Is keto really bad for diabetics

Boy you guys were not kidding! I went to my appointment today to see a dietitian and he was something else!! I literally left almost crying…. he basically sat there and talked about how Keto is bad ,eating less carbs is bad my WOE is bad.. I mean his name was Alfredo lol but every question I had he basically told me to just eat what I want but cut out processed foods and start eating Whole Foods 😒he mentioned beans a lot that my body needs to build a normal immune to what I eat… I left in a hurry kinda upset with him and said I’m not going to do that

Gretchen Brightman Palmer A lot of us have had the exact same experience. I just nodded and said ok when the diatician I talked to said basically the same thing. 35-40 carbs per meal and just cut your starches in half. I knew I wasn’t going to listen so I just let her ramble on.

Amy Poe I guess I am lucky. My dietician is very supportive of this woe

Gretchen Brightman Palmer Amy Poe my PCP is very supportive, the diatician was anything but helpful.

Wilma Perkey Amy Poe you are lucky. I get way more from this group and doing my own research than I got from 2 four hour classes. I have one more class to go and I’m supposed to meet one on one with a dietitian and take a food log. I know they are going to push the 30-45g of carbs per meal and I’m not going to do that.

Rebecca Platt Several people have asked me if I’ve seen a dietitian or nutritionist since being diagnosed 2 months ago & when I tell them no, they say I should. I’m not going because I know I would have an experience such as this. I’m sorry you had to go through that. 

Suzi Johnson Michaels Apparently my Primary is too,(very supportive) because she told me she started keeping her carbs under 20 just from finding out she was pre-diabetic! Which makes me wonder why she had the nurse give me ada crappy literature, but I think she trusts my determination because she was willing to discuss which med, and she ditched the idea of Metaforim (sp) and started me on 1 mg Glimperide.

Gina Lawrence Suzi Johnson Michaels did you have any side effects from Glimepiride? One they told me was it makes you real hungry and you gain weight.

Suzi Johnson Michaels The first time I took it (supposed to be taken with first meal or breakfast), I didn’t feel well afterwards. I can’t specifically explain how, but I felt instinctively I might need a couple more carbs because what I fixed wasn’t much more than a Jimmy Dean sausage patty with compliant cheese melted on it. Now I make sure I’m including something that has a few carbs and I haven’t had any side affects at all. My Dr. had prescribed me Diphenoxylate-Atrop in case I got diarrhea but I haven’t needed it.

And yes, I do get hungry because I’ve been very strict not to eat anything starchy or even an ice pop so my body has had some adjustment to the smaller less filling meals. In the case I do get hungry before I can fix dinner (I just can’t get 3 meals a day in), I snack on an ounce of protein, usually cheese. I think that only became a necessity the first week. (I’m on week 2 1/2). I lost 10 pounds, then gained it back, and now lost it again. With congestive heart failure and head induced edema, my weight fluctuates frequently, but I can FEEL my body has less fat, and I can spring up into my truck seat much easier, so…..

Lucy Brown Sorry. I know it can be very upsetting. My husband (the diabetic in the family) doesn’t tell his doctor about his diet because he doesn’t want to hear a lecture. Of course she thinks his fabulous results are due to her care not even asking about his diet. Numbers don’t lie and his numbers have improved greatly with LCHF.

Suzi Johnson Michaels “Building an immune to what you eat” makes no sense, if he knew the workings of diabetes at all! You’d be doing just the opposite. Sorry for your ordeal, glad you are here!

Jill Hogg Yeah, I saw a nutritionist a few times, but she harped on about processed foods a lot. The only good tip she gave me was to be sure to eat protein with my carbs to keep things from spiking.

Leah Ann I have decided not to see a dietician specifically because I have a sense that they are going to start saying the same. since joining this group I feel I am on the right track. I don’t need anyone trying to make me feel bad. Good for you for telling him you got this 

Wilma Perkey Well the ADA has changed their “standard of care” regarding nutrition for diabetics as of June 2019. However they refuse to actually put a number on the recommendations for daily carb intake stating that eating patterns should be customized for each patient. And the medical field won’t adopt the new guidelines for months.
I’m going to print out anything I can find, from the ADA website, advocating a VERY low carb eating pattern to take with me to my next appointment(s) with dietitian and Dr.

Katie Ward Wilma Perkey I think everyone that jumps into this WOE realizes pretty quickly that it really works. It treats the route cause and helps us start healing pretty fast. I agree with all above
I just have such anger that these “professionals” are so misguided and because of their position are hurting so many people!

Annie Culley What is the story with that teaching our bodies to accept carbs theory? The other support group I left demanded all members eat 30 to 45 carbs per meal. They said if I didn’t do it immediately I was putting myself in harm’s way because I would always spike. I read a study by a guy that said he followed the same everything but ate low carb one period and then healthy carbs the same amount of time. He had way less swings on low carb. Does anyone know why they think we need to condition ourselves to eat carbs?

Sheila Harmon Wilma Perkey I’m just curious. why do you need the stamp of approval from your doctor or dietician? They can tell you to only eat spinach but it’s up to you as to what you do. When they ask me what I do I tell them I eat the way a diabetic person is supposed to.

Kathleen Axtman Fortner I mean, yes, they stay their standards have changed. However they still support eating carbs that just aren’t good for us, such as Legumes and grains.

Harvey Lawrence Jr. I see my endocrinologist tomorrow for my 3 month check-up. I always bring my bs results. The last 2 weeks or so are going to blow his mind.

Nancyl Wilcocks But when you get your numbers down to a great level please go back and show her. Show her she is very wrong! Or at least send a copy of the results.

Sandra Navigato-Varley Hmmm….. when my doc told me I was diabetic I obviously didn’t know this group existed. She asked if I wanted to talk to the dietitian. I told her no, I know how to eat right, I just don’t. I was wrong. I didn’t know. Thanks for your help. My doctor will be amazed at my weight loss and my bs score

Tippi Sladaritz Sandra Navigato-Varley it amazes me how many people don’t know, but think they do.
I had someone argue w me that fruit is a better snack than crackers when I tried to tell them it is ALL sugar for a diabetic.

Annie Culley Same here. My doctor said she agrees with us and it makes sense to trust my meter. However she also said she wants me to see a nutritionist for support and we’ll see how goes. Her name is Iris. I hope she’s not like Alfredo but I’m expecting she will be.

Candy May Neumann My husband dietician said same thing last week ,he went to doctor yesterdayand he asked her about it and she said the totally opposite ,bc he told her I was doing low carb for him and she said to keep doing what I was doing,but to be careful bc u still need ur carbs too

Stephanie Bobak That’s why I didn’t go to my appointment. What I’m doing here is working just fine & I don’t need anyone putting negative thoughts in my head & ruining my progress.

Bahl Cyndie Don’t cry ! Just eat chicken, turkey, salad. Lots of water and when ac1 goes down. You can try a little bit here and there, and check your meter after your meal. And see what it might be. Also try to eat only a deck of cards size of food and of course salad. Good luck! But no crying!

Brooke Fleetwood Larrimore Honestly I just smile and nod. Proof is in the “pudding”. My numbers have come down so quickly just since nov. my health is fine. Labs prove that. I don’t do super high fat because of gastroparesis but I do low carb high protein! Sometimes I think the info is awful because they’d be out of a job! Can you imagine the amount of people that would do so much better with a simple diet change? Cutting carbs down to 26 a day (I actually have a decent nutritionist and she told me 26 a day endo said up to 30 a meal!) and I feel like a new person. I can tell when I’ve had a tad too much because I feel like I’ve got the flu. Everything hurts! I try to tell my husband to try to do it at least cut out some (I was really strict with me when I got diagnosed but fell off the wagon) and he felt so much better he even slept better. It is will power tho.

Dee Cee Fleetwood Thomas Hamilton high protein – good fats, low carbs portion control.
Fish, red meat, chicken, some nuts, veggies (in moderation).
No pasta, no bread. There is a lot we can eat.
PS I’m her mom

Dawn Agrait Weate I wonder what doctors, nutritionists, diabetes educators think when they have the evidence right in their face that this way of eating is working. For me, my diabetes educator was pretty much all for it and quite interested. Even asked for the name of the group and was considering joining. The nutritionist was supportive, but still encouraged me to add back in fruit. I don’t think my doctor had an opinion one way or the other. Didn’t ask any questions. Didn’t even review my BS numbers. But when called with my a1c, told me to keep up the good work.

Laraba Kendig I saw a dietitian when I was first diagnosed 15 years ago — at the time it was gestational diabetes and then shifted to Type 2 after my baby was born. She gave me all kinds of garbage advice. Thankfully my mother gave me a low carb diabetes book (Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solutions) and I decided to let my meter rule my eating.

Sibel Yalcin I check youtube google and fb that’s my dietitian and its free I did go on dietitian and she did not explain much maybe every dietitian different

Jennifer England My dr set me up with a diabetes education class after my diagnosis but my ins wouldn’t cover it so I tried to get a referral for a dietitian which also happens to not be covered but after hearing these types of stories full of misinformation and outdated ideas, I’m glad I didn’t waste my time, I’ve found a lot great support in these groups with more accurate information.

Maggie Maye My educational group is next fri. One on one is Wednesday..
I am a lil nervous.. I am praying they support this way of eating.. cause I am not changing..

Patrick Laundra yes do you listen to a medical professional? or believe what you read on facebook? it bites that our society has even come to this.

Tippi Sladaritz Patrick Laundra it does. But we can research what we read and are told. Days of our grandparents faith in only listening to the Dr is gone. We have information and big grocery stores in our reach

Can anybody told me how to control blood sugar without insulin

Can anybody told me how to control blood sugar without insulin

Billi Jo Bennett Eat healthy make better food choice no sugar or carbs and exercise

Ravisankar Kumarasami Have regular-walking for 1 hr daily apart from regular diet

Ferdinand Balois do intermittent fasting (16 hrs fasting & 8hrs eating windows) with low carb diet 10%, protein 20% & 70% good source of fats. watch doctor jason fung in you tube, he will explain how to reverse type2 diabetes. God bless.

Linda Tabuko You can try seed based nutrition… It contains 4 major seed needed for our body..

Dina Essam Start keto diet and calculate carbohydrates in your meal by using fat secret APP .. its really work

Darron Williams Exercise and eat whole grains and fruits and veg. Legumes and nuts. Fresh air and sunlight.

Aguilare Aguilare the best i can say is watch sugar intake and exercise…..discipline yourself .i know it for sure coz im a diabetic for almost 6 years

JP Maccini Aguilare Aguilare is exactly right. We brought my husband fro 240 to 72 in less than 3 months. Veggies with no sauces just good seasoning, lean meat & make sure to have some fish – not fried. Anything that we used to have as processed bread/crackers I now make an alternative with almond flour, my new best friend! And we’re both loving the results!!

Rebecca Murphy I’m on insulin. As long as I take my long acting Tresiba and don’t eat ANYTHING, only drink water, and walk I can stay in range. As soon as I eat anything, I have to take my fast acting humalog. We are all different and what works for me might not work for you. The only thing I can suggest is only drinking water and non sugary drinks, low to no carbs, portion control (extremely important), and exercise.

Abhilash Shah All diabetics who wrote the long list of therapy and recomendations will ultimately be taking the medication. Diabetes is a prescribed killer and all diabetics die because of some or other stuff due to diabetes no matter how hard you control it

Nancy J. Simmons Real ray of sunshine there bud, in a little over a year, I have gotten my A1C from an 11 to a 5.2, drink nothing but water, low to no carbs, I had a brother and sister that did not take care of themselves and they both died before they should have.

AnThony Anania Diabetes is like any other disease. It effects everyone different. Keto is not for everyone and can be dangerous. Sit down with your support team and discuss what is best for you

Jill Schuler Rosenau Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease – and is completely reversible with lifestyle as well! Educate yourself! Read everything written by Dr Jason Fung. You have to find what your body responds best to. In general, no sugar, no flour, and intermittent fasting have proven results.
I was type 2 diabetic for over 20 years. In the last 18 months I have lost 150lbs and am off all my meds by learning these skills. It can absolutely be done!!

Fred Bill Hi guys! I just found the top 2 best selling product from a secret site that reversed diabetes in just a few weeks, if you want me to give you access for free, pm me now.

Rochelle Lowman Johnson Johnney Vincent I am type 2 and I am not sure what my numbers were at the time I was diagnosed because I had went to emergency due to the fact that I was very tired and almost dozed off while driving. After they examined me, I was about to leave when the nurses came running out stating that I could not go home because my sugar level was very high.

Johnney Vincent Rochelle Lowman Johnson actually my first blood sugar report was hide by the laboratory boy the government hospital. He said you have nothing don’t worry. And i lived with the impression for about 3 years that i dont have diabetes. One day i felt like getting a blood test done to know what’s wrong with my body. And to my surprise I found that I am diabetic with the sugar numbers of 331 . I felt devastated, lonely, traumatised and went into suicidal depression whose treatment am still taking….

Rochelle Lowman Johnson Johnney Vincent I was diagnosed in my late 30s. The issues I have dealt with has been neuropathy and was once hospitalized with problems with my pancreas. I have also learned that certain foods you consume is not the only way your sugar levels will escalate. Stress will do that as well. I had to learn to navigate all areas with this disease. I no longer take medication for my neuropathy because of the possible side effects of damaging other organs. I do take insulin.

Beatrice Ngubai The challenge I have is that Am not on medicine. I was advised to stop taking some. It’s been 8 months now. So I hv to be very conscious of what I etc. If I eat wrong my fasting sugar levels go to 6.3 …There about

Johnney Vincent Beatrice Ngubai hi, I was diagnosed on 14 march 2018 with an a1c of 10.7 since then I tried to educate myself about the disease. I was on medicines for the first 2 months and then I tried to experiment a lot through diet and got control over sugar numbers. I make sure I don’t eat any dairy product. Now am off meds completely. Can you tell me what was your sugar number and age at the time of diagonosis…

Beatrice Ngubai Oh that’s nice. At the time of diagonis it was at 13.0. And I was 50 years old. But I starved myself till it reached 4.7. Imagine I was 89 kgs and I dropped to 62 kgs…but now am at 76 kgs. Need to lose some more

what is the test that can tell if your type one or two called?

I have my first ever endo appt in one week! My questions is do you think they will actually listen to my symptoms or tell me I’m ok like my normal dr? My legs and feet are so swollen and feel like they are in fire but my appt is at 8:00 am so it won’t be swollen that early and my dr never believes me! Also what is the test that can tell if your type one or two called? Will they order the test? I’ve never had it done only A1C.

Holly Tesselaar Take a picture what your legs look like in the morning and then again at night. A pictures is with a 1000 words

Jim Figlozzi Gad is the test to see if your body is killing beta cells and cpeptide is the test to see your insulin production capability. Combined they are the diagnosis for type 1

Katlyn Stidd It’s been 7 years for me but every year it gets worse and the last two years I feel like I am getting worse fast. This pain and swelling just started a couple months ago and my dr said well you work long hours. I’m like they are purple when I get home keeps me up at night

I was diagnosed gestational and went straight to insulin because of how high I was. After the baby I ignored for a couple years and got really ill and went to the dr and they gave me metfomin but my sugar was still so high I got super skinny and then started insulin but I’m a type two never had any test done to confirm

Stephanie Cumbers Katlyn Stidd you could be type 1. I had gestational and I became type 1 – 11 months after the fact

Katlyn Stidd it drives me crazy I am super low sugar and pretty low carb but i go so high so quick if I even attempt to eat sugar i get so sick and so high I don’t know if I’m type one because The highest I’ve ever been 375 and I’ve seen type ones get so high

Vanessa Martinez Katlyn Stidd I got it when I was pregnant also. I think you need to ask for the tests and I agree with someone else that you need to take pics of your legs so they can see what you’re going through.

Julie Orozco You may be type 1. I had gestational diabetes that never went away. They thought I was type 2 and treated me as such. Less than 2 years later, I was in the hospital in DKA, and diagnosed as type 1. 

Katlyn Stidd Oh and I got fat ! Insulin made me gain 20lbs! I stopped gaining now tho but can’t lose it still have some highs but insulin has kept me pretty decent metfomin didn’t help at all

Teresa Kay Simons If you get the roo- y bypass when you just find out you are diabetic you won’t have it after the surgery I had but I had diabeties since I was 19 so it did not work but I weighted 189 now I weigh 124

Katlyn Stidd My weight goes up and down allll the time it’s really embarrassing I see what my friends eat and how thin they are and it’s depressing I have always been like 145 and I’m 160 right now!!!!! I’m
Way to short for this weight and I was 140 when I started insulin I hate it and my dr says my weight is fine 

Jim Figlozzi Katlyn Stidd Don’t be embarrassed! When I was diagnosed I had dropped 50 pounds with the insulin but then it settled down

Katlyn Stidd It’s just awful and I’m getting closer to 30 so my weight isn’t going to the same places it used to

Judy Baker Katlyn Stidd – I always weighed about 130. I was thin.Until I was in my early 40s. Then I stopped drinking and started overeating. I got to 160, got on Nutrisysem and dropped 25 lbs. guess what happened then! At 45 years old I had a baby and went over 200 lbs All this BEFORE I was diagnosed. Told at first w t2 then learned I’m t1 from additional testing. So now I’m 72 and struggle w weight all the time. I’m 180 now. You may think who cares, you’re 72 years old. But I love clothes, fashion and I hate being fat! It’s so hard. Do your best and be good to yourself.

Katlyn Stidd Yesss like everyone keeps telling me it’s ok your healthy now (I used to throw up a lot before Insulin) and they say your not even big but I feel like a COW I am super uncomfortable in my own skin and my two best friends are 6 inches taller then me and way thinner. I know it’s not a comparison but I am very unhappy. I need to work our more but I have a 7 year old and work 45-50 hours a week so it’s hard! I eat so good and I’m just so big right now

and super awesome that you had a baby at 45! I am so scared my diabetes won’t allow me to have more kids if I don’t have them soon

Judy Baker Katlyn, slow down, sweetie. Breathe. And try to stop hating your body. You are beautiful. You have a lot on your plate. Make a plan and work it in small steps. Get all the support you can get. No offense to any man, but my endo is a woman and we talk about whatever is bothering me.

Katie Jensen They’ll listen if you have a good doctor. 🙂
If they don’t, find another. I once spent 3 years trying different endos before funding one that I LOVED!!! She was an hour drive away, so appointments took a good chunk of the day. But it’s totally worth it. This is your life and you want to have control!

Katie Jensen Katlyn Stidd my doc always tells me that I can change my settings if I want (I send updates when I feel it needs to be reviewed). I tell her that even though I’ve had T1 for almost 20 years, I didn’t go to school for it. I don’t trust myself. She’s a doctor!!!! Lol. I’ve got too much to do to study and research how to control my diabetes. That’s why I go see her. Lol.

Some advice I can give. I use to just know how much I needed for things. For example, if I had a bowl of cereal that was 50g, I knew that I could bolus for 35g and always be okay. The issue is that my doctor never thought my bolus needed to change. So I started blousing for the actual amount. This took some work, but it’s made my overall care much better. Even if you’re doing the changes yourself, you want to look at the whole picture. 🙂

I think there are some great books about self-management out there. People keep trying to give them to me, but I don’t ever read them.

Jennie Liebelt My 1st endo appt was almost 3-weeks ago, I go back next week for my 3month follow up, mine addressed every concern and answered all my questions very attentive this is what they specialize in

Brian Sixbey If you have a good endo, they will either be very attentive personally, or they will have a diabetes educator on staff who will be good. Personally, I’ve always gotten more from the Diabetes educator than the Dr. – largely because the Dr. is seeing a ton of people with different issues, and the Educator is more focused, and like a nurse, more attuned to nuance.

Victoria Weeke I would be dead without my endocrinologist. She listens and has great insight because she also listens to other patients. Bring a list of written questions.

Charmaine Palmer Depends if u get a good one or just a medication,textbook pusher which is sadly the only ones I’ve come across. 🙄 good luck and hit them with every question u have.

Abigail Rivera GAD antibodies test is what shows if you have type 1 antibodies. C peptides will show how much insulin you are making, they are different, if you have a condition where you make less and less over time like LADA, C-Peptides can help show your progression. The antibody test will answer whether you have an autoimmune disorder rather than being insulin resistant.


Don’t ever assume that your employer has to accommodate you for your diabetes

Just found out the hard way this week. Don’t ever assume that your employer has to accommodate you for your diabetes. I just found out that although my employers have known for almost 14 years that I was diabetic and have accommodated me for that my new boss has no desire to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle. Put it on record go to your HR department let them know that under the Americans With Disabilities Act they have to make reasonable accommodation For you at work. And even if you don’t need any or require any accommodations today,you may in the future get it on record now.

Shana Smith I was wondering about this. That’s so sad. So is diabetes considered a disability?I’m sorry your new boss is a jerk.

Sherry Cochrane I believe in 2008 they made diabetes a disability that is covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act

Mark Schweim Sherry Cochrane it was that already when I was hired by the then ConAgra Poultry Processing Plant in Enterprise Alabama in November of 1996!

And the EEOC got involved and got my employment restored 3 out of 4 times after Pilgrim’s Pride bought the Poultry Processing division of ConAgra Foods and engaged in Employment discrimination against me. The last time Pilgrim’s Pride agreed to pay the fines but refused to restore my employment and effectively got me “blacklisted” with all the poultry processing companies that had locations in Southern Alabama.

First time EEOC got my employment restored was in 2003 and the fourth time when Pilgrim’s Pride refused to let me back was in 2012.

Steven Ito Yes, its considered a disability and most HR applications ask you to check a box if you have or ever had it.

Sherry Cochrane Steven Ito I was working at this company when I was diagnosed so they’re saying it was never on record.

Bo Reed Yes it is a disability. And as a disability they have to make accommodations. That’s kind of a federal law

Kelvin Morris Bo Reed I wouldn’t call diabetes a disability, being paralyzed from the neck down is a disability, atleast with diabetes we can somewhat control it

Diana Wood Kelvin Morris its considered a disability be because of equipment and time off (ie for testing ,treating a low bs) ,most employers r decent but some r asshole

Mark Schweim Diana Wood actually the reason it’s considered to be a disability is because it IS a disability in that the bodily function of self-regulating of the bodies blood glucose levels is either compromised or totally disabled even if you can still do everything else anybody without Diabetes is able to do.

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood When I have to pee because of diabetes and we are under “lock down” you can bet I am grateful for and use the fact diabetes is considered a protected disability that must be reasonably accommodated. I am not going to pee my pants. And that would be the results.

Sherry Walker Covington When your filling out you papers for work you check disability when it’s asked. Not that I feel it is a disability but we do have to take care of ourselves when needed.

Sherry Cochrane  you may also be surprised to find out that there are several times when they are not allowed to ask you a medical status. Go to the Americans With Disabilities Act government website it’s a really good reading.

Sherry Walker Covington The thing is when they find out they need to let HR know and the people that they work with incase you pass out. It isn’t something that anyone needs to be ashamed of no one did it to theirselve, isn’t from not taking care of yourself or from how you eat, but also you don’t need to advertise that you are one. But this is just how I feel

Matthew Sheehan I’m type 2 and work anywhere from 4-1pm to closing shift which is 10pm and any shift from 4-8am messes my BS not badly since I’m controlled I’m usually 80-100 but I’ll see 100-120 throughout the morning bc I didn’t get enough sleep or eat enoigh

Sherry Cochrane that’s what I mean get it on record. Maybe things are going OK for you now but what if they’re not later. Talk to your endocrinologist. Regulated. medication, sleep, and meals, are key to getting diabetes under control. And if your A-1 C is not lower than six Consistently, it’s not controlled. If you don’t mind me asking what is your A1c?

Sherry Cochrane Well I’m praying that you’re right and that it is lower. I just can’t work on anything other than a regular schedule. I have heart meds that need to be taken 12 hours apart with food. Diabetic medications that need to be taken regularly same time each day. And that includes when I go to bed.

Sherry Cochrane Hoping and praying for a good outcome and that you do not have diabetes. But don’t let those numbers fool you. Eat well and get healthy now you will appreciate it later.

Sarah White I had to quit my 2nd job at Kohl’s because they were not accommodating. My bs would drop and if it didn’t happen during my break then I wasn’t able to take care of it. I was terrified that I would pass out one day. Since my doctor and I are still playing with my meds I decided it wasn’t worth the risk and extra stress so I ultimately quit. Didn’t even think about going to HR.

Sherry Cochrane if your job is aware that you’re diabetic when they hire you. Or when you are diagnosed with diabetes you notify your employer. They have to accommodate you it’s the law. It does have to be a reasonable request.

Ed Dunn My HR rep who has since been terminated told me that my health problems are an issue for the company and it needs to be taken care of and get it under control. Ever since i filed a report with the VP of HR they are very accommodating thankfully.

Emmy Nalanda I’m type 1 and I don’t think it’s documented with HR. I have been type 1 since childhood, but how do I go about requesting to make that change on my HR paperwork since it isn’t a new diagnosis?

Sherry Cochrane Emmy Nalanda Ask HR for papers to fill out with regards to reasonable accommodations for disability. They should know what you’re talking about. Failing that ask your endocrinologist to write a letter to your HR with regards to any reasonable requests.

Emmy Nalanda Sherry Cochrane Perfect! Thank you! Any suggestions on which reasonable accommodations to request? I use a pump and cgm so I think I’d want to be sure that I’m allowed to beep while working lol. Access to sugar is an obvious one. I don’t need access to breaks for testing or injections. Anything else you can think of?

Sherry Cochrane Emmy Nalanda if you already have a regular schedule and that’s working for you you should also ask to be allowed to have a glucose tablets a sugary drink anything necessary to bring your blood sugar up I drop. What type of work do you do may I ask?

Michael Worrell Hmm, not sure of your specific issues, but fortunately have no issue. I keep glucose tablets with me, have a pump and CGM, and biggest issue is the rare occasion I don’t wake up due to hypoglycemia while sleeping.

Laura Freeman Yes it’s considered a disability under the ADA (at least Type 1 is) whether you accept it as one or not (your choice). You have a life-sustaining organ that is functionless (again, T1). Heres some info from the ADA website that may help those that need it:

Can an Employer Require Medical Examinations or Ask Questions About a Disability?

If you are applying for a job, an employer cannot ask you if you are disabled or ask about the nature or severity of your disability. An employer can ask if you can perform the duties of the job with or without reasonable accommodation. An employer can also ask you to describe or to demonstrate how, with or without reasonable accommodation, you will perform the duties of the job.
An employer cannot require you to take a medical examination before you are offered a job. Following a job offer, an employer can condition the offer on your passing a required medical examination, but only if all entering employees for that job category have to take the examination. However, an employer cannot reject you because of information about your disability revealed by the medical examination, unless the reasons for rejection are job-related and necessary for the conduct of the employer’s business. The employer cannot refuse to hire you because of your disability if you can perform the essential functions of the job with an accommodation.
Once you have been hired and started work, your employer cannot require that you take a medical examination or ask questions about your disability unless they are related to your job and necessary for the conduct of your employer’s business. Your employer may conduct voluntary medical examinations that are part of an employee health program, and may provide medical information required by State workers’ compensation laws to the agencies that administer such laws.
The results of all medical examinations must be kept confidential, and maintained in separate medical files.

Lizzy Blanco How do you expect them to help you lead a healthy lifestyle? I’m not judging or anything, it’s a serious question. I’m so confused by this post. I’ve been T1 since Sept 2016 and I’ve never thought about anyone else being responsible for me in the workplace.

CARBOHYDRATE OR SUGAR? Do you know the difference?

CARBOHYDRATE OR SUGAR? Do you know the difference? Do saltine crackers have sugar? This brand doesn’t. Many people with diabetes look at the nutrition facts label and scan for sugar. If the food has zero sugar, you might you are in the clear. No sugar is not a free-for-all. Look at the amount of TOTAL CARBOHYDRATE. Five crackers (one serving) have 12g of carbohydrate and zero grams of total sugar and zero grams of added sugars. Does this mean that your blood sugar won’t go up? Not really. The crackers do not have sugar, but they are made with wheat flour. Wheat flour has carbohydrate and carbohydrate is converted into sugar. TAKE AWAY TIP:

There are different types of foods with carbohydrate. Sugar is one type and flour is another type.

Just because a food doesn’t have added sugars doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any carbohydrates.

Pay attention to the quantity and quality of foods with carbohydrate. How much carbs to eat? It varies with each individual. A certified diabetes educator can work with you to provide you with individualized recommendations.

This is how you can improve the quality of the foods you eat. These crackers are made with enriched wheat flour, not whole grains. I recommend eating foods made with whole grains.

When you buy any product that is made with wheat flour, make sure that the first ingredient is “whole wheat flour.”

Why whole grains? Benefits are plenty: more fiber slows spiking of blood sugar, helps to reduce cholesterol levels, and makes you feel fuller.

Shushaniki Stavroullakis As a type 1 diabetic i was taught to count carbs not sugars. I assume most diabetic’s are taught this…

Lorena Drago Unfortunately, many have never received instructions. Only 6% of persons with diabetes have attended diabetes education programs. You have been fortunate that you received the information. I teach diabetes education and I am saddened to hear so many of my patients express they know very little despite being diagnosed for many years.

Dedene Nelson-Court I’m sorry but all carbs turn into sugar in our bodies. There’s no difference between carbs and sugar except maybe how fast it raises your blood sugar. You still have to dose for it. Sorry to say it.

Jenn Taylor Sugar is counted in the carb count. Sugar matters on the label because higher sugar that is close to or equal to the carb count will usually have a difference insulin dose than the same carb count with less sugar. Example think of a reg coke.. 39g of carbs and 39g of sugar means a quick spike… as something with 39g and say 12g of sugar is going to react different. That is the thing about carb counting that isn’t taught usually. A carb just isn’t a carb unfortunately and dosing doesn’t work if their treated that way.

David Shapiro I see in groceries stores diabetic items like cookies, but the carbs are no better than real cookies sometimes.

Maiitsoh Melanie Check out fast carbs vs slow carbs and then determine which is better for lesson 1 😊 Then once you know the answer choose which foods if the better carb intake that works for you and your BS levels and then set the bolus in our pump if
You have one. Good luck to you. T1D here and my A1c is and has been outstanding but everyday it’s trial by error

Andi Gundlach Watch the serving size too. Here 5 crackers=12 carbs, so each cracker is 2-3 grams of carb.

Laura Bartels Frederick And yes…don’t forget to account for fiber…take the carbs, deduct half of the fiber content, and this is your new carb count. This is what we do and it works fabulously.

Carol DiMaggio Vizcarra When I became diabetic about 15 years ago my Endocrinologist told me I could have 43 carbs AT EVERY MEAL. I’m pretty sure that’s what the American D. Assoc. said too at that time. Yikes!!

Anthony Morris Just tell yourself suagr and carbs are the same thing. Your body barely notices a difference.

Tiffanie Moyer I ONLY LOOK AT CARBS. I could care less about sugar 😊

Which is weird because as a child I was Not ALLOWED SUGAR!!! The doctors taught me that first. It was the worst. At 10!!! No sugars! My how things have changed

Grant Reese Also, just because it says sugar free or shows 0 sugar it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have sugar, it just doesn’t have enough in a serving size to count.

Shana Smith Thank you. My Dr told me to only look at Carbs and not the sugar. I am on a 130 carbs a day diet.

Cynthia Taber Shana Smith if you look at overall carbs…most labels will have a breakdown of where the carbs are coming from and how much fiber there is…I usually count net carbs…meaning that I deduct the grams of fiber from the carb count. But I do that because my best friend used to be a boxer and body builder and his wife has diabetes and that’s what I learned vicariously from him and from his wife’s endocrinologist. But I also look at the ingredient list to see what type of sugars are included.

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood Fiber and alcohol sugars are harder to absorb. Blood Sugar impact is minimal and for some non-existent. The net they are giving you is minus the sugar alcohol and fiber. To know for sure how your specific body reacts to it I would suggest testing at first bite, test 1 hour and then 2 hours later. See how high it goes and how quickly it comes back down to or close to baseline. That will give you a better idea if you need to be looking at net carbs or total carbs. Remember, this can change over time. So re-testing periodically after doing this once is something I would recommend.

Neville Massey There is sugar in almost everything we eat today. Food is designed to make us ill not just process foods but even the home grown fruit and vegetables are spread with herbicides, insecticides and pesticides. The only real winners here are governments, big corporations and of course big pharmaceuticals!

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood When people ask if something has carbs/sugar, I tell them if it came from plant, it has carbs/sugar. The only question is, how much.

Silvia Comara I’ve got one for you! You won’t believe how many times somebody has told me that Mayo has carbohydrate in it. After thinking it over I realized that their doctor is telling them “do not eat anything white” so they assume that mayonnaise has carbs

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood No accounting for people. 2 of my children are allergic to dairy. How many time people have thought that included eggs! Umm, chickens lay eggs, cows produce dairy, aka milk and milk products.


The question is, was this “dianetic friendly” ice cream really 6g carbs

There is an ice cream/specialty food shop close to me for Diabetics. At least they make that claim. I ordered a large chocolate which they said is just 6g carbs. My blood glucose was 101 when I ate it. I checked two hours later and I was at 159, which is the ceiling of how high I should go. I drank some water and about 15/20 min later I was back down to 115.

Almost everything I eat that’s arround 6g carbs almost never has an impact on my blood sugar levels.

The question is, was this “dianetic friendly” ice cream really 6g carbs?

Tara Cannici That looks so good. Could have been the lactose(milk) in the ice cream. Anything ending in ose ( lactose, sucrose, fructose etc) contains sugar.

D.S. Cohen Yes, but that needs to be added to the carb count. When I asked about the sugar content they said all of the carbs came from the lactose.

Faye Faye I would say it is definitely Diabetic friendly.
People are supposed to spike after eating. Even non diabetics. Numbers don’t naturally flat line the way people try to make them.

Clifton Simoneaux Faye Faye true non-diabetic don’t stay flat line, but non-diabetics rarely spike above 140, unless a very large amount of rapid acting carbs are consumed. Non-diabetics also return to normal BG levels near 83 mg/dl very quickly following any spike.

Faye Faye I am not Diabetic. And I go up to 150 quite often. And no. I’m not pre Diabetic either. My daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic. She wears a CGM and I have seen non diabetics wear CGMs and do the same thing.
So I would think if this ice cream was not diabetic friendly…that spike would have been a lot higher. I know for my daughter it would have her close to 400.
So if this ice cream barely touched a diabetics BG, it HAS to de diabetic friendly is definitely my guess

Bethany Reynolds McKenzie Buy Rebel Creamery ice cream instead. Low carb. No impact on BG. No tummy issues.

Clifton Simoneaux Not all carbs are created equal.

Some raise BG faster than others, and for a T2, you will end up going higher before coming back down with the rapid acting carbs vs slower acting carbs.

Kimbra Wilder Gish I suspect it’s still diabetic-friendly. I think anything really the carb conten of regular ice cream or what have you would give you much more of a spike than that did. Most ice creams have HFCS or sugar, and those will really spike a diabetic. I’m talking 80-100+ point spike. The lactose alone could have done this. But I am so jealous of your having a diabetic-friendly ice cream place in your area! So happy for you!

Christiana Matthews Artificial sugar or high protein foods will still elevate blood sugar. That’s still not much of a spike for that much ice cream so sounds like a win to me.

Christina Marie Cueto I wish my numbers only spiked at 159 when I eat anything. I can eat something low/no carb & very healthy & I’m in the 280s. 

Caryn Conlin Those numbers sounds perfect to me. Just sayin’
I had a similar experience with McDonald’s small ice-cream. No cone. Haven’t done the research but it didn’t spike my sugar much. I’m a new T1.

Leta Barton Stewart Different food have different glycemic indexes. The different carbs can affect blood sugar very differently. Your #’s were fine!

Diane Young Stokes Would that be per serving and would a serving be 1/2 cup? That may be more than one serving so more than 6 gm. Just a thought.

Mike Hogan Some of us would kill for a treat like that. Walk a few blocks.

D.S. Cohen Mike Hogan if something says it’s diabetic friendly and isn’t, does that make me lucky? How many blocks replaces insulin? If walking cured eating sugars that are not listed but are actually there, we should all be walking all day.

Mike Hogan D.S. Cohen “friendly “ is an undefined term. All I was trying to say is that something that tastes good (how did it taste?) and only has 6 listed carbs has got to beat the full fledged 30 gram version. We all have our own variations to deal with.

Yolanda R. Castillo-Newsome That’s too bad. You should let them know and inform them they should reconsider some if their ingredients or make the claim that only a small serving is okay for Diabetics. That truly stinks.

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood Several things mentioned. 1 would be the serving size. Another is net carbs. Some people react to carbs not included in the net carb count making the carb count higher. And 3rd, sorry, saw you tested. Did you eat anything else prior?

D.S. Cohen Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood that’s the thing. I never go by net carbs. I consider that a fad for Keto and Atkins more than an actual reality, so I asked and they insist this is total carbs.

I had eaten prior as this was desert, but just my normal egg, ham and cheese omelette, which is about 2 to 3 carbs total.

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood Did you look at the ingredients list? I have 2 children with allergies. It is astounding how many people haven’t got a clue how to read labels. It is possible they believe it to be 6 total grams of carbs when it may well be more.

D.S. Cohen They make it themselves and won’t provide their secret recipe. All they will give you is the calories, carb and fat count. I’ve emailed them about this to see if I can find out if they are going by actual carbs or fan diet “Net carbs”.

Michele Young I’d say it’s how your body breaks it down. I’ve had diabetic friendly stuff spike me and I’ve had non friendly stuff not spike me. I’m type 2.

D.S. Cohen Folks have been asking, yes it did taste good. It wasn’t super rich, but it was very refreshing and had a good texture. Now if the Carb count they provided is inaccurate, this doesn’t help because there are lots of ice creams that taste good that we shouldn’t eat.

I’m meeting with my endocrinologist in a week, and will ask them their thoughts based on my blood level change after eating.


I gained 3lbs and don’t know what to do any more. Anybody has any tips for me

So when I am working people keep bring food to nurses. Friday we had a party, yesterday someone brought hotdogs and potato chips. I have broken my diet. Friday it started with Tiramisu. Yesterday started with potato chips, hot dogs, ice cream and end up with Chinese food. I am at work and looks like I am on buffet restaurant. I gained 3lbs and don’t know what to do any more. Anybody has any tips for me? I need help!!!

Dedene Nelson-Court Bring your own food to have a healthy choice. Remember what you eat is life and death for you.

Sharon Gerber If you absolutely have to have something, follow the 3 bite rule. All the yumminess is in the first 3 bites.

Shana Smith I’m an emotional eater and I too sometimes fall off the wagon. I miss mac and cheese and ginger ale and sweets so much. If do wrong after a few hours I check my blood sugar and that pops me back into reality mood. It helps hold me accountable. I don’t like to see bad numbers more than I miss those foods.

Yolanda R. Castillo-Newsome Always try to remember that people don’t have a clue unless they are in your shoes. A simple, “No thanks, I’m diabetic!”. Maybe even print out a list of foods you CAN have a in big bold print put… “Things acceptible for Diabetics 😊” even though you are a nurse, never expect ppl to know unless they are informed.

Adeb Tucson Hot dogs no bun, mustard only. Chinese small portion rice/noodles, more meat/ veggies. Try for less sauce. Works for me

Annette Sanabria-Archilla get moon cheese or whisps. If you have a fridge there have guac, cheese sticks, chaffles, make your own nutella to eat with chaffles, boiles eggs, nuts, even some heavy whipping cream in a mason jar for your coffee. I know we all have our moments but we have think beyond that, what do we want to achieve. Im 50 with a 20 years old daughter and a 19 years old son. I would like to be here for them, to have grandkids and to sleep well, feel better. What do you want?

Lori Hale Well me personally we have food at work all the time…like pizza..donuts..etc..either say no to yourself or eat some like dog w/o bun or sm portion chinese…telling them your diabetic and lists? Ok…most ppl care less..You have to learn to eat the diabetic way for the rest of your life…so bring your OWN FOOD..SKIP IT…OR EAT IT…just compensate that as a high carb lunch and basically eat nuthin for OMAD on Intermittent fasting…life happens! Good sux but until you learn to handle those my opinion…it will keep happening..ex: im sick today im not counting every little carb when my body wants what it wants…just KEEP GOING

Alberto Jalalon If you can’t avoid to partake take just a little bit a nimble and eat the food you have brought from home. Let them know also your condition. They will understand and hopefully bring more healthy food next time like fruits and vegetables. Partly it’s education.le5 them know and also the risk for them and those close to them. Nothing judgemental just a telling of facts. Good luck to you

Kawashima Marie Bring your own meals or make them healthier by substituting the ingredient that what I do when we have potluck and i try to stay away from the room that has unhealthy food

Paul J Berberich Sr. Just say no (thank you). I’m diabetic.
No ones going to be offended if you’re honest and give the same answer every time.
Conversely, bring in snacks you can eat and I’ll bet everyone else appreciates them.

Mohammad Khan Simply do not eat it and tell them sorry u can not have it . As u have diabetes

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood Bring your own food. Avoid where the foods are.

I know the temptation. I work McDonald’s. Yup, surrounded by junk foods. Not saying I always avoid the foods. I do pick and choose though. Sometimes I allow some slip. Half a chocolate chip cookie on Saturday. And as I do have a binge eating problem, sometimes I go crazy. Especially as my job is high stress. More than once I have left in tears and I am usually pretty tough. Anyway, more success than failures. So keep trying, keep pushing forward.

Judy Baker It’s really tough to be around all that food. I agree w those who suggest having substitutes that you can eat that are tasty!!

Lynda L O’Brien-Dennehy I bring lunch and avoid everything – I worked where every Tues & Thurs breakfast brought in – donuts bagels, etc I just did not partake! Bring a salad or a protein shake for lunch. When they have post lucks or pizza for lunch I would each salad – I do not eat Gluten or dairy – really it is just control.

Brian Donovan Such a hard thing but I’ve learned to say no most of the time. I bring my lunch and eat with colleagues but know that I’ll feel like crap in the moment and will be battling the blood sugar roller coaster all day. That powers better choices. I feel your pain!

Diane Pezza Imagine that someone with a virulent CDiff infection used the restroom, did not wash their hands and touched everything. Practice walking in and out of the break room without touching a thing. Practice Practice. Reward yourself. Unhealthy foods in a high stress environment is sooo challenging! I also cover it with foil so I don t have to look at it

Jacqueline Beth Marrolli Portion sizes. No one will laugh at you if you are picky. If they r curious, they will ask. Then you can educate them. It may help someone else out one day.

Rosemary Mertens I would look at the junk food and what many of the people look like who are eating it and think to myself how bad that food is for all of us. Bagels, donuts, other sweets I would turn my nose up. Nope, say to myself, “I don’t eat that crap”! Bring hard cheese, nuts and locarb Greek yogurt with you. Better to overindulge on those things, I think. There is no benefit from food that will make you hungry cause it doesn’t stick with you. Once in a while you have to let loose. Probably not every day

What is everyone’s experience with alcohol?

What is everyone’s experience with alcohol? Like how much do you drink or not drink and do you think it affects your diabetic health? I’m a social weekend drinker but I always make sure to keep my blood sugar in a healthy range when I’m out, however I wonder if it affects my diabetes in other ways.

Kenneth Bloomer I don’t partake. I find it completely unnecessary if not detrimental to a healthy lifestyle.

Caitlin Jones I used to drink often as a college kid but don’t much care for it anymore. It made my sugars low

Kristine Morello I stopped as well but I wasn’t having lows. It was actually increasing mine. I decided last weekend what the hell im just going to have a few and not worry about it and I did but way more than a few lol. My BS was 166 next morning. Not terrible but everyone is different and I don’t think I will do that again anytime soon lol

Emily Anderson i dont binge drink very often-maybe four or five times a year at parties/holidays. my friends know i am diabetic and i always check my bg a gazillion times and eat something carby before going to bed. at weekends, i might have a glass or two of wine at dinner. i dont have to do anything extra to take care of bg for a couple of glasses of wine, except for the week of my period, when i tend to run low.

Lindsey Storer What happens, and if your “too” on top of things could be dangerous, but what happens is your bs will spike pretty high pretty quick with the amount of sugar that’s in the alcohol. As it goes through your system it actually makes your blood sugar dropthrough out the night or time you’ve been drinking. That’s why they say not to correct your high when drinking because if you do it could make you drop even further and put you into a coma

Scott Birnbaum Alcohol consumption for diabetics should be strictly limited.

Jillian McCray I have a Dexcom so I’m able to monitor my blood sugar 24/7, so majority of the time having highs and lows is not an issue for me

Jeananne Cooper Hawking I drink a glass of FitVine wine every now and then. Very low sugar and delish. On occasion a bourbon and Coke Zero. I don’t have more than 2 drinks.

Jeananne Cooper Hawking Rosemary Mertens do you have a Whole Foods close by? I messaged FitVine on Facebook several times about coming into Arkansas, and it finally happened. Prior to that I ordered it online. Shipping was high but I needed my wine! 

Abigail Rivera White tequila is actually being studied because of its lack of detriment to BS. It has also sparked studies on agave. So if I have anything stronger than wine or beer I stick to that.

I do have red wine from time to time, it keeps my legs from cramping at night, but it does cause a low later so I snack if I have wine. Maybe cheese and crackers, or have it with dinner.

I steer away from beer mostly, but if I do have beer Corona Premier has 2.6 grams of carbs.

Mark Hennaman I drink cab and it has very little to no effect on my BS. If I want something stronger I stick to vodka club soda with lime. I’m T2 btw, and have never taken any medication. My A1c is 5.7.

Eric Minteer I drink about 6 times a month. Crown and coke zero. BS goes low sometimes but I eat before I go to bed.

Sherry Cochrane I’m a long-term type two diabetic. I don’t drink at all. I’m too concerned for my liver and kidney health. My medication alone takes a strain on my liver, why push it. If I feel like enjoying a cocktail with someone, I have 6 ounces of Ribina over ice add fresh squeeze lemonade no sugar. Walla cocktail of my choice.

Julie Orozco I drink occasionally, maybe once or twice a month. But I really enjoy a glass of dry red wine with dinner. It doesn’t seem to mess with my blood sugar at all.

Donna Mayo Pierpoline I don’t drink anymore because it’s too much risk to my kidneys and liver between my diabetes and BP medications

Wayne Crich At one time I was a heavy drinker, now I drink no more than 2 drinks a day. It has had no adverse effects at this point and has a minimal impact on BGL. My blood and urine tests monitor kidney and liver function, part of using the meds I am on (4 times per year).

So far no negative impact; BUT at some point the alcohol may well need to go if:
a) it starts effecting BGL
b) any indication of a change in kidney or liver function

I think with all things diabetic it is different in every single person BUT the common factor is drinking increases the risk of complications and we need to be very aware of its signs and change the habit accordingly.

Angelique Arenas I take 24 units of basaglar and i just take a bigger snack at night if i drink. My sugar does drop after having like 25 carbs it was still in the 60s the following morning. Not that i drink often, but when i do i drink a lot. Maybe limiting wouldn’t have my BS drop so much??

Kristin Myhre I had a glass of wine last week and it shot my blood sugar DOWN way too low. So just be careful!

Brian Sixbey Used to be more than a social drinker, so now I abstain entirely. Anyway, drinking will tend to drop your blood sugar, so you want to keep tabs on its effects on you. Other than needing to know how your body responds, I think the main effects are the same as anyone else. If type 2, there could be other issues with drinking, depending on the meds you take, etc. For me, it was its effects on my life in general that were the problem. It certainly didn’t help my condition, but that’s me.

Judy Baker I quit before I was diagnosed. I do think there re some parallels in alcoholism and diabetes in that neither is really cured, but if you manage your disease you can live well. If that makes sense. Not calling anyone alcoholic.

Judy Baker Oh, I should’ve said not calling anyone an alcoholic. Sorry. I am an alcoholic and did some damage to myself in many ways. Happy I realized at age 39 I didn’t want to do that anymore. Before I knew I’m diabetic, I, and a lot of alcoholics, ate desserts to compensate for not drinking. Now I’m screwed.

Jillian McCray Judy Baker I used to have the biggest sweet tooth before diabetes and now I think I drink a little more in place of sweets since a glass of wine won’t raise my blood sugar… it’s a lose lose!

Dorothy Thilmany Judy Baker I’m a type 1 diabetic and started drinking rum and diet Coke and kept it up for years because of the fact it lowered my bs. Now I don’t cause of the damage it can do. I’ve noticed though that I really crave cake, cookies, and anything thats sweet. I’ve noticed that at AA meetings there’s always a bag of candy. I’m wondering if there’s a coralation between diabetes and alcohol?

Judy Baker Dorothy Thilmany substitution happens!
In my field, I’m an addictions counselor, we call it cross addiction when it gets out of control. Usually that applies to drinking instead of using drugs… but many go from sobriety from alcohol to
out of control overeating.

Judy Baker Dorothy Thilmany I think there is a correlation between diabetes and alcoholism, but I’m not a doctor and don’t know how to study it. I said it in another diabetes site and was ATTACKED!! Some idiot said, You’re calling my 6 yo daughter an alcoholic!
I wish some medical scholars would publish on the topic.
I’ve never been to an AA function that didn’t have a big dessert table, and it’s wiped out fast!

Dorothy Thilmany Judy Baker I know I tend to over drink given a chance. My son type 1 since 3 yrs also has struggled with alcoholism.

Vera Brink Alcohol definitely makes dawn phenomenon worse for me and more likely to spike from stress or intense exercise. I attribute all these things to liver function. Our livers really do so much more to keep our blood sugar even than we tend to give them credit for…

I haven’t been counting carbs like I used to

Ok, I’ve been slacking. I haven’t been counting carbs like I used to. And it shows. In 1 year, I gained 30 pounds, A1C went from 7.2 to 10.2, and I just am down in the dumps. My doctor is trying a different insulin, I have been taking my medication….. So that’s different. I need to stop being lazy, I need to stop eating like a pig!! So, my fellow diabuddies….. Help me please! I need motivation, share your success stories, share your recipes, share what motivates you! I’m putting this in other groups too, I need all the help I can get!!!!!!!

Cenah Skerritt Just remember that insulin makes you hungry so the more you take it the more hungry

Dawn Capponi What motivates me is I want to live I watched my husband die from this disease I’m not going to let my children watch another one of their parents die from it so I follow all the rules

Golda Hagen Im. T2 but my son in law who. I loved like. A son we watched him not take care of himself and we lost him at 32 years old 2 years ago he left. A wife. A step daughter who loved him and. A 7 year old son who. Loved his. Daddy and hasn’t. Been the same since please get back on track before it’s. To late

Wendy Anderson Dittman You need to put YOUR story in writing. What do you want to accomplish? Write it down. Set your SMART goals. Something that helps me is to eat my protein and veggies first. Carbs last. I definitely watch my carb intake. I exercise 1/2 hour 5 days a week.

Jan Caruso Berlin I can’t say why I’m doing it again but I am. Two years ago I lost 50 pounds and my sugars were great. I ate right and exercised. Then I went to hell in a hand basket. Gained all the weight back and my a1c went to 9.2. I’m using my fitness pal app to log my food and carbs. I test 4 times a day and take my meds. I have stenosis in my lumbar spine and they won’t do surgery because of my weight and sugar not being in control. Just so you know you aren’t alone. This is a maddening disease but we just need to grab it by the balls and put it in its place. Sorry so long. Good luck to you. Hope it all works out.

Sharon Gerber Eliminating gluten has really helped control my blood sugar.

Katrena Keys Same
I have been working on getting back into the swing of being more strict and being more active. Even just 5 minutes everyday (which feels almost useless, but I keep telling myself, I sit at a desk now. I’m not doing physical work, so 5 minutes is still better than 0 minutes)

Kimbra Wilder Gish Tip: check out Marlene Koch’s Eat What You Love series of cookbooks. A dietitian and diabetes educator, her recipes reduce (but do not eliminate) sugar, carbs, fat, salt, and calories. But they still taste great. Have only tried one of hers I wouldn’t make again. Not every recipe will be right for everyone, but lots of great ideas there, and pretty good on BG unless you’re operating by very stringent standards indeed. 

Leigh Rollins Type 1 37 years here; my goal is to live well and be my healthiest until I die. I want to have all my body parts intact when I go. Frequent and long-term illnesses are a scary thought to me.

Monna Lainson What motivated me was the discovery that I didn’t just have diabetes, my kidneys were failing because I wasn’t taking care of that diabetes. I had no clues that was happening! I still dont know if I made changes in time, and won’t know for a while. But I KNEW I was walking the ragged edge of disaster with snacking all day and eating huge meals. Trust me, it will catch up with you.

Alberto Jalalon Get in touch with a fellow member near your place. Start a walking regimen with him or her. Then be more active like sports swimming etc. You have fallen off the wagon. Dust yourself off and get on the wagon again. You are not alone

Judy Baker Some of us are prone to lethargy and depression. Big goals are too scary. Small goals to start. I have a friend who is on strict Keto for a health problem. She cannot eat carbs, sugar and other things. I’ve been thinking what would Elizabeth eat and then doing that. I’m not 100% but it helps.

Donna Campen Denson I watched my Mom pass last year from complications caused by diabetes. It motivated me to find a way to get control. It also showed me how cruel this disease is and how people suffer. I found a plan that took my A1C from 10.2 to 5.5 and a loss of 50+ pounds. I was inspired to help other diabetics also get control. So my passion for diabetics is why I am telling you this. Control isn’t easy but it is possible. Stop thinking about how bad you are doing and look for what you have to be grateful for! It will change your outlook. I am The Dynamic Diabetic, living and Thriving with Diabetes. YOU CAN TOO!!

Sonya Muriel Villalobos Wood What motivated me at the beginning, was remembering the toll diabetes had taken on my uncle. Hooked up nightly to a home dialysis machine waiting for a second kidney/pancreas transplant. One he didn’t live to see. Also remembering my grandmother’s last days. She too suffered diabetic complications. High blood glucose contributed to high cholesterol, blockages, and a stroke. Due to these issues they couldn’t treat her cancer. I also remember her fear of going to bed. Sleeping created great fear in her. Too many serious night time lows.

Yeah, that kept me moving. And now, I am down 100+lbs. I am healthier than I have been since my teen years. Possibly even fitter than I was then. I have absolutely no desire to go back to who I was then. I lost my old self in the gym. Found someone new. I like that someone new. I have no intention of discovering the old me in my dinner plate.

Pam Dale I felt like i could never be a perfect diabetic so I hardly tried. Found an incredible doctor that only asked me to do one small change at each 3 month visit. Much easier in small increments. Examples: take insulin every single time you eat anything. Take insulin 15-20 mins before you eat. Keep raw veggies cleaned in refrigerator to munch on. Walk 10 mins 3x a week. Master one thing then move to the next.

Lynn Quinn My glucose shoots up under stress, which I have had a lot of lately, plus a 3 day car trip. I was so fed up with my numbers each day that I bought a bunch of Atkins frozen dinners to eat while I am visiting at my relative’s house. They taste pretty good and my numbers are down to regular range today. I can cook lean in my own home, but this is a nice solution when I am away from home.

Nadya Depasquale I have no will power and search the kitchen for something to nibble like a drug addict searching for a fix. So the only solution that works for me is not to but any goodies.

Tammy Engel Haggard When my nephew was diagnosed at 19 with T1D, that reminded me that I needed to set a good example in order to help him. I was diagnosed with T1D at 22, but 26 years earlier. I downloaded My Fitness Pal app and started logging everything I ate. Now, I have logged into the app 475 days in a row and have lost 30+ pounds. And I have done it while not feeling like I am dieting but it helps me make better decisions about my food and exercise. Good luck!

Sandra Fingerut Picked up this portion plate at Kaiser Health Education Services. Really helps. I usually don’t fill the fruit portion of the plate, but do get cottage cheese with pineapple, blueberries, or strawberries.

Lisa Byrd I’m a new LADA type 1. 16 months in the making. It’s hard. I go through 6 week phase it seems lol. I work hard to eating 5 to 6 times a day about 15 to 30 carbs each meal. I’m not hungry most days. I still eat everything I want just smaller…way smaller amounts. I exercise daily. Mostly walking the dogs and listening to music or talking to God. Praying is keeping g my mental game in check. Really it’s a balance. It’s not easy. And it takes good support. My motivation to not stop trying is my family. I need to be on this earth to support them and love them.

Barb Bonney I’ll tell you what has motivated me is watching Dr. Jason Fung on YouTube and his books! I did the same as you, I gained like 16 pounds when I weighed the beginning of June, I was shocked! So I started with Dr. Fung and I have lost it all plus some and my blood sugars are much better.

Pamela L. Williams I ignored my health in the summer of 2018 not realizing how bad my diabetes actually was. I ended up in the hospital with DKA. It has been a long road. I went off metformin, which upset my digestive system, and now only take insulin. I ate like a spoiled toddler when I first came home. I have learned to count carbs, have a sliding scale for my insulin and a Freestyle Libre. I had a bad day yesterday but, I am recommitting to the plate method, eating more vegetables and trying to keep my carbs under 30. If you need an accountablity partner let me know, I could use one.

Ted Lancaster I’m motivated when I walk not so much when I workout. I do want to try Pilates looks interesting.
I test every 2 hours since my numbers have been up now they are better if I stay on top of my eating and lower stress. I have a 670g pump but the supplies are too expensive so I use the pen and metformin. Good luck. It’s a struggle everyday for me.

For 2 years I fought against having diabetes let my blood sugar run wild

For 2 years I fought against having diabetes let my blood sugar run wild. I’ve been gaining weight for the last 15 years got to 274 pounds A1c was crazy. Never walked I was to obese.
My attitude was I can’t lose weight, and “I have to eat” I grew up hearing my dad say the same words.
You all know the struggles it’s a endless cycle!
March 2019 my Dr got my attention she was very blunt, direct telling me how I was letting this disease take over my body and how it was going to kill me if I did not get control. There was a lot more that she said it was a eye opener.
I went on the only diet I knew how to do protein low carbs cut out mountain dews not easily but I did.
I started losing weight no exercise I still thought I couldn’t do it cause I was so big.
Three months later my A1c was a 6.6 I was so happy.
Started walking but had a hard time sticking to it. I told myself how much bad food and drinks I ate, it took me along time to get where I was. I read and watched very thing I could on diabetes. Bought a book that now I keep going back to for info.
( Smart blood sugar by Marlene Merritt )
Wonderful book
I have changed my life to a new life style
Made a few changes in my diet due to the book. I lost 44 pounds and joined a gym I work super hard 2 times a day for 3 weeks now my weight is 231lbs.
August 14 Dr cut my glipizide in 1/2 I was having major lows 1 week later took me off glipizide completely.I’m on 500 metformin 2 tabs 2 times a day levels still running to low healthy foods and lots of exercise is working for me.
September 4th 2019 no meds numbers have been 86, 95, and 88 tonight.
I am over joyed with where I’m at in my life I have never been this healthy it’s my new life I find good recipes eat a variety of foods it’s amazing what you can do with chicken and eggs.
This week I started working with a trainer at the gym I’m not embarrassed of my body anymore still over weight and still losing. Trainer got a lot more out of me than I would of given by myself. I loved it I’m sore and going back tomorrow.
I was dedicated and determined to reach this point lots of ups and down it was not as simple as I wrote it, I’m work in progress.
If I did it anyone can, I’m a plan down to earth country girl. My husband also started eating what I eat by choice.
Thank you for reading my story sorry it’s so long. I hope you can find encouragement and determination and dedication to help your journey in a diabetic life.