I gained 3lbs and don’t know what to do any more. Anybody has any tips for me

So when I am working people keep bring food to nurses. Friday we had a party, yesterday someone brought hotdogs and potato chips. I have broken my diet. Friday it started with Tiramisu. Yesterday started with potato chips, hot dogs, ice cream and end up with Chinese food. I am at work and looks like I am on buffet restaurant. I gained 3lbs and don’t know what to do any more. Anybody has any tips for me? I need help!!!

Dedene Nelson-Court Bring your own food to have a healthy choice. Remember what you eat is life and death for you.

Sharon Gerber If you absolutely have to have something, follow the 3 bite rule. All the yumminess is in the first 3 bites.

Shana Smith I’m an emotional eater and I too sometimes fall off the wagon. I miss mac and cheese and ginger ale and sweets so much. If do wrong after a few hours I check my blood sugar and that pops me back into reality mood. It helps hold me accountable. I don’t like to see bad numbers more than I miss those foods.

Yolanda R. Castillo-Newsome Always try to remember that people don’t have a clue unless they are in your shoes. A simple, “No thanks, I’m diabetic!”. Maybe even print out a list of foods you CAN have a in big bold print put… “Things acceptible for Diabetics 😊” even though you are a nurse, never expect ppl to know unless they are informed.

Adeb Tucson Hot dogs no bun, mustard only. Chinese small portion rice/noodles, more meat/ veggies. Try for less sauce. Works for me

Annette Sanabria-Archilla get moon cheese or whisps. If you have a fridge there have guac, cheese sticks, chaffles, make your own nutella to eat with chaffles, boiles eggs, nuts, even some heavy whipping cream in a mason jar for your coffee. I know we all have our moments but we have think beyond that, what do we want to achieve. Im 50 with a 20 years old daughter and a 19 years old son. I would like to be here for them, to have grandkids and to sleep well, feel better. What do you want?

Lori Hale Well me personally we have food at work all the time…like pizza..donuts..etc..either say no to yourself or eat some like dog w/o bun or sm portion chinese…telling them your diabetic and lists? Ok…most ppl care less..You have to learn to eat the diabetic way for the rest of your life…so bring your OWN FOOD..SKIP IT…OR EAT IT…just compensate that as a high carb lunch and basically eat nuthin for dinner..like OMAD on Intermittent fasting…life happens! Good luck..it sux but until you learn to handle those situations..in my opinion…it will keep happening..ex: im sick today im not counting every little carb when my body wants what it wants…just KEEP GOING

Alberto Jalalon If you can’t avoid to partake take just a little bit a nimble and eat the food you have brought from home. Let them know also your condition. They will understand and hopefully bring more healthy food next time like fruits and vegetables. Partly it’s education.le5 them know and also the risk for them and those close to them. Nothing judgemental just a telling of facts. Good luck to you

Kawashima Marie Bring your own meals or make them healthier by substituting the ingredient that what I do when we have potluck and i try to stay away from the room that has unhealthy food

Paul J Berberich Sr. Just say no (thank you). I’m diabetic.
No ones going to be offended if you’re honest and give the same answer every time.
Conversely, bring in snacks you can eat and I’ll bet everyone else appreciates them.

Mohammad Khan Simply do not eat it and tell them sorry u can not have it . As u have diabetes

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood Bring your own food. Avoid where the foods are.

I know the temptation. I work McDonald’s. Yup, surrounded by junk foods. Not saying I always avoid the foods. I do pick and choose though. Sometimes I allow some slip. Half a chocolate chip cookie on Saturday. And as I do have a binge eating problem, sometimes I go crazy. Especially as my job is high stress. More than once I have left in tears and I am usually pretty tough. Anyway, more success than failures. So keep trying, keep pushing forward.

Judy Baker It’s really tough to be around all that food. I agree w those who suggest having substitutes that you can eat that are tasty!!

Lynda L O’Brien-Dennehy I bring lunch and avoid everything – I worked where every Tues & Thurs breakfast brought in – donuts bagels, etc I just did not partake! Bring a salad or a protein shake for lunch. When they have post lucks or pizza for lunch I would each salad – I do not eat Gluten or dairy – really it is just control.

Brian Donovan Such a hard thing but I’ve learned to say no most of the time. I bring my lunch and eat with colleagues but know that I’ll feel like crap in the moment and will be battling the blood sugar roller coaster all day. That powers better choices. I feel your pain!

Diane Pezza Imagine that someone with a virulent CDiff infection used the restroom, did not wash their hands and touched everything. Practice walking in and out of the break room without touching a thing. Practice Practice. Reward yourself. Unhealthy foods in a high stress environment is sooo challenging! I also cover it with foil so I don t have to look at it

Jacqueline Beth Marrolli Portion sizes. No one will laugh at you if you are picky. If they r curious, they will ask. Then you can educate them. It may help someone else out one day.

Rosemary Mertens I would look at the junk food and what many of the people look like who are eating it and think to myself how bad that food is for all of us. Bagels, donuts, other sweets I would turn my nose up. Nope, say to myself, “I don’t eat that crap”! Bring hard cheese, nuts and locarb Greek yogurt with you. Better to overindulge on those things, I think. There is no benefit from food that will make you hungry cause it doesn’t stick with you. Once in a while you have to let loose. Probably not every day

What is everyone’s experience with alcohol?

What is everyone’s experience with alcohol? Like how much do you drink or not drink and do you think it affects your diabetic health? I’m a social weekend drinker but I always make sure to keep my blood sugar in a healthy range when I’m out, however I wonder if it affects my diabetes in other ways.

Kenneth Bloomer I don’t partake. I find it completely unnecessary if not detrimental to a healthy lifestyle.

Caitlin Jones I used to drink often as a college kid but don’t much care for it anymore. It made my sugars low

Kristine Morello I stopped as well but I wasn’t having lows. It was actually increasing mine. I decided last weekend what the hell im just going to have a few and not worry about it and I did but way more than a few lol. My BS was 166 next morning. Not terrible but everyone is different and I don’t think I will do that again anytime soon lol

Emily Anderson i dont binge drink very often-maybe four or five times a year at parties/holidays. my friends know i am diabetic and i always check my bg a gazillion times and eat something carby before going to bed. at weekends, i might have a glass or two of wine at dinner. i dont have to do anything extra to take care of bg for a couple of glasses of wine, except for the week of my period, when i tend to run low.

Lindsey Storer What happens, and if your “too” on top of things could be dangerous, but what happens is your bs will spike pretty high pretty quick with the amount of sugar that’s in the alcohol. As it goes through your system it actually makes your blood sugar dropthrough out the night or time you’ve been drinking. That’s why they say not to correct your high when drinking because if you do it could make you drop even further and put you into a coma

Scott Birnbaum Alcohol consumption for diabetics should be strictly limited.

Jillian McCray I have a Dexcom so I’m able to monitor my blood sugar 24/7, so majority of the time having highs and lows is not an issue for me

Jeananne Cooper Hawking I drink a glass of FitVine wine every now and then. Very low sugar and delish. On occasion a bourbon and Coke Zero. I don’t have more than 2 drinks.

Jeananne Cooper Hawking Rosemary Mertens do you have a Whole Foods close by? I messaged FitVine on Facebook several times about coming into Arkansas, and it finally happened. Prior to that I ordered it online. Shipping was high but I needed my wine! 

Abigail Rivera White tequila is actually being studied because of its lack of detriment to BS. It has also sparked studies on agave. So if I have anything stronger than wine or beer I stick to that.

I do have red wine from time to time, it keeps my legs from cramping at night, but it does cause a low later so I snack if I have wine. Maybe cheese and crackers, or have it with dinner.

I steer away from beer mostly, but if I do have beer Corona Premier has 2.6 grams of carbs.

Mark Hennaman I drink cab and it has very little to no effect on my BS. If I want something stronger I stick to vodka club soda with lime. I’m T2 btw, and have never taken any medication. My A1c is 5.7.

Eric Minteer I drink about 6 times a month. Crown and coke zero. BS goes low sometimes but I eat before I go to bed.

Sherry Cochrane I’m a long-term type two diabetic. I don’t drink at all. I’m too concerned for my liver and kidney health. My medication alone takes a strain on my liver, why push it. If I feel like enjoying a cocktail with someone, I have 6 ounces of Ribina over ice add fresh squeeze lemonade no sugar. Walla cocktail of my choice.

Julie Orozco I drink occasionally, maybe once or twice a month. But I really enjoy a glass of dry red wine with dinner. It doesn’t seem to mess with my blood sugar at all.

Donna Mayo Pierpoline I don’t drink anymore because it’s too much risk to my kidneys and liver between my diabetes and BP medications

Wayne Crich At one time I was a heavy drinker, now I drink no more than 2 drinks a day. It has had no adverse effects at this point and has a minimal impact on BGL. My blood and urine tests monitor kidney and liver function, part of using the meds I am on (4 times per year).

So far no negative impact; BUT at some point the alcohol may well need to go if:
a) it starts effecting BGL
b) any indication of a change in kidney or liver function

I think with all things diabetic it is different in every single person BUT the common factor is drinking increases the risk of complications and we need to be very aware of its signs and change the habit accordingly.

Angelique Arenas I take 24 units of basaglar and i just take a bigger snack at night if i drink. My sugar does drop after having like 25 carbs it was still in the 60s the following morning. Not that i drink often, but when i do i drink a lot. Maybe limiting wouldn’t have my BS drop so much??

Kristin Myhre I had a glass of wine last week and it shot my blood sugar DOWN way too low. So just be careful!

Brian Sixbey Used to be more than a social drinker, so now I abstain entirely. Anyway, drinking will tend to drop your blood sugar, so you want to keep tabs on its effects on you. Other than needing to know how your body responds, I think the main effects are the same as anyone else. If type 2, there could be other issues with drinking, depending on the meds you take, etc. For me, it was its effects on my life in general that were the problem. It certainly didn’t help my condition, but that’s me.

Judy Baker I quit before I was diagnosed. I do think there re some parallels in alcoholism and diabetes in that neither is really cured, but if you manage your disease you can live well. If that makes sense. Not calling anyone alcoholic.

Judy Baker Oh, I should’ve said not calling anyone an alcoholic. Sorry. I am an alcoholic and did some damage to myself in many ways. Happy I realized at age 39 I didn’t want to do that anymore. Before I knew I’m diabetic, I, and a lot of alcoholics, ate desserts to compensate for not drinking. Now I’m screwed.

Jillian McCray Judy Baker I used to have the biggest sweet tooth before diabetes and now I think I drink a little more in place of sweets since a glass of wine won’t raise my blood sugar… it’s a lose lose!

Dorothy Thilmany Judy Baker I’m a type 1 diabetic and started drinking rum and diet Coke and kept it up for years because of the fact it lowered my bs. Now I don’t cause of the damage it can do. I’ve noticed though that I really crave cake, cookies, and anything thats sweet. I’ve noticed that at AA meetings there’s always a bag of candy. I’m wondering if there’s a coralation between diabetes and alcohol?

Judy Baker Dorothy Thilmany substitution happens!
In my field, I’m an addictions counselor, we call it cross addiction when it gets out of control. Usually that applies to drinking instead of using drugs… but many go from sobriety from alcohol to
out of control overeating.

Judy Baker Dorothy Thilmany I think there is a correlation between diabetes and alcoholism, but I’m not a doctor and don’t know how to study it. I said it in another diabetes site and was ATTACKED!! Some idiot said, You’re calling my 6 yo daughter an alcoholic!
I wish some medical scholars would publish on the topic.
I’ve never been to an AA function that didn’t have a big dessert table, and it’s wiped out fast!

Dorothy Thilmany Judy Baker I know I tend to over drink given a chance. My son type 1 since 3 yrs also has struggled with alcoholism.

Vera Brink Alcohol definitely makes dawn phenomenon worse for me and more likely to spike from stress or intense exercise. I attribute all these things to liver function. Our livers really do so much more to keep our blood sugar even than we tend to give them credit for…

I haven’t been counting carbs like I used to

Ok, I’ve been slacking. I haven’t been counting carbs like I used to. And it shows. In 1 year, I gained 30 pounds, A1C went from 7.2 to 10.2, and I just am down in the dumps. My doctor is trying a different insulin, I have been taking my medication….. So that’s different. I need to stop being lazy, I need to stop eating like a pig!! So, my fellow diabuddies….. Help me please! I need motivation, share your success stories, share your recipes, share what motivates you! I’m putting this in other groups too, I need all the help I can get!!!!!!!

Cenah Skerritt Just remember that insulin makes you hungry so the more you take it the more hungry

Dawn Capponi What motivates me is I want to live I watched my husband die from this disease I’m not going to let my children watch another one of their parents die from it so I follow all the rules

Golda Hagen Im. T2 but my son in law who. I loved like. A son we watched him not take care of himself and we lost him at 32 years old 2 years ago he left. A wife. A step daughter who loved him and. A 7 year old son who. Loved his. Daddy and hasn’t. Been the same since please get back on track before it’s. To late

Wendy Anderson Dittman You need to put YOUR story in writing. What do you want to accomplish? Write it down. Set your SMART goals. Something that helps me is to eat my protein and veggies first. Carbs last. I definitely watch my carb intake. I exercise 1/2 hour 5 days a week.

Jan Caruso Berlin I can’t say why I’m doing it again but I am. Two years ago I lost 50 pounds and my sugars were great. I ate right and exercised. Then I went to hell in a hand basket. Gained all the weight back and my a1c went to 9.2. I’m using my fitness pal app to log my food and carbs. I test 4 times a day and take my meds. I have stenosis in my lumbar spine and they won’t do surgery because of my weight and sugar not being in control. Just so you know you aren’t alone. This is a maddening disease but we just need to grab it by the balls and put it in its place. Sorry so long. Good luck to you. Hope it all works out.

Sharon Gerber Eliminating gluten has really helped control my blood sugar.

Katrena Keys Same
I have been working on getting back into the swing of being more strict and being more active. Even just 5 minutes everyday (which feels almost useless, but I keep telling myself, I sit at a desk now. I’m not doing physical work, so 5 minutes is still better than 0 minutes)

Kimbra Wilder Gish Tip: check out Marlene Koch’s Eat What You Love series of cookbooks. A dietitian and diabetes educator, her recipes reduce (but do not eliminate) sugar, carbs, fat, salt, and calories. But they still taste great. Have only tried one of hers I wouldn’t make again. Not every recipe will be right for everyone, but lots of great ideas there, and pretty good on BG unless you’re operating by very stringent standards indeed. 

Leigh Rollins Type 1 37 years here; my goal is to live well and be my healthiest until I die. I want to have all my body parts intact when I go. Frequent and long-term illnesses are a scary thought to me.

Monna Lainson What motivated me was the discovery that I didn’t just have diabetes, my kidneys were failing because I wasn’t taking care of that diabetes. I had no clues that was happening! I still dont know if I made changes in time, and won’t know for a while. But I KNEW I was walking the ragged edge of disaster with snacking all day and eating huge meals. Trust me, it will catch up with you.

Alberto Jalalon Get in touch with a fellow member near your place. Start a walking regimen with him or her. Then be more active like sports swimming etc. You have fallen off the wagon. Dust yourself off and get on the wagon again. You are not alone

Judy Baker Some of us are prone to lethargy and depression. Big goals are too scary. Small goals to start. I have a friend who is on strict Keto for a health problem. She cannot eat carbs, sugar and other things. I’ve been thinking what would Elizabeth eat and then doing that. I’m not 100% but it helps.

Donna Campen Denson I watched my Mom pass last year from complications caused by diabetes. It motivated me to find a way to get control. It also showed me how cruel this disease is and how people suffer. I found a plan that took my A1C from 10.2 to 5.5 and a loss of 50+ pounds. I was inspired to help other diabetics also get control. So my passion for diabetics is why I am telling you this. Control isn’t easy but it is possible. Stop thinking about how bad you are doing and look for what you have to be grateful for! It will change your outlook. I am The Dynamic Diabetic, living and Thriving with Diabetes. YOU CAN TOO!!

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood What motivated me at the beginning, was remembering the toll diabetes had taken on my uncle. Hooked up nightly to a home dialysis machine waiting for a second kidney/pancreas transplant. One he didn’t live to see. Also remembering my grandmother’s last days. She too suffered diabetic complications. High blood glucose contributed to high cholesterol, blockages, and a stroke. Due to these issues they couldn’t treat her cancer. I also remember her fear of going to bed. Sleeping created great fear in her. Too many serious night time lows.

Yeah, that kept me moving. And now, I am down 100+lbs. I am healthier than I have been since my teen years. Possibly even fitter than I was then. I have absolutely no desire to go back to who I was then. I lost my old self in the gym. Found someone new. I like that someone new. I have no intention of discovering the old me in my dinner plate.

Pam Dale I felt like i could never be a perfect diabetic so I hardly tried. Found an incredible doctor that only asked me to do one small change at each 3 month visit. Much easier in small increments. Examples: take insulin every single time you eat anything. Take insulin 15-20 mins before you eat. Keep raw veggies cleaned in refrigerator to munch on. Walk 10 mins 3x a week. Master one thing then move to the next.

Lynn Quinn My glucose shoots up under stress, which I have had a lot of lately, plus a 3 day car trip. I was so fed up with my numbers each day that I bought a bunch of Atkins frozen dinners to eat while I am visiting at my relative’s house. They taste pretty good and my numbers are down to regular range today. I can cook lean in my own home, but this is a nice solution when I am away from home.

Nadya Depasquale I have no will power and search the kitchen for something to nibble like a drug addict searching for a fix. So the only solution that works for me is not to but any goodies.

Tammy Engel Haggard When my nephew was diagnosed at 19 with T1D, that reminded me that I needed to set a good example in order to help him. I was diagnosed with T1D at 22, but 26 years earlier. I downloaded My Fitness Pal app and started logging everything I ate. Now, I have logged into the app 475 days in a row and have lost 30+ pounds. And I have done it while not feeling like I am dieting but it helps me make better decisions about my food and exercise. Good luck!

Sandra Fingerut Picked up this portion plate at Kaiser Health Education Services. Really helps. I usually don’t fill the fruit portion of the plate, but do get cottage cheese with pineapple, blueberries, or strawberries.

Lisa Byrd I’m a new LADA type 1. 16 months in the making. It’s hard. I go through 6 week phase it seems lol. I work hard to eating 5 to 6 times a day about 15 to 30 carbs each meal. I’m not hungry most days. I still eat everything I want just smaller…way smaller amounts. I exercise daily. Mostly walking the dogs and listening to music or talking to God. Praying is keeping g my mental game in check. Really it’s a balance. It’s not easy. And it takes good support. My motivation to not stop trying is my family. I need to be on this earth to support them and love them.

Barb Bonney I’ll tell you what has motivated me is watching Dr. Jason Fung on YouTube and his books! I did the same as you, I gained like 16 pounds when I weighed the beginning of June, I was shocked! So I started with Dr. Fung and I have lost it all plus some and my blood sugars are much better.

Pamela L. Williams I ignored my health in the summer of 2018 not realizing how bad my diabetes actually was. I ended up in the hospital with DKA. It has been a long road. I went off metformin, which upset my digestive system, and now only take insulin. I ate like a spoiled toddler when I first came home. I have learned to count carbs, have a sliding scale for my insulin and a Freestyle Libre. I had a bad day yesterday but, I am recommitting to the plate method, eating more vegetables and trying to keep my carbs under 30. If you need an accountablity partner let me know, I could use one.

Ted Lancaster I’m motivated when I walk not so much when I workout. I do want to try Pilates looks interesting.
I test every 2 hours since my numbers have been up now they are better if I stay on top of my eating and lower stress. I have a 670g pump but the supplies are too expensive so I use the pen and metformin. Good luck. It’s a struggle everyday for me.

For 2 years I fought against having diabetes let my blood sugar run wild

For 2 years I fought against having diabetes let my blood sugar run wild. I’ve been gaining weight for the last 15 years got to 274 pounds A1c was crazy. Never walked I was to obese.
My attitude was I can’t lose weight, and “I have to eat” I grew up hearing my dad say the same words.
You all know the struggles it’s a endless cycle!
March 2019 my Dr got my attention she was very blunt, direct telling me how I was letting this disease take over my body and how it was going to kill me if I did not get control. There was a lot more that she said it was a eye opener.
I went on the only diet I knew how to do protein low carbs cut out mountain dews not easily but I did.
I started losing weight no exercise I still thought I couldn’t do it cause I was so big.
Three months later my A1c was a 6.6 I was so happy.
Started walking but had a hard time sticking to it. I told myself how much bad food and drinks I ate, it took me along time to get where I was. I read and watched very thing I could on diabetes. Bought a book that now I keep going back to for info.
( Smart blood sugar by Marlene Merritt )
Wonderful book
I have changed my life to a new life style
Made a few changes in my diet due to the book. I lost 44 pounds and joined a gym I work super hard 2 times a day for 3 weeks now my weight is 231lbs.
August 14 Dr cut my glipizide in 1/2 I was having major lows 1 week later took me off glipizide completely.I’m on 500 metformin 2 tabs 2 times a day levels still running to low healthy foods and lots of exercise is working for me.
September 4th 2019 no meds numbers have been 86, 95, and 88 tonight.
I am over joyed with where I’m at in my life I have never been this healthy it’s my new life I find good recipes eat a variety of foods it’s amazing what you can do with chicken and eggs.
This week I started working with a trainer at the gym I’m not embarrassed of my body anymore still over weight and still losing. Trainer got a lot more out of me than I would of given by myself. I loved it I’m sore and going back tomorrow.
I was dedicated and determined to reach this point lots of ups and down it was not as simple as I wrote it, I’m work in progress.
If I did it anyone can, I’m a plan down to earth country girl. My husband also started eating what I eat by choice.
Thank you for reading my story sorry it’s so long. I hope you can find encouragement and determination and dedication to help your journey in a diabetic life.

Has anyone had cataract surgery

Has anyone had cataract surgery? How did you get through it? Recovery period?

Janine Russell I had both done a month apart a year ago – no problems at all. Don’t stress. Prescription eye drops for several weeks, covered eye at night for a week

Monica C. Razo Yes both eyes a month apart. Healing went really well. I kept my sugars down so it could heal with no problems.

Jake Esposito I’m kinda young had both done last year no issues quick recovery

Sherry Cochrane beginning of this year. My right eye was a breeze. The left I took a little longer in the beginning but they’re both wonderful now.

Charles Coggins It was the best thing I ever did for myself, I had both eyes done 15 years ago

Pamela Page just had both of mine done in august no pain at all my vision is so good now,a lot of drops but almost done . gl

Julie Freedman I am most worried about the actual procedure! I can’t imagine being awake and seeing it as it happens. Will I feel anything?

Patricia Burbank You are not awake in the normal sense of the word. Won’t hurt and won’t remember. I had mine done one week apart. No problems.

Mike Hogan Both eyes (not same time). Seeing better that day. Uncomfortable for a couple days and drops are a pain. Kept pump and CGM on. Just let surgery team know.

Dennis Koenig went home and took about a two hour nap and did need the drops as it feels gritty but no problems at all

Jane Arneal I just had both eyes done last fall. You are given a mild sedation and not awake during the procedure. Since it is mild sedation you wake up within minutes later. You do not feel anything. Prior to the surgery you are required to put eye drops in your eye for nine days to desensitize. You are given specific directions to follow. Your doctor or his staff will answer questions and give you all the information you need. It was the best thing ever for me. In many cases you will not need prescription glasses. Over the counter reading glasses may be needed. Best of luck in your journey.

Liz Heisler I had both done. My doctor put me to sleep and when I woke up everything was clear. My one eye was so bad I was considered legally blind in that eye. When I woke up I was amazed. Plastic patch at night to prevent me from scratching my eye. Had the other eye done six months layer. It also went well.

DonaldnLisa Lemmon Liz Heisler my left eye was so bad I was legally blind d as well my right is bad but not as bad had my left done last week and my right one tomorrow..its amazing how well you see when you wake up..I forgot how beautiful and Bright things were

Shannon Hovden I did in my left eye. Now I get shots due to me being so young I guess and having type one.

Sandra Jackson Absolutely the best gift a doctor has given me……I can clearly see once more the beautiful lights and loved ones faces and so grateful.
I had no pain at all. Drops afterwards helped the healing and I am so glad I had it done. Good luck on your surgery.

Mary Beth Foster-Moulton I did great! I had it done in my late 40’s because it showed up. I figured get it corrected sooner than later

DonaldnLisa Lemmon I did last week it has been awesome so far go for 2nd eye tomorrow ..I’d rather have this surgery a million times over than another painful diabetic retinapthy shot any day

DonaldnLisa Lemmon Melinda Singer me too but couldnt do any lifting or bending over for 2 weeks. .worst part of it all is no makeup for 2 weeks..lol

Joe Arnold Had it almost 20 years ago now. Not a huge deal in spite of some complications during surgery. You never want to hear a surgeon say “oops”.
Bottom line is that if you need it there are really no options.
Don’t worry it’s pretty routine and common for diabetics

Deborah Hill I had both eyes done, in a day or so you’ll be fine. Asprin for any discomfort

Holly Miller Fleschler It was pretty routine for me. Afterwords went to brunch with my husband for both eyes. I just have to get very intimate with eyedrops for a couple of weeks.

Jane Koker I just had both eyes done in April! It was not bad at all! I have a very special guy that gives me moral support – that being my hubby!! I think you have to trust your doctor!! Mine talked to me during the surgery! That helped a lot😊 I think the drops schedule after was a tad monotonous, but needed! It was 2 weeks between surgeries, but by the second day, I was fine! Actually , saw a difference in my sight that evening!! Good luck if you are getting yours done! I think you will be happy you got it done!

Joy Kidd I had one eye done about 4 years ago or so. It wasn’t bad although I was very nervous. The surgery itself was trippy. Afterward, you have to put drops in several times a day and sleep with an eye shield for a few days.

Jean Sones Gardner Couple years ago had both eyes done. About 2 weeks between. Did good, no problems. Type 2 since 2003.

Leigh Rollins I had both done last year with a month between surgeries. I’ve had laser vision correction in both eyes as well as laser for retinopathy. I can see better out of my right eye but the left lens no. I still need to wear glasses plus somehow during the surgery, the left iris was “thinned” leaving me with a blurred spot.

Barbara Swan-Burtch I had my right eye done on 7/30 and my left on 8/13. Recovery was a breeze. The 1st few days I wasn’t allowed to bend over or lift anything over 10 lbs. Just this week I was allowed to begin heavy (75 lbs ) lifting again. I need to work back up to 185lb deadlifts and back squats

Paul Huesing So simple. No pain. Vision back the next day. (Actually, vision not just back, but greatly improved.) Another week or so of eyedrops to make sure there is no infection.

Lynn Fry Yes. I am week post op for my second eye. So happy I did it, let there be light, everything is brighter and clearer. The down side is no makeup for a month and no swimming. Follow postoperative instructions and you’ll be fine. I am type 1. They did my eyes 2 weeks apart

Michael DeVito Had both eyes done. 6 was apart. Best thing I ever did. Surgery a breeze. 20 mins tops. Recovery is OK, just lots and lots of eye drops. Immediate and spectacular improvement!

Vicki Neiswonger Greenawalt My husband just had it done a couple months ago and he is just amazed at the difference. He needed sunglasses off and on for a few weeks, but other than that no problem. He went from wearing glasses all the time to just reading glasses. He is 66.

Brenda Neth Fantastic doc did mine yesterday. Drops in eyes after surgery, minimal pain, the surgery took 20 minutes and i was mostly awake. Didn’t take metformin or eat in the morning. BG 115. Ate snack after surgery. Tired but grateful. Sitting here wearing sunglasses waiting for the time to do the next drops. Good luck. Make sure you get a great doc it makes all the difference in the world. It has been a little over 24 hours and I am doing great reading, typing, etc pain free. Best to you.

Chris Higgins Ruby Super easy surgery. No pain… you don’t remember anything. I would say 3 days. Drops and more drops… just follow what your dr prescribes

Angie Archer I recently had 2 cataract ops 6 weeks apart. I had a problem with anaesetic for the first one where it did not work and i had 5 doses. So that was traumatic. Drops for 4 weeks. Could see perfectly after a day. The second one they injected my eye with anaesetic which was brilliant and they did it because of my problem with the first. Yes i had pain with both and i have a high tolerance to pain. But the end result was brilliant and well worth it. I now do not wear glasses for the first time for 50 years.If you live in Uk you wear an eye shield for 4 weeks at night. I reccommend to do it as it protects the healing process. Have it done for most people it does not hurt i am just awkward. You will not regret it. Bless you.

Earl Studivan I’ve had both eyes done, 2 weeks apart, and multifocal lenses inserted in place of the cataracts. No injection in eye, only anesthetic via IV. Also had laser to remove the cataract and correct an astigmatism. Surgery was a piece of cake and recovery had pressure issues and required laser to correct a minor issue. I can see like I’m 16 again.

Annette Mischitelli Thorpe I had both eyes done a couple weeks apart. The worst part of cataract surgery are the drops before and for a couple weeks after. Surgery itself was an absolute Breeze, no pain before during or after.

Pat Fierro I have had both eyes done and It was the best thing. Just listen to the doc and you will be fine. Good luck

Jocelyn Ohrn No problem at all. Amazing. 20/20 vision now. One eye at a time, two weeks in a row. A little tired after. Took a nap. Excellent.

Dawne Adams I’m a optician. Do it! No biggie! And hopefully you can be corrected to 20/20! Look forward to no glasses or contacts in how long?

Does anyone in here take Metformin? Does it make you lose weight?

Does anyone in here take Metformin? Does it make you lose weight?

Krystal Tillman I take Metformin n it does help some. But keep in mind that you also have to adjust how much your eating and exercise 20-30 minutes a day. Hope this helps

Chuck Lally I take it not sure If it did started new way of eating same day. I guess that’s no help.

Sheila Wright No weight loss but slowed down putting extra weight on !!

Brian Robbins I’m type 1 and take Metformin. It is *part* of what I am doing to lose weight. I switched to a Ketogenic diet in June, take metformin, exercise 5 hours a week and the combination of all of those things together has allowed my to lose 35 lbs in three months. The combination of all of this together has cut my daily insulin use in half and dropped my HbA1c from 7.1 to 6.1. Metformin isn’t a magic weight loss pill, but it makes the body more sensitive to insulin. Since insulin is required for fat storage, the less your body needs to process the food you eat, the easier it will be to lose weight. At some point I’ll drop my body fat percentage to a healthy level and probably be able to stop using metformin, but for now it is a small part of a comprehensive plan to reverse insulin resistance.

Marylynn Marshall Mendel I’ve been taking it for years and I’ve never had any weight loss with it

Sairekha Suresh I’m very insulin resistant. The metformin is great to keep sugars stable. It improved my insulin sensitivity. But no, the ponds aren’t dropping on their own.

Joanne Sparks Lost over 65 pounds, and yes, my eating habits are radically changed since dx one year ago. Regular Metformin made me really sick, but I’ve been fine since changing to ER last November.

Karen Denise Towers I did take it ,but it messed with my stomach. Even took the time released. We just didn’t jive .

Stacy Cole I’m trying to give it a chance, but how it messes with my stomach I can do without!

Usman Khan Metformin is also used weight reduction more over it is also used in enhancing ovulation and in keeping healthy menstural cycle

Kim Marie McReddie I’ve taken Metformin for since 2003. It helped had some awful side effects but after my son my body collapsed on me. I’m now on Synjardy a combo pill of metaformin and. Jardinace along with insulin and other various meds.

Ed Chesiak I’ve been taking it since 2004 and I don’t think it has done anything negatively or positively

Betty Phillips I use to but it upset my stomach hade to quit but been on insulin for a few years now

Sandy Schmidt Pepos I have lost 20 pounds on it. But I walk 2.5 miles per day and go to the gym for 40 minutes 5 days a week. Working out with weights and riding the exercise bike

Christina Marie Cueto I was told most people lose about 15-25 pounds. I was initially prescribed it for PCOS in 2004, but didn’t lose any weight. I had to quit after a few years due to expense. I had to start taking it again in 2012 due to diabetes. I didn’t lose weight then either.

Lorraine Carter I am perscribed a weight loss medication along with metformin I have lost 25lbs since January

Grace Ruud-Papadopoulos It’s poison stay away from it. Low carb, eat real food, none processed, gym and you will feel great.

Shara Threadgill It made me really sick. Everyday. I got penalized at work for taking too many bathroom breaks. I’d often have to stop on the way home from work to use the bathroom. The name brand was worse for me. IDK why.

Tamura Scisney Yes but makes u lose weight and side effects are awful until you get use to it

Kawashima Marie I have been taking for 6 months now and it helps loose the weight I take it with jardiance and I been losing weight.

Sandra Fingerut In the beginning , then I began the plate method, do water aerobics (3 times a week usually), sometimes use my sister’s recumbent bike, and walk around the corner. So far I’ve lost about 19 lbs.

Annette Sanabria-Archilla Im on Metformin. Its been a month taking it. I don’t think it’s making me lose weight because Im not having the runs. What is making me lose weight, in a slow pace, is eating less than 20g of TOTAL carbs.

Brenda Neth Hey, I am on metformin, 500 mg. My blood sugar hit 190 after breakfast, I worked out for an hour burning off 750 calories, then ate lunch two hours later. Thirty minutes after eating lunch I am 173. I am so depressed.Shouldn’t working out for an hour have made it a lower number in response to lunch. Can anyone give me some advice. I recently dropped from 1500 mg. of metformin and have lost some weight by dropping nearly all carbs. It seems any sugar of any kind sets me off. I really need some feedback. Other than insulin, what drops the numbers the fastest? My last a1C was 6.3 What are your numbers hitting right after a small lunch? Can anyone share a success story of a diabetic vegan? I gained thirty pounds trying to do it.

Laurie Patterson When I started taking it, I lost 25 pounds. Been on it for over a year now and no more weight loss.

Kawashima Marie Well my doctor reccomend me jardiance pre fast and 1 hour after breakfast take metformin

Renata Mearns I’ve been on it for about 10 months but I haven’t lost weight on it but I do have less of a appetite on it

Teresa Phillips Clements I do and yes it helped me lose some weight I still had to eat low carbs and exercise but I lost over 60lbs in 10 months it is rough in the beginning on the stomach but it saved my life help me to get my bs down ..I started out on high dose 2000 a day now 500 a day ..drink plenty of water while taking and stay close to bathroom at first but that will get better as your body gets use to it

Karen Gurney I take metformin and have never had a problem with it. However, it has never helped with weight loss. Cutting carbs & watching portions are the only things that helped me lose weight.

Shannon Lawler Fessler I take Metformin and I have lost weight but my doctor said it wasn’t from that medicine. Now I take Ozempic also and that definitely made me lose weight.

Diane Pezza Metformin does not “make you” lose weight, however it reduces your insulin resistance therefore you require less insulin. The less insulin you need the easier it is to lose weight as insulin is a growth hormone. Metformin is considered to be in a class of diabetes drugs that is “weight loss” insulin, sulfonyureas are in “weight gain”. Metformin + lifestyle = weight loss.

Andria Lilley I have been for the last 4 months but been took off it as of yesterday. I’ve felt bloated on it and it surpreesed my appetite but gave me one hell of a sweet tooth

Do you people even remember how life was before being a diabetic

Do you people even remember how life was before being a diabetic. The freedom of eating any thing any time, the unplanned and pricks free life. Diabetes is sort of prison. Calculated dose calculated meal, the unexpected low ones specially at late nights and the high ones(hyperglycemia) making one urinate frequently with increased thirst. Its been 10 years for me. Its a mess. Happy Dia-anniversary to me
Imagine how wonderful life would be without diabetes.

Kimberly SP Sorry you’re feeling down. It really helps to focus on the positives. I’ve been diabetic for 28 years, and I really don’t think about those things that you mentioned. This is my life; I’m going to make the most of it. I’m not going to lie. I sometimes skip checking my blood sugar, and just take insulin based on what I ate, and then the next time I eat, I try and check. Sometimes I’m a “really good” diabetic and do everything like I’m supposed to do, and some periods of time, I’m a little lax on everything, but it doesn’t last long; I want to be around for a while. I honestly feel that diabetes has caused me to take better care of myself than if I was not diabetic, so as long as I’m diligent, and don’t think about how much I spend every year on diabetes supplies, it’s all okay. 

Usman Khan Its really good that you are living a content diabetic life. Your diabetic story makes me think that diabetes isn’t a curse after all. But do you miss the freedom? the unplanned and less disciplined life?

Leigh Rollins I don’t really remember. I do know I used to eat frequently and never gain weight. It’s been 37 years with T1d.

Leigh Rollins Usman Khan I was 25 years young and in boot camp. Seems like a long time ago…..my primary care doctor (once I was discharged) did not believe I was T1. She put me on metformin, then 3 days later I was in DKA again.

Kathryn Johnson Sorry today is a bad day. I have been on this running wheel for 50 years. Having a pump has decreased the lows hugely and the highs too. I don’t remember much about life before. I was 11 at the time so you would think I could, but not really. I can remember the days and weeks leading up to diagnosis, which was horrible, but that freedom, no, I don’t. Wish I didn’t have this sometime, but all in all I have gained more with it than without. Have a blessed day. This isn’t the worst. When you see a child who has no hair because they are dying with cancer makes this easy. That was my turning point. I had a job delivering flowers. I walked in a room full of bald little girls. I was never the same. Went on to be a nurse. Diabetes is nothing in the grand scheme. Be brave, you can do this.

Shannon Hovden I don’t remember before being t1. I was 11 and going on 23 years with it. So, it’s changed my life completely.

Abdallah Bridja Actually no i do not remember , mainly because i got it when i was 3 so I’ve been in a diet my whole life , it’s not such a bad thing really I’d even say diabetes makes you healthy since you cannot eat junk food all as you please so pretty much you’ll be fit and well and of course there are times when you git sick of it , sugar going low , sugar going high and so on…
but it’s not really that bad you see , my mother always taught me to look at those unfortunate people who cannot even walk , sleep well and even have cancer . when i did i felt happy knowing that i am in a blessing so basically always look at the bright side , there are ups and downs but eventually they’ll disappear like a passing cloud 

Patricia Dunsford I so agree. My mother was diabetic, so she raised us 3 kids on clean diets/living. I have only been diabetic the last 2 years (I am in my 60’s), but I was pre-diabetic for 20 years. Mine is hereditary, so I pretty much eat the same way as I always have. I do cut out almost all refined sugars. I am not on insulin, and only recently did the Dr put me on metformin.

Jess Joyner I don’t remember my pre-diabetes life. I was seven when I was diagnosed, so I all I really know is life as a diabetic.

I think it’s easier this way for me, honestly. I don’t know what it’s like to not have this disease, so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

Karen Gurney Sometimes I do miss the freedom to eat like other people. Sometimes I really miss the treats. However, I know that I am actually much healthier now. I watched a friend of my own age become home-bound, be constantly miserable, have numerous hospital stays and die early all because she would not change her diet and mindset. I miss the good times we had together. There are things we can’t control in life, but those we can affect can make a world of difference in our quality of life. So, every time I get discouraged, I think about my friend, stuck in a chair, on oxygen, unable to do much of anything. If I get to that point, I don’t want it to be because of things I could have done to help myself.

Christina Marie Cueto What I hate is that I’ve had to be careful about what ate from the time I was in high school because I was 30 lbs. overweight. I missed out on treats, wore myself out exercising only to keep gaining weight. I had just decided to give up after 20+ years & boom! I’m being diagnosed with diabetes. I kind of regret not allowing myself treats, so I’m with you.

Payton Ogan No, I don’t actually. Because I was 17 and it was a month before my 18th birthday and I can remember as far back as probably 10 years old, always feeling thirsty, so thirsty nothing could fix it. Then having to pee all the time. I’ve probably had this disease my entire life, and didn’t get diagnosed until 17. Anyway, after being diagnosed (as type 2 at first, the 1.5 years later a cpep test was ran and boom. Type 1) and getting everything under control (with MASSIVE burnouts up to today), I feel SO MUCH better! The thirst is there, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was before hand. And life quality is so much better since being in control, and it’s gotten even better since being on a pump and cgm!

Katrena Keys I was diagnosed at 3.5. So I don’t remember a life without diabetes.
And I’m fine with that.
Sometimes I wish I could eat/do whatever the hack I wanted. But at the end of the day, I’ve got it. It’s led me to some awesome friendships and opportunities. And I wouldn’t change it.

Goranka Pearson Take each day as it comes. I have been diabetic since 1987. Was only nine and don’t remember what was it like before.
Just listen to your body and do the best you can for yourself because you are no.1

Jamie Livingston West To be honest, I am so grateful for my diagnosis. Hear me out first. I am a 3rd generation diabetic. Both my dad and 1 of my grandfather’s died due to complications of theirs. My other grandfather died from other and my mom is still alive with hers.

Sure I was fit and “healthy” at diagnoses. I was also in the Army. I was newly married and around same time also found out I was pregnant. My entire life changed, literally.

But I am making wiser, smarter, healthier choices today. I wouldn’t be if I hadn’t been diagnosed. I am sure of that. I was raised on biscuits smothered in butter & corn syrup, coblers of all kinds, yummy (miss those) 😉 but also eating just about anything I wanted, because we can, right, at least that’s what they were taught, just bolus for it 🤔 all the unhealthy trash. I wasn’t thinking about healthy food choices at all.

But now I am. 22 years later. I am facing a more positive outlook with this disease even. I am spending many hours a week caring for fellow diabetics in critical care who didn’t always make better choices for their management. I’m working on my RN and aiming to be a diabetes educator one day. All because of my diagnoses and learning I am stronger than this disease. It took me 18 years to recognize the positive side to my diagnoses. It’s not always easy but I just remind myself of one thing … I’m a Diabetic with a purpose!!! We all be. It’s simply a mindset. 💙💪💙

Take the bad days and learn from them. You got this! Hang in there.

Jamie Livingston West Usman Khan can agree. But I also would add, once i adapted a Low Carb lifestyle my calculated and planned life became so much easier with less calculations and calculated guesses. It has become natural. Sure like everyone here, we wish we didn’t have to think about shots before eating, before workout, before bed, at wakeup, etc. But I just try to not think about all that cuz it’s just natural, second nature like now for me. An automatic response. Best of luck to us all

Brenda Neth I am grateful to write here and know that I am not alone, even though I am not on insulin. I somehow believed I wasn’t really diabetic because I just take metformin, but I am badly affected by the lightest amount of processed flour, fruit, or any sort of sugar. I grieve this, openly, for the first time, with you. Food has been my friend, and has nearly killed me. Now I need to learn to love it as a friend, without codependency! It cannot be there for me. It is only fuel, bottom line.

Brenda Neth Well guess, what, I don’t. Anyone listening. Comments please.

Kate Swanberg I think that there are times that we all try to justify those food choices that we make that are less than the best for our diabetes control. That meter lets us know that it wasn’t a good choice. So many complications can come from ignoring our diabetes. It can be a struggle when there’s temptation all around.

Janine Marie Diabetes is a tough gig. I’ve had it for 12 years. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming and unfortunately we don’t always get to choose the hand we’re dealt in life. What we do get to choose though is our attitude. I try hard everday to have an attitude of gratitude. Yes I can remember life before diabetes and yes I miss it but as you can see from the many comments a lot of people can’t. Remember, it could be worse! We’ve all got this 

Joanna Miles 2015 for me. I miss enjoying food. I miss digging into a whole plate of carbonara, or mac and cheese. I miss enjoying cake with the works on it and English Christmas cake. I miss being skinny and being able to eat anything without putting on weight. Now it’s even harder to put on weight. I miss not knowing about blood sugar. I miss not wearing my pump (or not injecting). I miss not being able to just hit the gym or running without checking first where I’m at and monitoring it during a workout. I also miss having more than one craft beer…or reaching for a drink and not thinking about my. b.s….the end.

Paul J Berberich Sr. 52 years for me. The routine is so ingrained I almost don’t think about it. Having a CGM since January ‘19 has given me a new lease on life and the improved results give me great satisfaction.
The biggest challenge is to control what you can and accept what you can’t.

Leta Barton Stewart I have been a T1D for 49 years and I agree with Paul J Berberich, Sr. There have been so many awesome updates since 1970! Pumped for about 14 years, but went to MDI a year and a half ago and maintain an A1C below 6.

Donna Mayo Pierpoline 30 years for me. As I tell my brother who was recently diagnosed, you have to find a new “normal”. Many times I wish I was “normal “, but this is my reality.

Linda Gaylord When I get frustrated with diabetes, I try to think about what I would be like if I didn’t have diabetes. Would I be as empathetic to others or kind to those with disabilities and so forth? Try to think about the positive. Frustration sends my blood sugars up, so it only makes it worse thinking that way.
We’re here for you.

Charlotte Breshears Summer We all hear you and completely understand where you are coming from. I’ve been T1D for 37 years. I remember well the life before and I’m thankful I had that. God never gives us more than we can bear, and with problems, He gives us a way to stand up to it. There’s something (many things) for me to learn from this lifestyle and I try to be as positive as I can with what I’ve been given. So thankful for all the great things we have now that we didn’t have 37 years ago. Hang in there. 

Jacob Sinnott 20 years next August. Can’t believe it. I was 7 when I was diagnosed. I actually don’t think I remember prediabetic life. I really don’t. I was about to say yes, but then I surfed around in my own head for a bit looking for some memory of just eating something, but it isn’t there. I can only remember the year leading up to my diagnosis and how goddamn sick I was.

Jacob Sinnott For some insight, my most significant memory is of carrying our new puppy up the stairs out of our basement, and nearly collapsing at the top of the stairs. A 6-9 pound puppy, and I was dead and crying at the top of the stairs. I believe it was that week that my doctor finally looked into possible diabetes.

Michael DeVito 35 years for me. I practically don’t remember my pre-diabetes past. Diagnosed at 28. I get frustrated occasionally, but I keep going…whatever it takes. Pump, GCM are revolutionary. If I was diagnosed 100 yrs ago I might not have made it to insulin.

Rick Matheson My friend, I was just diagnosed with T2 three months ago. I also suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis. I’ve had that forty years. We are a tough group that, when allowed, have a lot of fun with people we love. Hang in there, you are not alone. PS, I hate it!!!

Jenni Jones I was diagnosed almost 3 years ago. So it is still fresh on my mind. Omg, the worst part about it all isn’t the food or the pricks, sticks and insertions, its not even realizing how ignorant people are and even I was regarding this disease…its the highs and lows at the worst times. In the middle of arguing with my teen, sudden drop. Gotta pick a kid up from practice, drop. Trying to get things done before leaving the house, drop. Scheduled to be somewhere, drop. Running to the arena as my daughter goes on stage, drop. Important plans the next day, stubborn high all night long. Family plans, high. Need to get things done, high. I swear my body knows when important things are happening and it works against me, lol. It doesn’t help that due to misdiagnosis, I have severe neuropathy so fluctuations increase my pain.

But yeah, before the disease changed everything, normal wasnt so boring, it was amazing.

Brian Donovan Two off the cuff thoughts. 1) My wife’s grandpa always used to say “it’s not so bad it couldn’t be worse”. Hell of a perspective
setter. This is from someone who grinded it out his whole life. Heath issues, tours on Navy ships, etc. 2) My daughter’s college essay anchored by everyone has their “diabetes.” It teaches you a lot and makes you stronger for it. Huge pain in the ass – but the fight must go on. 38 years with Type 1 I’ve learned that too. It’s OK to dream but then you have to hit your reality head on!

Martin Stolz Feel your pain. If you haven’t already, you may try finding or forming a cadre of fellow T1D’s. No other group of people can understand what you’re really going through.

Phil Mellea It’s been 53 years for me. It’s a battle every day. New Pump has certainly made life safer but the fact u walk around with a sensor and and infusion set just makes it me a little sad but I’m still very thankful. Stay strong be careful live life one day at a time.

Do any of you have compliant “trigger foods?”

Do any of you have compliant “trigger foods?” Like they are approved and safe, but you just freak out and can’t stop eating them?

I found some compliant dark chocolate that is 3g of carb per square. But I found myself going overboard and eating an entire “serving” of 5 squares. It was still within the recommended 50g carb count for the day (a normal day for me is between 12g-20g). And I didn’t spike. But I felt like I was on autopilot and not in control.

Do you have a way of limiting/controlling your trigger foods? Or do you find it easier to just cut them out?

Kathi Maynard-Abbey Yes I’ve been on a cucumber binge for the last week or so. but where is this dark chocolate you speak of

Kristin R. Dawson I limit myself to 2 pieces of dark chocolate with a little scoop of peanut butter. But I think at times I go overboard on pork rinds and guac

Patricia Lotts I have deleted comments bout cookies and other non compliant foods because we are a low carb high healthy fat way of eating group

Shalyn Leence Patricia Lotts can we change the name of the group to depict that? I think the generic diabetics support group name is throwing ppl off. Some ppl just need support and not all diabetics abide by the exact low carb the admins of this group are pushing.
I too eat low carb but have noticed the “compliant” messages are turning to be a bit extreme. And coming across aggressive and rude.

Patricia Lotts Shalyn Leence no we may not change the name of the group . By giving our members the correct answer and information is supporting our members otherwise how would you know the difference.. we are a group of moderator/ administrator administrators that does not sugar coat the dangers of diabetes.further more we aren’t rude just truthful.. But truth hurts those who don’t want change.

Patricia Lotts Shalyn Leence we are not aggressive nor rude we bring you all the most recent information and do this for free

Shalyn Leence Patricia Lotts exactly why the diabetic title is throwing it off.

I’m going to let myself out of this group. I appreciate the bits of GOOD and honest support I’ve gotten but would rather got have such strict guidelines forced when my doctors and nutritionists are telling me otherwise.

Patricia Lotts Shalyn Leence low carb in the beginning but rules never changed guidelines changed to low carb high healthy fat group

Patricia Lotts Shalyn Leence im Administrator in this group and others now 7 years I’m not trying to lead anyone astray nor jump on anyone

Jason Thomas Ok, answer this. Why is it that doctor’s/nutritionist tell us something different than you guys do on somethings? Just asking not trying to start anything.

Patricia Lotts Jason Thomas because most of them have only been trained the ADA way and don’t know anything other than that way , in which it is at least 25 years outdated.. and in fact that they aren’t diabetic and don’t know any better

Rebecca Borke Anderson well, the name is a bit disconcerting. Did anyone know it was keto just by looking at the name when you found it on fb? Maybe it needs to be keto specific in the name.

Jennifer Childre Starkey Jason Thomas In order to understand why I doctor would tell you something different than a group of experienced diabetics goes to how much you may or may not know about what it takes to become a Doctor/Nurse/Nutritionist, I could go on and on with this comment but to nip it in the bud I have been surrounded by healthcare workers of every form my whole life. Let’s take a nurse for example. An LPN goes to school for a year, she learns all they teach in only ONE year. The schools push the outdated ADA guidelines so yet again we get another nurse who strictly follows and pushes those ways. (ADA) Most do not do much learning in the area of diabetes just like most doctors don’t unless of course, that is what they are specializing in. So to answer your question, a doctor only gets so many hours to learn JUST about the endocrine system and somewhere in that class they speak a little about diabetes, anything they learn after that is hands on. This is why they teach what they learned, most do no furthering education in the study of diabetes. They recommend and script out only what they know already. (ADA) This group is founded and ran by experienced diabetics who have learned over many years and tested what works and are offering to share it with all of you. It is up to each individual to research and find out who they agree with and follow them. We do not force this way of eating on anyone and we take no prisoners. I hope this helps.

Gina Lee Mason jar ice cream gets me through the though days. Usually 1 day a month I make it when I’m just losing it. Really satisfys that sweet craving and is compliant.

Allison Templin i had to stop buying Lilys chocolate for the same reason. i really liked the atkins bars too but i would find myself eating 2 or 3 a day. so i just quit buying any of it and i dont make the keto desserts or fat bombs either

Tippi Sladaritz I was like that. But too much of the sweetners give me headaches.
I bought another Lilly bar to see if I cld manage. My best method is break off a row or section and put the rest back in cabinet. Then I carry that little piece to eat as I get back to a project

Amanda Schroeder Scissell I will easily wipe out a 2oz bag of Whisps in one sitting. Good thing the entire bag only contains 2 grams of carbs, so probably the only thing I’m hurting is my wallet! They’re not cheap!

Marguerite Epstein had to quit buying pecans unless I’m prepared to portion it out in one ounce serving bags. If you put a one pound bag in front of me It could end up being gone in a day.

Stephanie Bobak Keto no-bake cookies are my favorite! Even better than the original no bake cookies because I love coconut. But they have 230 calories each & 19 grams of fat. I tell myself I’m only eating 2 per day but yeah right! 2 in the morning, 2 at lunch, gotta have 2 after dinner & a bedtime snack? That’s an entire days worth of calories let alone fat. Wish I would never have found the recipe. But guess what, Walmart is delivering the ingredients to make more tomorrow! Why do we torture ourselves? I am my own worst enemy!

I just started taking metformin yesterday and i feel so crappy

I just started taking metformin yesterday and i feel so crappy

Jenny Helm Are you taking it with food. What dose are you on. I broke mine into 3 doses and take each dose with food. That helped tremendously

Helena Doyle-Aumenta The first few days are icky, especially with the sugar withdrawal. I felt like dirt for the 4 days and then day 5 I was fine. I’ve been on it for 7 weeks now and I’ve lost over 20 lbs, a1c is down from 8.6 to 6.4, triglycerides down 200 pts, blood pressure to normal. It’s totally worth it, just give it a chance.

Matt Carpenter I took metformin and it just made me miserable. I am allergic to it. Doctor put me on glimepiride had no problems with it.

Rosemary Ford After a week of not being able to leave my house my Dr took me off it & I started pills..No more problems,

Charlie Perry It killed me the first few days. Once all the sugar and carbs are out of you the problems should get better.

Linda Willis I’m so glad to hear that1 I’ve been on it for 2 days, and I’m miserable. Also, when I do try to eat, it makes my stomach feel awful, like I’ve swallowed a pumpkin or something.

Charlie Perry Linda Willis with me it took about 4-5 days and I started feeling like it was okay to leave home again.

Dylan Doxey My Dr prescribed Metformin for me. I never took it. I just did LCHF, and as of a few days ago my A1C is 4.9.

Maybe that’s not the right approach for everyone. But I am very skeptical about meddling around with my metabolism using some primitive pharmaceuticals.

Mary Beth Wolf Hitt Dylan Doxey I certainly understand and agree with people’s reluctance to take medication and not work instead to improve their eating, but Metformin is hardly a “primitive pharmaceutical.” It is one of the oldest and safest medications for Type 2 diabetes. It is also relatively inexpensive , since it’s generic. For many people, it’s very helpful. Many of the initial gastro side effects go away as people get used to it.

Armond Murchison I started out taking one 500#, but it gives me bubble guts, so I stopped. My A1C went back to 7.0, so I started taking 1000# once a day. Then I had diarrhea and was light-headed. So I’ve taken myself off of metformin again.

Alberto Gulino Crappy is the word is the motion… it gets better for most people been on it for 7 months

Pamela Brodsky I’ve been on it for 26 years with no problem. It helps if you take it with food. It will get better.

Annette Sanabria-Archilla I take it twice a day, 500mg. First days yeah I went to 🚽 in one day 6 times but it wasn’t a big deal for me because Prior to my diagnosis I was taking a biocleanse and probio and it was the same 💩😂. So then after taking 2 pills in 2 days of iron i got constipated. Now at least once a week I get the urge but as I say it is not bad and it is an easy clean 😂😂😂tmi. Eat breakfast, lunch or meal and after eating take it. I take it with half my meals. Then finish eating.

Stephanie Armstrong Diagnosed last week with diabetes. Took my first metformin today with scrambled eggs. Then chickfila for lunch. Had to come home and been in the bathroom since. Is this normal and can I take imodium or something for the diarrhea?

Anita Doczy It is normal to feel crappy while starting Metformin. Give it a week to 10 days and see if you feel better. Then, I would find another doctor if your doctor doesn’t do something about it.

Tyler Dove I switched from regular Metformin to their extended release version, it worked much better for me and was less harsh on my stomach. If your not using the extended release one, ask your dr about it. Might be a viable option to look into.

Sandie Lynn Metformin can work like a carb blocker and if you eat to many carbs or a high sugar food it will give you GI issues to “flush” the carbs. Keep your daily carbs under 50 per day, many do better keeping them under 30 per day, especially when taking metformin . Give it some time to work and keep your carbs low. EAt strictly from the LCHF food list, Natural Oil/Fat list, and compliant sweetener list. Eliminate inflammatory man made oils . The LCHF food list is pinned to the top of this page and the other list and more are found in the File Folder to this group. NO grains, breads, beans, pasta, rice, potatoes, milk, fruit, carrots, corn, peas, wheat, oats of any type.

Becky Atkinson Try eating before you take it and keep your carb intake low. If you eat according to this groups plan you’ll have a much easier time. If you eat too many carbs on Metformin it can cause gastric upset.

Shelley Honey Hawkins It took 2 weeks to get adjusted and I tell you what. My stomach has never been so
Empy. I miss the feeling now

Stephanie Ann Wilton I was taking that and I told my doctor about how it made my whole body swelling so I told him I am taking it of my medication plan. I have been wonderful since that day

Lisa Childs There is a ‘slow release ‘ metformin and is much kinder on the stomach.. I’m sure I asked the question ‘why wasn’t I perscribed that in the first place?’ and I’m sure the answer was ‘because they are too expensive!’ Mind you I’m talking 20 years ago now so I might be wrong but it’s obviously a better insulin so why not offer firstly? Speak to your GP and I’m sure they will change it for you x

Nik Anthony Gulizo III It will get better. I take mine with a low carb low sugar yogurt from Kroger called Carb Masters or Good Culture cottage cheese. It’s the only way I was able to stop the stomach pain.

Edward S Gordon Taking metformin 1000mg twice a day for 10 years with no side effects except when my calorie intake is too low, my blood glucose of course would go too low. Not a problem on LCHF even with 16:8 fasting

Pin Afj Nope it’s not normal. My fiancé feet began to hurt then they were looking bad. Red swollen. Stopped taking it and better. Mood was HORRIBLE. Depression. Please. Doctor didn’t care. Eat Keto

Edward S Gordon Don’t need smart water nor pickle juice. Eat Keto. View Dr Ken Berry and Dr Fung videos. My diabetes is reversing after ONE WEEK

Laura Andrews I would find out if you can take the slow release. Imodium is your friend just don’t over do it. I would not recommend stop or skipping a day, it’s like starting all over. The slow release helped me a lot. I also took it at dinner time which helped me, but I take 1 a day.

Jeanne A Wonning Eat ask for metformin extended release and. Eat low carb no sugars and grains or unprocessed foods. Metformin also

protects against cancer

Have A1c 7.2 and 160 f bg last labs.

Have A1c 7.2 and 160 f bg last labs. Been on the keto diet totally by accident. I have to honestly say I really don’t know if I’m in ketosis I have not checked it, but I’m allowed 97 carbs and at most had 76. 30/carbs, 40/fats 30/protein , have been sticking to (or not sticking), get the joke? Lol unsaturated fats and mainly no saturated fats, as I have cholesterol issues. and I’m not playing with that! This group is great because it’s a sea of information I’m learning so much, discovering Waze 2 not feel hungry on keto especially with fiber like chia seeds (must soak 1st) of course also a little trial and error, trying to navigate the waters. my macros I had pretty on target today, but had a lot of fiber(38g) supposed to stay about 25 I guess 30 wouldn’t hurt as long as you drink a lot of liquids, they said 70 grams of fiber is where you’ll have stomach distress, my carb manager app cuz where I record all this and it’s really great and easy to use, …. sooooo, I have to actually be careful with eating too much because chia seeds have high fiber and also Ole extreme low-carb tortillas high too.(sell in Target)also adding suja uber greens drink each day for a week, or few. First suja today and it actually made me feel much more alive( ya know what I mean?

Anne Liisa Lepper Sounds like you have not seen the compliant food list for the Low Carb High Fat way of eating this group follows. I’m sure an admin will post it soon and also the other guidelines for this group’s way if eating.

Paulina Buncic The suja drinks are not good for you as a diabetic.
Uber greens has 6 grams of sugar per bottle and contains cucumber, celery, grapefruit, green chard, green leaf lettuc, lemon, kale, spinach, parsley and mit tea.

Paulina Buncic Welcome to our Low Carb High healthy Fat food group. As diabetics our body no longer processes carbs correctly. So, We keep our carbs under 50 per day (many keep it under 30). We eat only the foods on this list.

We don’t eat any bread (grains), rice, potatoes (of any color), beans, corn, peas, pasta, fruit, or sugar. We also avoid milk…you can replace it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk or heavy whipping cream (for coffee). We add healthy fats to keep us full between meals. We are glad you are here. Just Ask us if you have questions

Found another really great benefit of our way of eating today. I have been listening to a book on cholesterol as I drive this week. Today I was so into it I arrived home and kept listening for a half hour. What his me was something Zi knew was good but didn’t realize how good. My most recent blood work showed my triglycerides had gone down from being almost 400 to 84. My HDL was 70 up from 35. So I noticed my ratio was in the green for the first time ever. Well I knew that was good but what I learned today it means my cholesterol particles are most likely now big a fluffy, the non dangerous kind and my insulin resistance is much better. Cool now I want to see more, there are lipid tests that can show more proof on particle size, homocysteine numbers, Inflammation- so this gets better and better.!