I’m brand new to diabetes

Not only am I brand new to this page, but I’m brand new to diabetes. That is to say, I was officially diagnosed on Tuesday. I’m so lost in all of this. I don’t know what to eat or what to do when my sugar is high. I’m still waiting on follow up appts. SOOO overwhelming…

Sugar – 430
AC1 – 9.8

Today my sugar was 264.

I hate all of this. Inside of just a few days, my life is completely changed…and I’m so freaking hungry!!

Kristin R. Dawson Welcome. All of it is overwhelming at first but it gets easier. This page is very strict LCHF (low carb high fat) and has a lot of information in the “files” section . That’s where I would get started.! You got this!

Kathleen Axtman Fortner It really is overwhelming, but if you eat this groups WOE, you don’t have to be hungry!

Dave Buskirk Hang in there. It took me almost 3 months to begin to understand. This group is amazing.

Wade Zetterberg My wife has been on the keto diet for over a year now, so the transition will be somewhat smoother than other’s experiences maybe. I’m just so hungry after basically eating next to nothing this week. Looking for something I can fill up on without going against doctor’s orders and the new lifestyle… that I still know nothing about.

I’m a dude that HATES changes. Even the smallest change screws with me. I’m a big baby, I admit it. And I’m supposed to be indestructible, you know? Like this stuff happens to other ppl… not me. So I’m angry. And hungry. And overwhelmed. And depressed. All of it.

And clearly, I’m dramatic

Denise Parker Wade Zetterberg what did your doctor tell you to eat? If it wasn’t low carb high healthy fats you will continue to have high blood sugars. You may have to go against some of his orders if you don’t want a lot of drugs and/or insulin. Use our food list, show it to your wife and she can help you eat plenty and not be hungry while getting your blood sugar down. If she does Keto she can help you do this, it’s only a little different. Don’t get tied to the ADA guidelines where they push 45 carbs a meal. You’ll end up sicker. I tried to follow doctors orders..it doesn’t work.

Wade Zetterberg Denise Parker they haven’t really said yet. I’ve only been to the appts that got me diagnosed, still waiting on follow ups, classes, dieticians, etc… All in the upcoming weeks. I was basically blind for the better part of 2 hrs on Tuesday. So this is all brand new.

Paulina Buncic Welcome to our Low Carb High healthy Fat food group. As diabetics our body no longer processes carbs correctly. So, We keep our carbs under 50 per day (many keep it under 30). We eat only the foods on this list.

We don’t eat any bread (grains), rice, potatoes (of any color), beans, corn, peas, pasta, fruit, or sugar. We also avoid milk…you can replace it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk or heavy whipping cream (for coffee). We add healthy fats to keep us full between meals. We are glad you are here. Just Ask us if you have questions

Jesus De Los Santos are you hungry all the time?

Wade Zetterberg I was kind of a binge eater in that I could not eat for a day or so, then have a big meal… and then just graze on snack foods here and there. No rhyme or reason to it. Probably why I’m now dealing with this..

Brianne Dentson Start exercising…..that will help bring it down. Also, practice portion control, immediately cut out sugar and white carbs. That’s just to start until you get your head wrapped around everything.

Monique Potter Noriz Hi Wade, it shook my world a year ago. You might be instructed to follow the ADA guidelines for diet, but those can make it worse. Please don’t starve yourself. I was diagnosed at an 11.6 and I usually didn’t eat. Eating made me feel sick, and apparently not eating raised my sugars. In 2 months I brought it down to a 6.8, oddly enough, by eating more often but the good stuff. I follow a Mediterranean diet, which is similar to the LCHF diet that many in here have had success with. Please take some time and do your research. So many doctors are clueless or ADA brainwashed when it comes to this disease. You need to be your own advocate. You’re stronger than you think you are! 

Robin Bridgewater Tingley Wade, I was diagnosed July 3rd. I was a bread/cheese/sweets vegetarian for 22 years. I am learning to get some fish down now, but every time I get down or want a piece of bread or sweets, I tell myself I would rather have my kidneys, feet, etc. than a piece of bread or whatever. It has helped put it in perspective for me, maybe it will help you, too. (Plus I’ve lost 31 pounds already! )

Viv Holloway Hi Wade you can beat this. Think of it as your body telling you it’s now time to look after me. You will be amazed at what you can achieve in a short time. Start simple. Stick to the compliant food list. Use a side plate not a dinner plate. I have brought my numbers down to the normal range. Let us know what you eat and we can give you ideas in compliant versions. The first month or two is the hardest. You can do this.

David Franklin Just remember you fight this disease every meal. As you adapt to the new diet, there will be times you will mess up and cheat. Forgive yourself and get back on the horse. You will get used to the “new normal” over time. Never give up, never surrender!

Katie Ward I would spend this evening reading as many old posts on this site you can find. This is loaded wit information and very inspiring- then clean out the refrig and cupboards, then go to the food store and get started. You can not live well if you try to just take meds to get out of this. Meds are necessary for dome st first but if you eat the right thing you can actually heal and avoid further damage from more meds than you need

Carlo Santos Be patient.you still have the chance to reverse it since it was just recently diagnosed.follow a strict diet.no carbs and sweets.take metformin if prescribed by your doctors daily and on time after every meal.exercie a lot everyday as in you need to perspire kind of exercise…and most importantly,avoid stress like being sad or angry…try to find ways to make you happy.this will help you get rid of the symptoms in about a week or so.then give it at least three months and you might get your blood sugar and hba1c levels back to normal range.trust me I’ve been there.it’s a struggle but it is up to you if you want to get healthy.

Jessica Rosa I’m right there with you. Just learning about all this. Last night I literally cried my eyes out on the couch because my husband was watching a cooking show and he kept saying it looked so good. I realized I cant eat anything they were making. I was heartbroken and lost it. He thinks I’m crazy now.

Dan Brendle Listen carefully to your doctors. Ask lots of questions. If they won’t give you answers find one who will! Eat better. Have your doctor set you up on an appropriate exercise program.

Who drinks and smokes with diabetes

Who drinks and smokes with this disease. Your thoughts and experiences please

Shelley Honey Hawkins I had a glass of wine tonight. It made me very sick.

Pauline Bray I had one small glass of wine at the weekend I felt really sick 🤢 I will never drink again it’s not worth it

Brandy Clark I use to smoke but quit 5 months ago. I realized that i was eating so healthy to take care of my diabetes, but damaging my lungs by smoking.

Kathy Lynn I occasionally have a glass of wine with a meal or to wind down and occasionally vape when I am in an extreme amount of pain.
I quit cigarettes 8 years ago!

Elisa Marie Nash I don’t really drink since I have been diagnosed. The few times I have I really have to watch myself because I get so drunk so quick off so little now. I wish someone had told me that smoking would lead to neuropathy because I would do anything to not have this horrible nerve damage. I quit smoking but, the damage is irreversible. If you smoke quit now. I mean you may develop the neuropathy anyways but, smoking makes it 100 times worse!

Elisa Marie Nash Maryann Tillman Kohler no one told me until one day my hands fell asleep and wouldn’t wake up. It hurt so bad I cried actual tears. I am on a ton of Gabapentin now and am basically a zombie. Oh no I’m sorry you lost a toe.

Leah Ann Occasional drink … I used to be a drinker but have cut way way way down since dx

Danielle Cunningham I’ve never smoked and I quit drinking about 6 years ago when I got on topomax for my migraines. It doesn’t mix

Kelly R. Collins Deleted smoking pot comments. Marijuana is not legal in most States as well as other countries so we don’t advocate smoking it in this group as it is a global group

Frances Knuckles I don’t smoke, but I usually have one glass of wine sometime during the work week, and one on the weekend. It doesn’t bother/affect me, and I look upon on it as a small “reward” or “comfort.” NO, I’m not an alcoholic for liking that as my comfort item,I used to have 5 or 6 glasses of wine in a week, which is NOT heavy drinking. I just decided to make a modification that was more in sync with this WOE without totally foregoing something that I enjoy.

Joana Oros Garcia I dont like drinking let alone smoking 🤷🏻‍♀️ but when i do have socializing time i may drink a beer or two bit the compliant ones

Paula Pow Haven’t smoked since I was in my 20’s and never smoked much. And what little bit of drinking I ever did, I stopped when I first went on antidepressants medication in 1999 because I am not supposed to drink alcohol while taking such medications. I was also told that alcoholic beverages are a no-no with my diabetes, along with fruit juices and sugar-sweetened drinks.

Letty Garza I don’t smoke but I do drink socially. However I cut way back since being diagnosed except for last weekend I drank low carb beer and my fasting bs went to 150. So I’d rather not do that anymore. All that work and just blew it. 😧 only to work harder to bring my numbers back down

Robin Coleman I cut down my drinking.. Haven’t had a drink since the 4th of July. My A1c came way down. Just not worth it. Quit smoking 13 years ago

Robin Coleman I cut down my drinking.. Haven’t had a drink since the 4th of July. My A1c came way down. Just not worth it. Quit smoking 13 years ago

Kriselyn Kristique Galvan I only smoke when I drink. I usually drink a few times a year but when I let loose I drink Diet Coke and rum to sip on or martini. Something low sugar maybe a Bloody Mary for the next day 

Traci Gibson Drinking for me raises my blood sugar to the point where my meters starts to greet me with HI..HOW U DOING …FEEL LIKE CRAP HUH…
Nor do i recommend it for any one with dm1 or 2…
Drimk is how some becomes a dm2
Most alcohol are fermented starches or sugars…
So what’s do u expect it to do but raise.
Just like when u take steroids it’s that first few day’s its up.

Angel Highsmith I rarely ever drink but I did smoke a pack a day for 35 years. I was diagnosed in April of this year and quit smoking 2 weeks later. Almost 4 months smoke free.

Jerry Simon your not serious about getting healthy if you drink or smoke,,,not sure its even compliant w this “woe” i mean gee whiz i worry about drinking coffee, couldn’t imagine anxiety over what alcohol and cigarettes would do to me…..come on people lets get healthy and stay healthy…….do love yourself enough to quit?

Lynn Edwards Oakley No drinking or alcohol for me thank goodness since I have ate so poorly over the years. I want to be around to have grand babies so trying to get in the best shape I can Poor planning is my biggest down fall Working on it everyday and winning right now I know no can do this and I am determined. Good luck everyone

John Teehan Still a smoker. It’s my last vice after a previous long list of vices. Probably be quitting by the end of the year, but want to get a hand in this new lifestyle before I go mucking around with another big change.

Docs aren’t super thrilled, but they understand. They’re getting me a scrip for nicotine gum so I can at least start when I’m ready, hoping I’ll do it sooner than later.

Interestingly, I’m finding a lot of parallels to adapting to T2D as I had when I quit drugs 30 years ago and booze 20 years ago. I that experience is making this a little easier.

Jerry Armitage Although I rarely do anymore. I have to admit. When I was partying everyday not taking my meds. I felt 10 times better than I do now.

Karen Kemling Tullos Never smoked. Only drink very occasionally. I figure with all the meds why aggravate my liver and kidneys with alcohol.

Amy Thomas I am an ex smoker, and I rarely have a drink. I never drank much anyway in my 58 years. When I started on certain meds few years back, it said no alcohol. I might have a sip of my hubby’s beer here and there. He drinks the craft beers. Micro brews.

Sheliah Caddell Dennis trying to stop the smoking / drink rarely now and only wine . i gained so much weight from insulin . i want to do the WOE plan but dental issues due to another illness make it hard to chew certain foods , praying and relaying on God

JoDe Engle I am a social smoker. I have one on the way to work, 2 at lunch driving around and 2 going home. That’s where it ends unless, I have cocktails. Then I over do it on the cigarettes and the alcohol. I like either michelob ultra with 6 green olives popped in or, vodka with dt rootbeer or vodka with Torani salted carmel, unsweetened vanilla almond milk over ice. Neither of those alcohol choices spike my BS infact brings them down.

Sara Watson I have not smoked in over 5 years, I drink very occasionally – usually have to increase my food intake to ensure the sugar levels say normal

Barb Enright I gave up smoking and drinking after I had multiple pulmonary emboli (blood clots in my lungs) and almost died. Diabetes is what put me at higher risk of those blood clots in the first place. I’m not against smoking or drinking, but my body can’t handle it anymore.

Lana Wright I stopped smoking 18 months ago and I died on the 14 th they did cpr and shocked me back i cant wait to work out again
I think they’re coming tomorrow to help with that
I finally got out today it was truly unbelievable I will do what to do live 

Tara N Jose Garcia I quit smoking 5 years ago and cold turkey it was easy for me and trust me you’ll feel a lot better but I just found out 3 weeks ago I’m a type 2 diabetic so I thank God I quit smoking years ago otherwise I would be a lot worse just be determined to quit and suck on a lemon drop they help and trust me within 6 months you will get your taste buds and sense of smell back oh! And I quit drinking when I found out I’m diabetic I want to live a long life for the sake of my son that’s why and I was drinking crown and coke and beer but not anymore I feel a lot better without all that toxins in my body and beer has a lot of salt which isn’t good

How do you all deal with testing when out in public

How do you all deal with testing when out in public? I don’t want to go to the bathroom because I feel it’s so germy 😝 and I feel strange doing it around other people also. I know some people are squeamish around blood for various reasons. I also dread any kind of confrontations EVER, so I’m wondering what you all do.

Wilma Perkey Keep alcohol wipes with your meter. Set your Lancet up before you leave your house. If you are discrete most people would not even realize that you are testing.

Missi Barber I’ll set up my purse as a barrier in between my squeamish friend or set it on my lap, but other than that, I don’t censor myself for the public.

Sherry Knue I discreetly do it, and either take my bio trash home and throw out, or throw out myself. I work on restaurant and have had people leave their bio trash on their trays, as we pick up the trays that is not right

Karen Belak Do it on my lap and sort of turn to the side. We are usually with family and know one minds or is squeamish. It has been a great learning tool for my grandchildren

Anne Liisa Lepper Doesn’t make a difference if I’m in public or not. Open up the kit in my lap and just do it.

Dawn Agrait Weate I’m more concerned about strangers than family and friends. I just don’t want to be confronted about it.

Valerie Malliett Depends on who I’m with. But there is nothing shameful about testing.

Gretchen Brightman Palmer Right out in the open where anyone who wants to can watch and judge

Debi Davis I have a private office, however co-workers have came in while I was testing. Most people are aware of diabetes and know we have to test in order to maintain our health and they just let me finish without asking any question

Rosanna Marie Catone it can be used as a learning tool.. educate folks

Katie Sestito Just do it wherever you are. Have no shame. No need to hide it. It’s not your problem if other people have a problem. It is their problem.

Mia Hernandez I do it wherever I am at and most the time I’m at home

Julie A. Murray I think it’s more discrete than breastfeeding so I just whip it out, get my blood, test and put it all away. No one is the wiser.

GiGi Barmer I am old and could care less what anyone thinks about anything I do or say or wear.

Mickie Chase I just test where I am. I do it discreetly. Or in my car. I really don’t worry about doing it with others around. They van turn their heads if it is an issue.

Katherine Haan Floren I do it under the table trying to be as discreet as possible. If they ask what I’m doing, I ask them why they want to know?? Usually shuts them up pretty quick 

Pamela Brodsky In the beginning U used to do it in the ladies room, but my doctor told me that it’s perfectly fine to test and inject right at the table. I’ve been doing it for about 20 years and no one has ever said anything about it.

Frances Knuckles I test in a low key, matter of fact manner. Anyone who has never seen someone check their blood sugar needs to be given a demonstration. It’s giving myself injections in public that still bother me a little. How’s that for logical thinking?

Kathleen Carson-Asher I strip to my waist and put my phone up to my boob with the sensor on it and PING!

Lisa Yarborough I want someone to come up to me with an objection to my testing at the table. I dare you

Rebecca Sue Congdon I just pull my kit out and do it in my lap. Or find a private corner. I’m known to do it at the table. No one has ever complained. IMO its like breastfeeding. It’s a medical reality that is just part of our world. I don’t rub it in anyone’s face but I don’t hide in shame.

Bethani Jo-El McCoy I try to test in my car when that’s an option. But just kinda be quick and secretive about it. If my anxiety is acting up to bad that day I just avoid needing to test in public.

Nina Neher I’m like a quick-draw-mcgraw.
Takes me less than a minute. Lots of practice right? 😆 No one gets a chance to even see blood lol

Debi Troyer Callahan I used to be that way now I just don’t care I test At least one is legitimate illness not something that if I just chose not to do what you tell me I’m not a diabetic because I wanna forget for a little while

Theresa Przybylkowski Skelton Don’t be embarrassed by it. It’s now part of your life just do what you have to do for you. Let everyone who has a problem with it deal with it. Good luck

John Barlowe Test right before you go in, or if you feel the wait is going to be too long, you can discreetly test at the table with your hand in your lap.

John Kawakami I used to lay out all the gear on the table. Meter. Alcohol pads. Log notebook. Metformin. Now I figured out how to keep it in the pouch and work quick.

Lillian Shorey Blood is more than ‘squeamish’, blood transmits lots of diseases (aside from being unsanitary). Be mindful and respectful, but not ashamed. I go to the bathroom and lay my testing kit open and test on that with paper towels down too.

Sheila Harmon I don’t mind the bathroom. I lay paper towels where I’m testing then test. Takes less than 40 seconds. I would not test at a table where I’m eating unless I’m alone. Or I test in the car if I remember to restock an alcohol pad.

Brittney Pearl Buchholz-Dean I set up in my lap if sitting or on top of my purse as I push the grocery cart at the store… most people don’t even notice unless you make it completely obvious

Jenn Callum The tiny tiny drop of blood is nothing anyone should have an issue with – if they do… 🤷‍♀️ Do what you have to do, where you need to do it. It only takes a minute. Obviously the used test strip goes into your kit to be disposed of later. No big deal.

Ruth Hughes I do it in my car, or a little under the table..people do stare at me like ?? I just iggy them..some people take a shot in public places, but normally I take mine in my car..

Rae Weisz Logan In a month I never thought to use an alcohol pad ? I use the same needle for over a week. I only test in the morning mostly. Why an alcohol pad and when do you change a needle ?

I am on insulin daily

I am on insulin daily as metforim did not help at all. Anyone in the same situation?

Beckara Mosley Metformin doesn’t directly lower your blood sugar like insulin does. With Metformin you must be strict cutting out starchy carbohydrates. It’s best to do the same with insulin also

Christina Brown-Groves I do both.. metformin, short and long acting insulin.

Jenna Billos I do short term insulin 3x a day before meals and a long acting insulin before bed.

Antonett Solis I take slow acting insulin 3x a day before meals.

Corky Derksen I take insulin once a day. I was having extreme reactions to metformin.

Carol Van Duren Yes. I got very sick on Metformin..with my IBS a lot of meds hurt my stomach badly. So I opted for Insulin. Its been great. I only take 11 units at bedtime no side effects.

Denise Parker Yes. I was on Tresiba once a day when I started this group, 3rd week I came off of it.

Veronica Raz Yes, same situation, but insulin was added to Metformin.

Tracy Carlin I couldn’t take metformin and was started on insulin (Lantus). After starting keto I was off of insulin within a month and had lowered my A1c by 3 points. So excited to find out what my next number is in September. If you start keto be sure to consult your doctor as combining keto with some meds and insulin can cause hypoglycemia. It is a process of lowing medication as you lower your carb intake. Wishing you all the best!

Justin Michaud I was also on metformin for about 5 weeks, insomina was the lower for me; also didn’t lower my glucose. Currently on lantus nightly, working on finding the right dose

Steve Hanson I was till I lost 105 pounds.

Paulina Buncic Metformin helps lower blood glucose levels by improving the way the body handles insulin — namely, by preventing the liver from making excess glucose and by making muscle and fat cells more sensitive to available insulin.
Metformin not only lowers blood glucose levels, which in the long term reduces the risk of diabetic complications, but it also lowers blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and does not cause weight gain the way insulin and some other oral blood-glucose-lowering drugs do.

Zachary Bane I’m on an insulin pump with trjenta and lisinapril

Gail Sincavage Caffrey I may be doing the same thing very soon. My daughter is getting married on Saturday and I didn’t want to try a thing new until after the wedding.

Jeanne Kleinschmidt Stir it well and keep in the fridge— it will be a hard to spread so scoop the amount you want but bring to room temp. Keeping it in the fridge stops it from separating again.

Jennifer Childre Starkey The plain peanuts and salt peanut butter is the best way to go. Yes, you keep the oil and stir it all up. I always try to remember to flip my jar each day upside down and then right side up. It just kind of keeps it mixed, no need to refrigerate as it will not go bad till the expiration date. It really is good and of course, you can mix any compliant sweetener to it whenever you like.

Tippi Sladaritz My issue w it is how thick and hard it is. Other brand must put something in it to thin and smooth.


I’m brand new here and struggling with the sugar addiction

I’m brand new here and struggling with the sugar addiction. I haven’t quit yet and as a extremely picky eater I’m at a loss on what to do. Any suggestions? Thx!

Candace Leverton What are things you like to eat? There are lots of alternatives but you’re gonna have to go on an adventure of getting out of your comfort zone a bit and be open to trying new things!

Mary Anne Brennan-Ottoline that’s my problem. A big problem. I have a very small menu and don’t try things. My problem but hard.

Michael Chiusano Mary Anne Brennan-Ottoline no one had a smaller menu then me. I had the menu of a 6yr old. If I can do it anyone can

Paulina Buncic Welcome to our Low Carb High healthy Fat food group. As diabetics our body no longer processes carbs correctly. So, We keep our carbs under 50 per day (many keep it under 30). We eat only the foods on this list.

We don’t eat any bread (grains), rice, potatoes (of any color), beans, corn, peas, pasta, fruit, or sugar. We also avoid milk…you can replace it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk or heavy whipping cream (for coffee). We add healthy fats to keep us full between meals. We are glad you are here. Just Ask us if you have questions

Paulina Buncic You must realize you now have a serious disease. The good news it can be controlled with food and meds if needed. You must realize that if you continue to eat carbs it puts you at risk for loss of eye sight, kidney function, your toes and feet, heart problems, etc. You must change your thinking about food and learn that there is a lot of tasty food you can still eat.
My bg was 486 at diagnosis, it even got up to 495. Now it is 87-90 everyday.

Mary Anne Brennan-Ottoline Paulina Buncic I know and it scares me. I’m on Metformin and would love to get off it. You sound like you are doing good,that’s wonderful

Brianne Dentson Mary Anne Mary Anne Brennan-Ottoline I am a picky eater with a sweet tooth as well. But I decided I was in a fight for my life the day I got my diagnosis. I have found alternatives for my sweet tooth in the recipe group. And I’m eating things only from the chart that someone posted above. You can do it. You just have to get out of your own way.

Brianne Dentson Mary Anne Brennan-Ottoline take a look at the recipe page as well. I’m making cheesecake, ice cream & brownies for my sweet tooth.

Lorë Bollengier I used to be addicted to sugar too, but decided it wasn’t worth losing toes or a leg over, so at first I did just meat and cheeses which I also enjoy

Gina Lee The recipe group is great. I made a lot of the desserts from there the first month to help me get over the sugar cravings. I rarely have those cravings anymore since eating from our food list. I do like to make something new once a month. The cheesecake recipe is so yummy in there. It gets better and you will feel better too. Good luck.

Denise Parker Try new things and quit being picky? Lol, kidding, but not kidding. Your taste buds do change. So be adventurous. As an example, I have always hated and I mean hated Dr. Pepper. I would gag if I got my daughters glass by mistake. Last year I picked up what I thought was my drink, nope it was grandson’s Dr. Pepper and I thought hmm that’s pretty good. So I started trying diet Dr Pepper. You just introduce yourself to some new stuff and when you get totally sugar free you will find that some things really taste different to you than they did before. Either way if you want to get your diabetes under control you need to jump in and try. 

Bonnie Poynter Oh I understand… Only the loss of vision in one eye caused me to gain the motivation needed to change my diet. It also helped to have some family support.. but that didn’t occur until eye surgery costing thousands was emanent. Then they finally quit handing me desserts etc.

Bonnie Poynter I have to say to you children thanks I’m so sorry I can’t eat this it will kill me… A bit extreme I know .. sometimes I just take it say thank you and put it down.

I really want to know what’s in the compliant buffalo chicken dip. I love that stuff!

I am so excited to finally be able to tell you all that I have lost 50 lb

I am so excited to finally be able to tell you all that I have lost 50 lb since April 5th of this year! We are working farmers, and part of what we raise is poultry. I decided to celebrate the occasion by carrying around a 50 lb bag of chicken feed for as long as I possibly could, to see how it felt to carry around all that extra weight again.

WOW!! Let me tell you, I immediately felt sluggish and slow. I felt like it was going to take a lot of effort for me to walk anywhere at all. I wanted to see how long I would feel comfortable carrying this weight as I went about my daily activities.

I was so relieved to be rid of that bag, finally. Then I thought about how much weight I still need to lose. If I could lose 40 more pounds, that would be great. So, it’s almost like I’m carrying around another 50 lb sack of chicken feed. I feel so much better now having lost 50 lb, but how much better am I going to feel with another 40 lbs off? I can only imagine it’s going to be amazing!

The particulars: I was diagnosed with an A1C of 7.8. Three weeks ago, at my 3 month checkup, it was 6.4. Triglycerides went from 337 to 203. Total cholesterol went from 178 to 130 (I am on a statin). All of this following the LCHF WOE! Thank God for this page and the people who run it. This page is lifechanging and lifesaving!

Kelly R. Collins So excited for you

John Barlowe I know what you mean. I lost 60 lbs and that equates to about two 8x8x16 hollow core concrete blocks. I tried carrying those around and was wore down in a couple dozen yards. No wonder I have so much more energy.
Keep up the good job. LCHF for a better life.

Joan Ray Haig Dawn. Wonderful news! I just finished 22 and want to lose 50 total. U are my hero! Can u give us some tips? Go to bfast? Fav lunch? Quick dinner for tired nights?

JoelDawn Suderman Joan Ray Haig I do best when I eat two meals a day. One around 10 or 11, and another one around three or four. Go to breakfast is a boiled egg, two ounces of block cheese, and 1/3 bell pepper. Preferably green because it is less sweet.

JoelDawn Suderman Quick dinner is a salad with compliant ingredients especially meat. Or a hamburger patty with some type of fresh vegetable.

JoelDawn Suderman Eat lots of leafy greens. Favorite snack is cucumber spears. Love mixing lightly steamed broccoli, bacon, compliant mayo, parmesan cheese, touch of cayenne pepper, and some red onion together. Can be eaten cold or warm. I like Gatorade lemon lime zero in the afternoon on the evening because that’s when I tend to crave sweets. Also, it will replenish electrolytes.

Russell Rangel This is awesome. I’m down 50 myself. This woe is the only thing that has worked for me. Anyone that’s reading please don’t give up. Be patient.

LaVonne Davis-Schenck Every time I buy dog food, I remind myself that this is what I lost, and how determined I am that it doesn’t come back. Now for the next bag of dog food.

Jannie Stickney You are inspirational!! And that is a great way to remember, remind yourself to stay strong and stick with the WOE!! 

Ashley Hetzel That’s an amazing way to look at weight loss!!! Since November when I found out I was diabetic my A1C was a 6.5 I have since gotten it down to a 6.0 and have lost 75 pounds.

Marcia Josker I lost 14# in 6mons and gained 3# back. I need to lose between 35-40# I walk 30- 45 min per day 5-6 days a week. Cut meal portions down and have one fruit inbetween meals. How did you lose 50#

I’ve been struggling so bad with my sugars

I just saw my new primary care physician today and she said if I don’t bring my sugars down below 200 I could become in dka state where I can die from it. I’ve been struggling so bad with my sugars that they been running above 400 each day. I was almost had dka 2 times already. Was at urgent Care on this past Tuesday and they transferred me to er because they said my sugar was almost 500 and they thought I had dka. I am on metformin 1000 mg 2x a day and 2 different insulins. My body rejects the insulin so much when they raise my insulin up and up it raises my sugar up really high. I’m so scared. My grandfather died when he was age 31 with sugar problems. I am 31 yrs old I don’t want that to happen to me. I never knew him. I usely don’t post anything about myself but I need support more then anything right now. My Dr said if it stays above 300 keep going to er. No matter what. I have issues with my stomach. I can’t eat much because I throw up the food. I basically drink water all the time plain water and sugars are still high. I am staying away from sugar. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I don’t see the sugar Dr till October. I’m freaking out. Been having sugar problems sinc I was 18yrs old

Michael Chiusano Only eat foods from this list

Victoria Johansky I can’t eat certain foods

Katie Ward Victoria Johansky Find enough on here you like and get going – this is the only way you will get better. I buy Boarshead meat sliced fresh from the deli. I have been eating turkey but you can have others just read labels – then I take a slice of Swiss cheese and a compliant mayo. I add some spring greens or spinach. I roll it up and eat it- so good. When I first started I ate a lot of omlets, homemade, with cheese and bacon. I love a big cup of coffee with heavy cream – there is a lot here – study it – get the junk out of you house and have day 1 a healthier you. If you are totally compliant to our way of eating if won’t take long and you will be a lot lot better- on your way to good.

Shana Motta Yes what Michael said is step 1 and welcome to this group…can be extremely overwhelming at first but if you following this WOE (way of eating) it really works!

Victoria Johansky I basically live off broth it’s I can keep dow

Tabitha AnnMarie McDaniel Following im dealing with same issue i have diabetic gastroparesis so cant eat certain foods . Prayers for you

Becky Atkinson Are you a T1 or T2? I would recommend you read a book called Diabetes Solution by Dr Richard Bernstein MD. It sounds like your Dr is giving you good advice. Adhere strictly to this low carb way of eating and your numbers should come down.

Bernadette Reyes Maybe you should see an endocrinologist instead of your regular PCP..

Mark Braun YES. an endocrinologist is key. I go to one who LISTENS and is as much a cheerleader as a doctor. A good one understands the sinking feelings we get when things go off-track.

Bernadette Reyes -> Mark Braun that is great that you have one that listens and cheers you on. It’s so hard to find good doctors I love my team of docs..keep up the good work 

Kathy Ken Recently in ICU # over 500, with DKA ….less than two months later # are down in 100 plus range ….this site has helped me , be patient ! Eat right , take meds and educate yourself !

Victoria Johansky Insulin doesn’t work on me at all my body rejects it

Shana Motta Victoria Johansky if you follow this way of eating you won’t need insulin anyway…but you need to be strict (it’s so doable once you get your mind there)

Melissa Mellenthin I don’t have diabetes but my husband does so his journey is mine. What helped us was meal planning. Find the foods you can eat, do the research before you go to the store so you dont feel overwhelmed and make a meal plan for that week. Find easy diabetic recipes an start there. Maybe start a food journal with simple foods an find what is upsetting your stomach (i have ibs an that helped me). Foods that are light and that you think your stomach can handle. This method not only is putting my husband on the right track of getting off medicine (per his dr.) we also save money, dont waste food, and i have freezer prepped dinner meals that are ready to go. He’s dropped over 25ibs an is always full. At first it was overwhelming and our household was very stressed but like with anything it becomes routine an easier. Keep your head up! You got this! 

Christy Schoffner Melissa Mellenthin my husband was recently diagnosed and the meal planning is so hard. Do you have a list I could see of things you cook?

Victoria Johansky Only thing that helped is bag of insulin that’s it

Denise Parker Victoria Johansky that’s because it’s constant slow rate. You may need to be on a pump. Are you sure you’re type 2? Ask for the tests to prove you’re not type 1. Although both do very well on this diet, if you’re really type 1 then you’ll always need insulin. There are several different fast acting insulin’s, eventually one will work. But in the meantime you need to cut out the foods that increase blood sugar. Change to this way of eating. Get to an endocrinologist.

Stephanie Lieber Exercising light to moderate has helped mine come down. I say this in conjunction with what everyone else had said
Even just a small walk for 15-20 minutes makes an impact on lowering mine.

Bernadette Reyes Maybe see an endocrinologist and get a pump see if that is an option for you..stick to this WOE it’s tough but will become very natural..you got this dont give up!!! 

Roslyn Robinson I’m so sorry you are struggling with this woe. This disease is very scary because you must keep your bld sugar down, not low low but down. I know you are scared. You aren’t alone but with group you joined will help you. No judgement just advice on how you can manage your diabetes. Believe, it will get better. I’m sending you positive vibes and results all the way from Alabama.

Marcia Posz You cannot survive on just broth. I think the most important two things to cut out are Grains and Sugar. People feel like bread is not as bad but I think its just more sneaky.

Kellye McGraw Englishbee *Please go to an endocrinologist and have your pancreas evaluated. Maybe your pancreas is functioning less than your current physician thinks it is and you need to take some measure to to correct that. It might involve increasing insulin, taking a different type…or determining that you are type 1 instead of 2, or a pump or something else~ but it’s better to know.
*You said all you eat is broth.
-I’m curious to know what you had to eat and drink for the entire day yesterday.*

Laura McClure Yes you need to see a specialist not just a regular doctor…research and educate yourself…buy books..one I just bought was REVERSE DIABETES…read everything you can…

Candice Holland Stevens Uam si sorry to hear that but iam on 2 i insulin and a pill i not supposed to eat carbd ir sweetdor bread nor salt but my sugars been out if controls so i see my dr tomorrow and ive been trying t drink alot more water witch i have but my anxietyhas git vad with family problems and dont sleep i eat all the time witch iam not hungry so he up one ny med for anxiety and i take 2 pill now so ut been helping allittle but u hope u can better god bless

Denise Parker Also, insulin sensitivity is affected by minerals. Be sure you’re getting potassium and magnesium as both affect the processing of sugar in your body. It can be as simple as adding Himalayan pink salt, Morton’s light salt to your foods, and water, and a magnesium supplement.

John Kawakami This sounds really serious. Does you bg meter measure ketones? Get the strips. Get the urine ketones strips as well. You got to manage that as well as the sugars. Just eating broth is definitely fasting, and you will go into ketosis. You don’t want that ketone going too high. It makes the blood acidic and all kinds of problems.

J Lin Smith Move the body, even if just stepping in place or dancing to a song. It will help along with drinking lots of water. 

Kelly Shadeck Victoria 1st of all I’m so sorry you are so sick. It is hard when we have to depend on doctors to tell us what to do because that’s only M-F 9am to 5pm 2nd I feel that you need to get the nausea settled first THEN work on any eating issues you have. I have learned that if your body is in distress you sugar will rise.
I am on 2 months of nausea I’ve lost 22 pounds and my sugar is out of whack not eating PM me if you want to chat. Feel better


I have multiple sclerosis and was put on IV steroids and a steroid taper for 6 weeks

Hi! Newly diagnosed here. I have multiple sclerosis and was put on IV steroids and a steroid taper for 6 weeks. That trip to the ER sugars were high and was DXd with diabetes and given 500mg Metformin 2x daily. Fast forward a week and I end up in ER due to DKA. Discharged with 30 units lantus and 1-6 novalog as needed. My fasting will not break below 240 😩when I eat I have only 0-10 carbs and I skirt under 400. I’m so afraid. My kids are 17 months apart and the youngest is 2, both were GD pregnancies, so I feel I have some experience with diet and exercise to get numbers in check and it’s not helping.

My dad is T1 and mom is T2, since I had GD then normal A1C levels after both pregnancies. ER dr. Said I’m T2, since it comes from the mother? I had all the classic symptoms, lost 20lbs, thirsty, fatigue etc. I chalked it all up to a Multiple Sclerosis summer flare. What testing can I ask for to determine if I’m T1 or T2. With Multiple Sclerosis the autoimmune diseases love to pile on.

Also, any advice on managing diabetes on steroids is welcomed TIA

Lori Jensen 🙏🙏❤️❤️ I’m just sending love and prayers. You look 15 in this pic

Beckara Mosley You have to keep your non starchy carbohydrates as low as you can and it seems like you are . Sometimes steroids are necessary for other issues and we just have to ride it out .
A c peptide test will determine if you are type 1 or 2 .

GiGi Barmer Just here to say your plate is full! I also have an autoimmune and am waiting for testing to see if my autoimmunes are ganging up or if I am type 2. I go back to dr on Aug 26. Best of luck to you. You are beautiful and obviously a fighter!

Tammy Thomas Hang in there! It may take a little while to figure it out but remember you are your biggest advocate for your Heath! So keep working at it!

Glenda Jerry Burns Keep us informed on your progress. Ok please. This story I am very interested in. Keep track of your daily condion I know someone will benefit from it.

Dolores Abrego Saldaña Prayers for you! Take it one day at a time. I cannot pretend to know what you are dealing with on a daily basis but I can tell you stress won’t help your numbers either. Much hope and love to you!

Julie Jonez Steroids are terrible but you have to take them, if it’s any consolation my numbers were in the 450s fasting while I was on steroids. Just mind your diet and do what the doctors say, and do research.

Louise Barber Hi! I’m new to this but wanted to send you a hello 

Denise Parker Blood sugars will be high until off of the steroid. Definitely ask for C-Peptide (I think that’s right) and the antibodies testing to rule out type 1 since you also have another autoimmune disease. I’ve been told T1 comes through father’s to children. I’m not positive that’s true, but was told that by a friend who is type 1 and was told that by a doctor when she was concerned that her kids would be diabetic. Push for the testing, many adults are misdiagnosed as Type 2. Hope you feel better soon!

JoelDawn Suderman I don’t have any helpful advice for you, but please do know that you are in my prayers. Stay strong momma!

Carlo Santos Get well soon.it takes time but for sure you will be fine.

Christina Harwell This happened to me recently I was on steroids due to autoimmune diseases as well. My blood sugar was over 600..we are now finding out that I may not be diabetic but that it was steroid induced diabetes. Watch to see what your numbers do as you taper the steroids. Praying for yoy I know it’s scary. I am 40 and have 4 kids so I am being super careful

Lynsey McIntire Deff need to have the antibodies testing done to see if you have type 1. Cpeptide will show how much insulin your making to help see where your at. I’d request it asap as it will change how you go about treating things. Good luck.

Tiffany Werner The nutritionist and diabetes counselor I saw a is a type 1. She gave me so much hope and clarity. I was focusing on diet and she helped me see how I need to get my BG levels in check with insulin first and how to make adjustments on my own. Understanding how the long and short acting insulin’s work really have given me a path ❤️ thanks for the support today.

Dawn Hipps Beam Steroids caused me to develop Type 2 Diabetes!

Sue Klein Streisguth You’ve got your hands full… hope you feel better soon!

Katie Ward When you can get off the steroids that will help a lot.

Amy Thomas My Mom was on steroids everyday for her COPD/Emphysema. They put her on Metformin daily. She didn’t have Diabetes, thank goodness.