I’ve been struggling so bad with my sugars

I just saw my new primary care physician today and she said if I don’t bring my sugars down below 200 I could become in dka state where I can die from it. I’ve been struggling so bad with my sugars that they been running above 400 each day. I was almost had dka 2 times already. Was at urgent Care on this past Tuesday and they transferred me to er because they said my sugar was almost 500 and they thought I had dka. I am on metformin 1000 mg 2x a day and 2 different insulins. My body rejects the insulin so much when they raise my insulin up and up it raises my sugar up really high. I’m so scared. My grandfather died when he was age 31 with sugar problems. I am 31 yrs old I don’t want that to happen to me. I never knew him. I usely don’t post anything about myself but I need support more then anything right now. My Dr said if it stays above 300 keep going to er. No matter what. I have issues with my stomach. I can’t eat much because I throw up the food. I basically drink water all the time plain water and sugars are still high. I am staying away from sugar. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I don’t see the sugar Dr till October. I’m freaking out. Been having sugar problems sinc I was 18yrs old

Michael Chiusano Only eat foods from this list

Victoria Johansky I can’t eat certain foods

Katie Ward Victoria Johansky Find enough on here you like and get going – this is the only way you will get better. I buy Boarshead meat sliced fresh from the deli. I have been eating turkey but you can have others just read labels – then I take a slice of Swiss cheese and a compliant mayo. I add some spring greens or spinach. I roll it up and eat it- so good. When I first started I ate a lot of omlets, homemade, with cheese and bacon. I love a big cup of coffee with heavy cream – there is a lot here – study it – get the junk out of you house and have day 1 a healthier you. If you are totally compliant to our way of eating if won’t take long and you will be a lot lot better- on your way to good.

Shana Motta Yes what Michael said is step 1 and welcome to this group…can be extremely overwhelming at first but if you following this WOE (way of eating) it really works!

Victoria Johansky I basically live off broth it’s I can keep dow

Tabitha AnnMarie McDaniel Following im dealing with same issue i have diabetic gastroparesis so cant eat certain foods . Prayers for you

Becky Atkinson Are you a T1 or T2? I would recommend you read a book called Diabetes Solution by Dr Richard Bernstein MD. It sounds like your Dr is giving you good advice. Adhere strictly to this low carb way of eating and your numbers should come down.

Bernadette Reyes Maybe you should see an endocrinologist instead of your regular PCP..

Mark Braun YES. an endocrinologist is key. I go to one who LISTENS and is as much a cheerleader as a doctor. A good one understands the sinking feelings we get when things go off-track.

Bernadette Reyes -> Mark Braun that is great that you have one that listens and cheers you on. It’s so hard to find good doctors I love my team of docs..keep up the good work 

Kathy Ken Recently in ICU # over 500, with DKA ….less than two months later # are down in 100 plus range ….this site has helped me , be patient ! Eat right , take meds and educate yourself !

Victoria Johansky Insulin doesn’t work on me at all my body rejects it

Shana Motta Victoria Johansky if you follow this way of eating you won’t need insulin anyway…but you need to be strict (it’s so doable once you get your mind there)

Melissa Mellenthin I don’t have diabetes but my husband does so his journey is mine. What helped us was meal planning. Find the foods you can eat, do the research before you go to the store so you dont feel overwhelmed and make a meal plan for that week. Find easy diabetic recipes an start there. Maybe start a food journal with simple foods an find what is upsetting your stomach (i have ibs an that helped me). Foods that are light and that you think your stomach can handle. This method not only is putting my husband on the right track of getting off medicine (per his dr.) we also save money, dont waste food, and i have freezer prepped dinner meals that are ready to go. He’s dropped over 25ibs an is always full. At first it was overwhelming and our household was very stressed but like with anything it becomes routine an easier. Keep your head up! You got this! 

Christy Schoffner Melissa Mellenthin my husband was recently diagnosed and the meal planning is so hard. Do you have a list I could see of things you cook?

Victoria Johansky Only thing that helped is bag of insulin that’s it

Denise Parker Victoria Johansky that’s because it’s constant slow rate. You may need to be on a pump. Are you sure you’re type 2? Ask for the tests to prove you’re not type 1. Although both do very well on this diet, if you’re really type 1 then you’ll always need insulin. There are several different fast acting insulin’s, eventually one will work. But in the meantime you need to cut out the foods that increase blood sugar. Change to this way of eating. Get to an endocrinologist.

Stephanie Lieber Exercising light to moderate has helped mine come down. I say this in conjunction with what everyone else had said
Even just a small walk for 15-20 minutes makes an impact on lowering mine.

Bernadette Reyes Maybe see an endocrinologist and get a pump see if that is an option for you..stick to this WOE it’s tough but will become very natural..you got this dont give up!!! 

Roslyn Robinson I’m so sorry you are struggling with this woe. This disease is very scary because you must keep your bld sugar down, not low low but down. I know you are scared. You aren’t alone but with group you joined will help you. No judgement just advice on how you can manage your diabetes. Believe, it will get better. I’m sending you positive vibes and results all the way from Alabama.

Marcia Posz You cannot survive on just broth. I think the most important two things to cut out are Grains and Sugar. People feel like bread is not as bad but I think its just more sneaky.

Kellye McGraw Englishbee *Please go to an endocrinologist and have your pancreas evaluated. Maybe your pancreas is functioning less than your current physician thinks it is and you need to take some measure to to correct that. It might involve increasing insulin, taking a different type…or determining that you are type 1 instead of 2, or a pump or something else~ but it’s better to know.
*You said all you eat is broth.
-I’m curious to know what you had to eat and drink for the entire day yesterday.*

Laura McClure Yes you need to see a specialist not just a regular doctor…research and educate yourself…buy books..one I just bought was REVERSE DIABETES…read everything you can…

Candice Holland Stevens Uam si sorry to hear that but iam on 2 i insulin and a pill i not supposed to eat carbd ir sweetdor bread nor salt but my sugars been out if controls so i see my dr tomorrow and ive been trying t drink alot more water witch i have but my anxietyhas git vad with family problems and dont sleep i eat all the time witch iam not hungry so he up one ny med for anxiety and i take 2 pill now so ut been helping allittle but u hope u can better god bless

Denise Parker Also, insulin sensitivity is affected by minerals. Be sure you’re getting potassium and magnesium as both affect the processing of sugar in your body. It can be as simple as adding Himalayan pink salt, Morton’s light salt to your foods, and water, and a magnesium supplement.

John Kawakami This sounds really serious. Does you bg meter measure ketones? Get the strips. Get the urine ketones strips as well. You got to manage that as well as the sugars. Just eating broth is definitely fasting, and you will go into ketosis. You don’t want that ketone going too high. It makes the blood acidic and all kinds of problems.

J Lin Smith Move the body, even if just stepping in place or dancing to a song. It will help along with drinking lots of water. 

Kelly Shadeck Victoria 1st of all I’m so sorry you are so sick. It is hard when we have to depend on doctors to tell us what to do because that’s only M-F 9am to 5pm 2nd I feel that you need to get the nausea settled first THEN work on any eating issues you have. I have learned that if your body is in distress you sugar will rise.
I am on 2 months of nausea I’ve lost 22 pounds and my sugar is out of whack not eating PM me if you want to chat. Feel better


I have multiple sclerosis and was put on IV steroids and a steroid taper for 6 weeks

Hi! Newly diagnosed here. I have multiple sclerosis and was put on IV steroids and a steroid taper for 6 weeks. That trip to the ER sugars were high and was DXd with diabetes and given 500mg Metformin 2x daily. Fast forward a week and I end up in ER due to DKA. Discharged with 30 units lantus and 1-6 novalog as needed. My fasting will not break below 240 😩when I eat I have only 0-10 carbs and I skirt under 400. I’m so afraid. My kids are 17 months apart and the youngest is 2, both were GD pregnancies, so I feel I have some experience with diet and exercise to get numbers in check and it’s not helping.

My dad is T1 and mom is T2, since I had GD then normal A1C levels after both pregnancies. ER dr. Said I’m T2, since it comes from the mother? I had all the classic symptoms, lost 20lbs, thirsty, fatigue etc. I chalked it all up to a Multiple Sclerosis summer flare. What testing can I ask for to determine if I’m T1 or T2. With Multiple Sclerosis the autoimmune diseases love to pile on.

Also, any advice on managing diabetes on steroids is welcomed TIA

Lori Jensen 🙏🙏❤️❤️ I’m just sending love and prayers. You look 15 in this pic

Beckara Mosley You have to keep your non starchy carbohydrates as low as you can and it seems like you are . Sometimes steroids are necessary for other issues and we just have to ride it out .
A c peptide test will determine if you are type 1 or 2 .

GiGi Barmer Just here to say your plate is full! I also have an autoimmune and am waiting for testing to see if my autoimmunes are ganging up or if I am type 2. I go back to dr on Aug 26. Best of luck to you. You are beautiful and obviously a fighter!

Tammy Thomas Hang in there! It may take a little while to figure it out but remember you are your biggest advocate for your Heath! So keep working at it!

Glenda Jerry Burns Keep us informed on your progress. Ok please. This story I am very interested in. Keep track of your daily condion I know someone will benefit from it.

Dolores Abrego Saldaña Prayers for you! Take it one day at a time. I cannot pretend to know what you are dealing with on a daily basis but I can tell you stress won’t help your numbers either. Much hope and love to you!

Julie Jonez Steroids are terrible but you have to take them, if it’s any consolation my numbers were in the 450s fasting while I was on steroids. Just mind your diet and do what the doctors say, and do research.

Louise Barber Hi! I’m new to this but wanted to send you a hello 

Denise Parker Blood sugars will be high until off of the steroid. Definitely ask for C-Peptide (I think that’s right) and the antibodies testing to rule out type 1 since you also have another autoimmune disease. I’ve been told T1 comes through father’s to children. I’m not positive that’s true, but was told that by a friend who is type 1 and was told that by a doctor when she was concerned that her kids would be diabetic. Push for the testing, many adults are misdiagnosed as Type 2. Hope you feel better soon!

JoelDawn Suderman I don’t have any helpful advice for you, but please do know that you are in my prayers. Stay strong momma!

Carlo Santos Get well soon.it takes time but for sure you will be fine.

Christina Harwell This happened to me recently I was on steroids due to autoimmune diseases as well. My blood sugar was over 600..we are now finding out that I may not be diabetic but that it was steroid induced diabetes. Watch to see what your numbers do as you taper the steroids. Praying for yoy I know it’s scary. I am 40 and have 4 kids so I am being super careful

Lynsey McIntire Deff need to have the antibodies testing done to see if you have type 1. Cpeptide will show how much insulin your making to help see where your at. I’d request it asap as it will change how you go about treating things. Good luck.

Tiffany Werner The nutritionist and diabetes counselor I saw a is a type 1. She gave me so much hope and clarity. I was focusing on diet and she helped me see how I need to get my BG levels in check with insulin first and how to make adjustments on my own. Understanding how the long and short acting insulin’s work really have given me a path ❤️ thanks for the support today.

Dawn Hipps Beam Steroids caused me to develop Type 2 Diabetes!

Sue Klein Streisguth You’ve got your hands full… hope you feel better soon!

Katie Ward When you can get off the steroids that will help a lot.

Amy Thomas My Mom was on steroids everyday for her COPD/Emphysema. They put her on Metformin daily. She didn’t have Diabetes, thank goodness.