving the results!!

Rebecca Murphy I’m on insulin. As long as I take my long acting Tresiba and don’t eat ANYTHING, only drink water, and walk I can stay in range. As soon as I eat anything, I have to take my fast acting humalog. We are all different and what works for me might not work for you. The only thing I can suggest is only drinking water and non sugary drinks, low to no carbs, portion control (extremely important), and exercise.

Abhilash Shah All diabetics who wrote the long list of therapy and recomendations will ultimately be taking the medication. Diabetes is a prescribed killer and all diabetics die because of some or other stuff due to diabetes no matter how hard you control it

Nancy J. Simmons Real ray of sunshine there bud, in a little over a year, I have gotten my A1C from an 11 to a 5.2, drink nothing but water, low to no carbs, I had a brother and sister that did not take care of themselves and they both died before they should have.

AnThony Anania Diabetes is like any other disease. It effects everyone different. Keto is not for everyone and can be dangerous. Sit down with your support team and discuss what is best for you

Jill Schuler Rosenau Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease – and is completely reversible with lifestyle as well! Educate yourself! Read everything written by Dr Jason Fung. You have to find what your body responds best to. In general, no sugar, no flour, and intermittent fasting have proven results.
I was type 2 diabetic for over 20 years. In the last 18 months I have lost 150lbs and am off all my meds by learning these skills. It can absolutely be done!!

Fred Bill Hi guys! I just found the top 2 best selling product from a secret site that reversed diabetes in just a few weeks, if you want me to give you access for free, pm me now.

Rochelle Lowman Johnson Johnney Vincent I am type 2 and I am not sure what my numbers were at the time I was diagnosed because I had went to emergency due to the fact that I was very tired and almost dozed off while driving. After they examined me, I was about to leave when the nurses came running out stating that I could not go home because my sugar level was very high.

Johnney Vincent Rochelle Lowman Johnson actually my first blood sugar report was hide by the laboratory boy the government hospital. He said you have nothing don’t worry. And i lived with the impression for about 3 years that i dont have diabetes. One day i felt like getting a blood test done to know what’s wrong with my body. And to my surprise I found that I am diabetic with the sugar numbers of 331 . I felt devastated, lonely, traumatised and went into suicidal depression whose treatment am still taking….

Rochelle Lowman Johnson Johnney Vincent I was diagnosed in my late 30s. The issues I have dealt with has been neuropathy and was once hospitalized with problems with my pancreas. I have also learned that certain foods you consume is not the only way your sugar levels will escalate. Stress will do that as well. I had to learn to navigate all areas with this disease. I no longer take medication for my neuropathy because of the possible side effects of damaging other organs. I do take insulin.

Beatrice Ngubai The challenge I have is that Am not on medicine. I was advised to stop taking some. It’s been 8 months now. So I hv to be very conscious of what I etc. If I eat wrong my fasting sugar levels go to 6.3 …There about

Johnney Vincent Beatrice Ngubai hi, I was diagnosed on 14 march 2018 with an a1c of 10.7 since then I tried to educate myself about the disease. I was on medicines for the first 2 months and then I tried to experiment a lot through diet and got control over sugar numbers. I make sure I don’t eat any dairy product. Now am off meds completely. Can you tell me what was your sugar number and age at the time of diagonosis…

Beatrice Ngubai Oh that’s nice. At the time of diagonis it was at 13.0. And I was 50 years old. But I starved myself till it reached 4.7. Imagine I was 89 kgs and I dropped to 62 kgs…but now am at 76 kgs. Need to lose some more

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